Friday, June 15, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Truly Random Thoughts...


I was trying to think of what to write about this week.  I know during a discussion with a friend that I had a great blog idea.  I didn't write it down.  Hopefully I will remember it one day.  So today you have pure random thoughts coming from my head (I'm going to put my King Julian cap on).   

While I write this I am sitting outside on my deck.  The breeze is whistling through the new leaves.  My little Sam is humming a song only he knows the words to.  It is a beautiful spring day.  Because that is what season it is, not summer.  The older kids still have school.  This is one of the last few quiet afternoons I will have for a while.  For anyone that knows me to actually admit that I am sitting down during the day is not like me.  I am usually doing something.  There is laundry that needs to be finished and put away.  There is vacuuming that needs to be done.  I could be prepping dinner and setting timers on my oven.  I could be washing the floor so I don't have to do it tomorrow.  But I am outside enjoying my Dr. Diet Pepper, watching Sam and typing.

I know I have blogged about doing the Good Morning Girls' study on Proverbs 31.  I am truly enjoying it.  I didn't think I would.  I have always thought of the Proverbs 31 woman as the 50s housewife - June Cleaver and Donna Reed all wrapped up into one woman.  It appears that she's not.  She is just a woman who is in-tuned to God and His will and ways.  That's a woman I can long to be.  I have been slowly working on trust and praying constantly.  I'm doing laundry, I'm praying.  Thanking God for my front loader.  Praying over my family as I fold their clothes.  Praying for friends who are struggling.  I'm cooking, I'm thanking God for the blessings He has given our family.  I'm studying the word and loving all the twists and turns it is leading me down.  Most of the time the things God is telling me through the study are not at all similar to the book by Courtenay - quite the opposite.  This is because I'm not Courtenay and never will be.  I am Me.  Messy, broken, searching me.  He knows exactly what He needs me to learn and what I need to hear. All who are seeking God and learning to know Him and follow His ways and commands are true Proverbs 31 wives (ok maybe not the men).

This week I tried a Prairie Woman recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup.  I have tried a few of her recipes before.  Her meatball recipe is really good.  For the most part though I have not jumped on the Prairie Woman bandwagon as a lot of people I know have.  I have written that I'm not a 'wagon jumper.  One could get hurt.  As well, I don't want to be a lemming.  What if there's a cliff at the end?  I may fall and get hurt.  I'm scared of heights.  I mean really ....  Ok, I digress.  I just find that in the bloggy world there is so much gushing around things.  I mean if I like it I will tell you.  If I don't, accept that and be ok with it.  I think that is why I have a rule about following people.  Unless it is a truly exceptional blog (GMG, Time Warped Wife, etc..)  I won't follow.  I may drop in from time to time.  I try to encourage people who don't have a larger readership.  Sometimes it's not about being famous or popular but about what God is telling us.  

WOW did I really digress , anyway back to the soup it was yummy.  I will definitely be making it again during the summer.  Even though it is a warm soup, it has that summer feeling I like.  If you are going to make it be warned that it makes a lot.  I could have feed 6 to 8 people with that soup.  I think I will half it next time. 

I want to thank all the new followers and linkers (I hope that's a word).  I am so blessed that people are sharing and actually visiting the prairies.  Your stories and ideas are awesome and I have been truly blessed through them.  

I think that's all the randomness I have this week.  What's been on your mind?  What have you been making lately or thinking lately?  Come join into the mindful chaos this week. 


Alicia said...

Your phrase "mindful chaos" makes me smile. I think that sums up the atmosphere of my home on most days! I'm so glad to hear that you paused to sit on your deck and savor spring. As a woman wired to "go" all the time, I understand how hard that can be to slow down. But LOVE the way God honors that choice! Blessings on your weekend in the prairie from your friend in the cornfields :)

Sunflower Faith said...

"Mindful Chaos"...I need to remind that in lieu of "Need Coffee Chaos", lol.

I love how you described about the P31 being that, ,"I am Me. Messy, broken, searching me. He knows exactly what He needs me to learn and what I need to hear. All who are seeking God and learning to know Him and follow His ways and commands are true Proverbs 31 wives (ok maybe not the men)."

We are each on our own ways, an ideal of the P31 and that is what the P31 woman was always about..not a checklist so we can become "Stepford Wives" lookalike, but an inspiring inspiration to challenge ourselves, not with each other.

There are some days that if we are awake, walking and able to make it through the day, that is a major accomplishment there...LOL

As you shared, "Sometimes it's not about being famous or popular but about what God is telling us.

I think we can get so caught up looking at the wrong things when the one thing we need to see is staring back at us in the mirror...unless we just got up first thing in the morning, then a couple cups of coffee and the makeup bag and a brush...maybe a flat iron and a whole can of hairspray helps....and chocolate..chocolate is always helpful!

I've been out of the loop and this was a refreshing reminder.(Muttering, "Mindful Chaos" to oneself, lol)

Katharine said...

I love when you "digress" And I love your honesty... one day, we really should have coffee, if I ever find myself on the Prairies...

Sherri Davidson said...

I love your randomness!! A great post. I love that you were able to sit and relax and savor 'spring'. Will it ever be summer I wonder. LOL
Have a great blessed weekend my friend.

Laura Lane said...

Thank you for your honesty in discussing following blogs. I know that I have followed a few that I went back to delete.

Thank you for encouraging us in thinking before we jump.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Jedidja said...

I love your blog and read them. I am slower than others in reading because I first have to tranlate. As you write about yourself, I see you sitting outside. I hear your little Sam humming a song :-) You write so well. The soup would be nice. I love soup (mainly Italian tomato soup) I'll follow the link.

Beautiful words you say: Sometimes it's not about being famous or popular but about what God is counting us. I think about it and take it with me in my own blog world. It's true. Thanks you.

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