Sunday, April 8, 2007

Initial Thoughts of Saskatoon

So, we have arrived in Saskatoon and within 1 month have purchased a house in Osler (20 minutes from town). Moving day is June 25, 2007. I'm excited and scared. Leroy is apprehensive about the house as he was not here when I put in the offer. However, I trust in God that this is the house he wants for us as I prayed quite heavily over the listing agreement and the MLS site. For those who don't know, the house was already conditionally sold when I viewed it, but the condition was the sale of the buyers home. Yet again, the Slomps bump someone else's offer. We are getting quite good at that.

The house is 4 bdrm, 2 bath. It is 1138 sq ft with the lot being 100 x 104. The backyard is quite large and has a swing set and a playhouse. I know that Nic is going to love it. Thomas is the only one who will know no other house but the one we are buying.

The move to Saskatoon is turning out to be great. The people out here are very friendly and helpful. I have joined a moms group at the local Alliance church. We are studying 10 Things Women Should Know. We attend story time at the main branch and Nicole is thrilled by it.

After trying out a few churches, we have finally made it to the local CRC. It was really weird but we both agreed it was like coming home. We met a couple immediately who will only be living 5 minutes from our new house. As well, the congregation here is moving to 5 minutes south from our house. I really want to jump right in and get involved, but Leroy is holding me back. Which is a good thing. I really want God to lead me to the ministries he sees me in, not ones I think I should be involved in.

Anyway, hopefully now that we are settling in, I will be able to keep up my blog on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...


You cannot do worse by living in Osler. You mentioned some features like the size and the big yard; I see similarities with Okotoks already. Way to go.

Yes, let God lead you into the direction he wants you to go. You have a lot of enthusiasm, and you will do well when the right moment arrives. will look forward to seeing some pictures of your new church home. Take care, Darryl

Anonymous said...

hey Michelle,

Sounds like things are coming together. Picture of the house looks great. Glad to hear you found a "home" church - it always makes settling in easier when you feel connected to a church you feel a home with.

Take care - we are moving in 21 more days. Decided to sell our Okotoks condo - our realator bought it!!

Take care and give Nic and Thomas a hug and kiss for me. Say hello to Leroy.

Love to all of you.


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