Friday, February 1, 2013

Caffeinated Randomness - I've Been Hacked

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I've been hacked.  

Usually when people say this, there is some apologies for the e-mail virus sent out to their address book. Other times its in frustration over information lost or a redesign in their website.  

My website hasn't been redesigned.  Neither has anyone received an e-mail from me that came with an attached present or some ad about increasing the size of .... (This is a clean blog you know.)

I know when other's have been hacked on Facebook and Twitter it's usually something about "My youngest daughter is the best child I have." or "bwahahahahahahahahahahaha My sister is the best person in the whole wide world. I wish i could be like her. She is soooo awesome, and cool. Yahhhhhhh I kiss the ground she walks on." (actual post)  

That's what usually happens. But nothing like that happens in my world (ok except aforementioned Facebook post by my sister.) My hacking is usually something Dutch. That's right - Dutch. Not normal Dutch things like the flag, the Queen (who is abdicating this year), the dykes, villages, engineering accomplishments, or even cute kids dressed in traditional Dutch costume. Nope. I get Dutch soccer players or as they say in Europe, Footballers.

At least my hacker has some taste and only post pictures of the top Dutch players. I mean, I wouldn't just want Dutch soccer players randomly posted to my blog, cell phone, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. I have some class you know. Only the best for me. I get pictures of Dennis Bergkamp, one of the best Dutch strickers

or Frank Rijkaard, Marco Van Basten, and Ruud Gullit (my current wallpaper).  

Love the hair
Don't try to pronounce these names.  You probably would sound like you had a cold.  

You see my hacker is a Dutch soccer fan.  He follows the national team standing.  He cheers on the team and some of the individual players during the European League.  My hacker surprises me with pictures of his all time favourite player, Bergkamp, a lot.  If you haven't figured it out my hacker is my hubby.  He's even posted a blog prior to this one.  I have to admit, it's not really a hacking.  I asked him to blog for me as I am fighting a head cold.   He loves me that much to do a guest posting.

How has your loved ones hacked you?  What is something that you and your husband like to do together?  Come join in with the random hacking this week with the other java junkies. 


Lynda said...

So nice to see the head cold hasn't affected your sense of humor. After all what else do we have to hang onto when we aren't feeling the greatest, right?

I feel for you, I've been battling sickness for a few days now also. Sure wish your hubby would do some hacking over at my blog. Just kidding, I'm not sure how that would work out, lol.

Get better soon, my thoughts are with you.

Jedidja said...

I love your humor. But ... eh, thats Dutch names are so easy to pronounce :-) And I hate Dutch voetbal. But your blog. Yes, I like!

Lieve groet!

Renaissance Women said...

The only person with access to my computer and my passwords is my son who works as tech support for a major software company. He knows better than to hack me because I have all of his baby pictures and a number of his friends on my Facebook page. :D

(Motherhood RULES!)

Have a great weekend!

~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

Katharine said...

We've had sickness here too! Feel better soon!

Karen Bergstreiser said...

Sorry about the cold! You two make me giggle!

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