Thursday, July 28, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Sesame Street Sillies


As you may have noticed I haven't been around lately. I'm not going to blame it on the summer or the move or even the weather. I've just been feeling a bit "blough". It may be because my thyroid is out of wack again (I just had my blood tested so I'll know more soon). But I have been in a bit of an unenergectic kind of mood lately. As I said last week I've been watching way to much tv. So this week I got some books and now I have been reading more. I've also been getting up and actually doing my morning devotions, exercise and bible study which has been lacking lately. (Hello, my Hellomornings mym10 friends if you're visiting.)

I decided that I needed a pick me up this week for Caffeinated Randomness. Something just ridiculiously silly and something that appeals to my sick sense of humour. I think we all need Sesame Street. There is something perverse about some of the Sesame Street skits and songs. I love the double entendre with them.  Jim Henson knew something about entertainment.  One of my favourite shows growing up was the Muppet Show and I could watch reruns of it all the time.  I sometimes sit and watch Sesame Street with the kids and see what's up.  It is neat to see that a show I enjoyed and remember watching is one that my kids enjoy watching; even the 8 year old, although she would argue with you about it.

In saying all this, this week I would love if everyone would share their favourite Sesame Street skit or song.  Did you know that Sesame Street has their own You Tube Channel?  I watch it with the kids often.  That's where I found this old video.  I love this song.  It was one I found on a Sesame Street cassette when I was babysitting my cousin 20 years ago.  Bert sang it on the cassette, but it was originally a Sesame Street skit from when the show was first on.  I'm so glad that you can get these old skits on the internet.  It keeps us young and brings back those memories of simpler times when things didn't weigh heavily so much on us and you could feel better by just singing a song.   So today, I want us to go back to those times and embrace the little kids we were and still are.

Come link up and share you're favourite Sesame Street memory today.

PS - I will be posting more soon. I have a lot of great post ideas. I just need to get them down on paper and then type them in. Yes, I just said that. :)
Friday, July 22, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - The Actor's Studio Edition


I know I haven't really been on line these last few weeks.  I wish I could tell you that I have been doing some personal relflection.  I wish I could tell you I'm totally unpacked and organized.  I wish I could tell you the kids and I have been out and about doing some great summer activities.  But alas no, this has not been the case.  I have been in the summer slump.  I really can't seem to get the energy to get off the couch and away from the tv.  I wish I could tell you that I have been watching inspirational shows or Beth Moore videos or Joyce Meyer.  Again I have to admit that I have been watching pure unadultered trash tv.  I have been watching home make over shows; shows about people loving or listing their homes; cooking competition shows (yes, Hell's Kitchen is back) and shamless reality shows (16 and Pregnant - is there really no abstinence education out there?).   I'm hoping I'm not the only summer couch potatoe out there.  

I know I've been on the go since last summer.  Maybe this is my body on strike telling me that I need to rest.  However, I know that I have not been resting in the place I should.  I haven't really been resting in His arms, but in the world's arms.  I need to start prioritizing my life the way He calls me to:  JOY - Jesus first, Others second, You/Me last (I learned this on the Duggars).  I need to get off my "duff" and get on my knees in prayer and get my Bible out.  I know it's been a while because my life has been reflecting this.  I again have been on the speed way without any pit stops and soon I'm gonna hit something and have my world spin out of control.  Before that happens I need to stop and reflect.  

This all being said and to give some lightheartedness to this deep situation, I thought I would answer the questions that James Lipton gives each guest on the Actor's Studio.  I hope that you will play along and share your answers. 

1.  What is your favorite word? 
Grace.  I love this word and all it encompasses. 
2.  What is your least favorite word? 
3.   What turns you on? 
 Chocolate and coffee, especially mixed.
4.  What turns you off?
Cigarette smoke smell.  I just want to heave when I smell that smell.
5.  What sound or noise do you love?
The sound of my kids laughing.
6.  What sound or noise do you hate? 
Ear piercing screams.  It makes me want to pull my hair.  
7.   What is your favorite curse word? 
Admittedly I have two.  One is the dreaded 4 letter one which I am trying to stop using and the other is "Oh Mylanta".  It comes in handy in all situations and acutally makes people shake their heads when they hear it.  In fact, many of my friends now say it too.
    8.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
    I have always wanted to be a hairdresser.  I love the social and creative aspect of this profession.  Plus, like motherhood, you can always be employed somewhere.  People always need their hair done.
    9.  What profession would you not like to do?
    Nursing.  I have a sister in law and two nieces in nursing.  I have heard the horror stories.  I dislike blood and really would demand way more than they get paid to change diapers of adults.
    10.  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
     You found me.

    Come link up your randomness today.

      Friday, July 15, 2011

      Caffeinated Randomness - New House, Old Friends


      This week I've been pretty exhausted.  Moving has finally caught up with me.  I don't know where all that extra energy went, but when I find it again....  Or it could be because we finally have cable and I'm just being lazy in front of the tv.  I"m going to blame the move for tiring me out.

      I have been enjoying getting to know my new house.  Getting used to new routines.  I have also been getting reacquiainted with old friends and places.  Not many of you may be aware but my family moved back to where we used to live before moving out to the prairies.  We lived and have returned to the foothills of the Rockies in the start of prairie country.  A friend of mine recently asked if I was going to change the blog name to Lost in the Foothills.  I actually contemplated it for a second and then replied "No.  I'm in the start of the prairies."  

      I've already taken advantage of the local library.  Oh how I have missed having a library with a large collection of books at my disposal.  Books that I don't have to wait for through interlibrary loans systems.  I've spent a lot of time lately reading.  The Princess is enjoying the library as well as they have a summer reading program every other day for her age group.  She has been enjoying getting out and meeting children her own age from our community. While she is there, the boys and I have been walking around main street of our new/old town - discovering new businesses (found a cute little coffee shop that had organic coffee and cookies) and old businesses (the dollar store and toy library). 

      I'm getting used to having a Walmart and grocery stores just minutes away from my home, rather than a 30 minute drive away.  It's great to be able to run and get things in the evening without being way from home for 2 hours or going during the day and dragging everyone with me.  The other evening I wondered through Walmart just enjoying the peace and looking around without stressing about little hands. 

      Today, I caught up with a friend that I haven't seen in 4 years.  Believe it or not, she too moved away from the community only to move back a few months before we did.  Both of our daughters are months apart and have been lamenting leaving their friends.  Neither girl remembered the other.  Today, they played and played and played.  They played here at our house and then went to my friends house and played for 4 more hours.  They are already planning many more play dates together.  My girlfriend and I laughed and were glad as we both were concerned about how our moves would affect them.  As well, my friend's older son was recently diagnosed with Asberger's.  We are both playing catch up on how to deal with this "autism" thing.

      I also have to tell you about a few of our new friends.  It appears that we are the local hang out for the squirrel population.  It may be because we back on to a park, but probably because we have filled our bird feeders with seeds.  I regularly see at least 5 each morning either in my backyard or in the back park.  The kids enjoy watching them.  They keep trying to go outside when our "friends" are in the backyard, but they end up just scaring them off.  I think we may have to get some peanuts for our new friends if they decide to continue to hang out at our place.

      Come link up with the randomness this week and share your friendly neighbourhood stories.

      Wednesday, July 13, 2011

      Wednesday's Voice - Laos

      Missionary charged with human trafficking in Laos
      Source: VOM-USA

      A missionary to youth in Laos was recently charged with human trafficking, an offense that carries a hefty fine and a prison sentence of five to 50 years. Brother K was arrested and charged with human trafficking in May after he went to a police station to seek the release of 24 young people. The youths had been detained while travelling to a Christian training conference, where Brother K was serving as a leader. Brother K denied involvement in human trafficking and invited the officers to visit the conference centre to see what the students were being taught. Taken aback by his boldness and concerned that the offense would become known as a persecution case, police released the 24 students but detained Brother K. After bail was set, Brother K bargained to reduce the amount and police agreed on a sum equal to three months' wages. The youth later held their training session at a hastily convened new location.

      Thank God for His protection of the students and for the boldness of their leader. Pray that Brother K will continue to persevere in the faith.

      Pray that Christian youth in Laos will continue to passionately share the gospel with their neighbours.

      Pray that freedom of religion will truly become a reality in Laos.
      Friday, July 8, 2011

      Caffeinated Randomness - Women: Know Your Limits


      I always love watching those teaching movies from the late 40s and 50s about what a woman's role is in the home or how to have supper as a family.  My sister came across this one and I thought you would all enjoy it.  

      If you like little kittens, come join in the randomness today.

      Wednesday, July 6, 2011

      Wednesday's Voice - Somalia

      Somali Christians persevere amid severe persecution
      Source: Somali Christian Ministries)

      In recent years, a number of Somali Christians have been martyred or publicly named as targets for execution in the country, where Islam is the national religion. With a mere 0.05 percent of the population known Christians, many believers have fled to neighboring countries in fear for their lives. Nonetheless, new testimonies continue to affirm that many Somalis, including Muslim-background believers, are boldly embracing Christ, despite pressure, threats and violence.

      A Somali woman who has faced pressure from her Muslim family members since becoming a Christian five years ago recently reported that her husband and children have also left Islam for Christianity. Another Somali, a Muslim-background believer living in Southeast Asia, came to know Christ in recent months. "No matter what will happen to me I will sacrifice my life for Jesus," he said. "I hope you pray for me, whoever you are. I believe that you are my brother or sister in Christ and you will ask Jesus to take away the blindness and sufferings of my Somali people."

      Praise the Lord for these encouraging testimonies of Christ moving among the Somali people.

      Pray Somali believers will continue to set Christ apart as Lord without giving in to fear, always prepared to share Christ while living a holy life (1 Peter 3:14-17).

      Pray suffering Somali Christians will sense the encouragement and love of the various individuals standing with them in their plight.
      Tuesday, July 5, 2011

      My Confession....

      Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. (James 5:16a) 
      I confess that I have a stash of chocolate and I rarely share it with anyone, especially my kids.

      I confess that I drink at least 4 cups of coffee a day.

      I confess that I'm addicted to Drop Dead Diva.

      I confess that I often don't put sunscreen on my kids.

      I confess that most evenings I count the seconds until bed time.

      I confess that I haven't finished the Bible in 90 Days challenge.  I stopped in Luke.

      I confess that I haven't read a lot of blogs since January and that my Reader is intimidating and overwhelming.

      I confess that I rarely respond to people's comments on my blog.  Something that I have been trying to work on.

      I confess that I often judge and gossip about others especially when I am angry or jealous.

      I confess that there are times I just want to get in my car and drive away and escape from life.

      I confess that I give more of my time to my friends than to God or my family.

      I confess that I struggle with forgiving people when I have been or feel that they have betrayed my trust or loyalty to them.

      I confess that there have been too many times where I have felt hopeless and have been literally on the floor broken.

      I confess that I don't often turn to God when I should.  That I try to do it my way and fail drastically.

      I confess that I'm not perfect, nor am I organized, nor do I have it all together.  It usually feels like everything is balanced on a thread.

      I acknowledge that I have a great and forgiving Father who continues to call me through the messy.  Who loves me just for me.  Who wants me to rest in His Word and presence and be whole in Him.

      I acknowledge that I'm working on trusting Him and am breaking down the walls created to keep people out and me in, and allow Him to fix the hurt, lonely, broken, imperfect child who needs, calls and wants Him.

      I'm linking up with Jen at Finding Heaven for Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.

      Saturday, July 2, 2011

      3 in 30 July 2011 Goals

      3in30 Challenge

      Hello everyone.  It's been a while since I did the 3 in 30 Challenge.  We got so caught up in the preparation for the move and the actual move that I didn't have a lot of time.  My goals would have been pack, pack and clean. I'm excited that I can take part again. 

      My goals this month are simple:
      1. Unpack and organize
      2. No Yelling
      3. Get a schedule going
      Now I know I did one of these things before (No Yelling), but the yelling has gotten to an all time high.  I've been pretty stressed out and have taken it out on everyone around me.  I've been snippy and easily set off.  I need to relax and stop the yelling as it is not attractive and I don't want to be known by my new neighbours as the yeller.

      Unpacking and organizing the house is fairly obvious.  I thought I hate packing, but I think unpacking is almost worse.  Where do you put all the things that seem to fit so well in your old house in the new house?  I don't want to be living among boxes for the whole month, so I'm determined to get the unpacking done sooner rather than later.

      I need to get us on a schedule again.  Dinners have been late.  Kids are up late.  Leaves little time for downtime for me.  If I can get the routine going I think this move may transition easier among us all.

      I can't wait to see what everyone's goals are and to catch up with the 3 in 30 gang.  Come check the 3 in 30 challenge and meet a great bunch of supportive ladies.
      Friday, July 1, 2011

      Caffeinated Randomness - Lost and Found


      Hi everyone, I am almost finished with the move.  We have moved, now comes the unpacking.  My Evil Twin has been so kind as to write a blog for me.  I hope you enjoy.

      Hello all and Happy Canada Day! This is Debbie, filling in for my evil twin who has just returned to live in the same province as me. I welcome her back from the prairies into the foothills. I look forward to her being only an hours drive away instead of 6 or 7.

      I was sorting out random files on my computer and randomly found this very cool reminder of how things are not always lost and can return in very strange ways. This is not a deep story and I don’t think it has any profound meaning; it is just a fun story.

      On January 1, 2009 my family and I flew to Los Angeles to visit my brother and his family. They run a church called the Venice Beach Fellowship, and an outreach coffee shop called the Talking Stick – shameless plug. As they were in the process of applying for green cards and could not come to Canada at that time we, along with my sister’s family, decided to join them down there for New Years.

      My daughter, who was in grade 3 at the time, packed her blue school backpack with some activity books, a notepad and pencil, four of her favourite Webkinz, some snacks and random other things that kids must take wherever they go. We arrived at the airport, paid for one of those luggage carts, piled our stuff on it and went out into the warm sunshine to our mini New Year vacation. We spent 5 great days enjoying much warmer weather than we had been having in Calgary, shopping at outlet malls and mostly just hanging out and catching up with each other.

      When the time came to pack up and go my husband found a box of markers and said, ‘oh, we should repack this in that backpack.’ I agreed and we began to look for it. We asked my daughter where it was. She thought it was in her cousin’s room where she had been spending most of her time. It was not there. We searched the entire room we had been staying in and then fanned out the search to include the entire house and then the vehicles. We did not recall seeing the backpack the entire time we had been there. I called the lost and found at the airport but they did not have the it either.

      After a few tears and one more futile search we agreed that it had probably been lost at the airport days earlier, and though we could still see our Webkinz friends online, they would no longer be part of the animal pack at home.

      Fast forward one and a half years later to June 22, 2010, and the end of grade 4 for daughter-o-mine. She comes home after school waving a stuffed monkey at me asking, “do you remember him?” I take a look, grab the monkey and say wonderingly, “peter? Where on earth did you get him?” She waves a few more stuffed animals at me and a notepad and a pencil. “Look” she says, “it is the stuff we lost at the airport.”

      “I know” I reply, still a bit stunned and confused, “but where did they come from?”

      So here is what happened: We do not remember how, but the backpack was misplaced at the airport. Cayenne may have put it down or perhaps it fell off the luggage cart. However it happened to be parted from us, it was picked up by some kind person who looked through it for identification. They found a notepad and pencil set in one of the pockets with an address on it. This notepad had been a gift from one of my daughter’s classmates who was moving back to Korea over the Christmas holidays. The altruist who found the backpack had it sent to this address. When my daughter’s ex-classmate saw the bag he knew it must belong to someone he used to go to school with. A year and a half later, when two of his aunts came to Calgary for a visit, they brought the bag with them, contents intact, and dropped it off at the school office.

      I spoke to the people in the office and they told me that they had deduced the backpack must belong to someone who was now in grade four. When the bag arrived in my daughter’s classroom she did not recognize the contents - 18 months is a long time in the short life of a 9 year old. After some drama, Cayenne claimed the contents of the backpack as her own. She took the Webkinz and the notepad and pencil. She generously gave the bag to a girl in her class whose backpack was broken. The 18 month old snack was thrown away and the activity books were put in recycle as they did not travel so well. That evening there was a joyful reunion among the Webkinz!

      So now we have in our home 4 Webkinz who have been half way around the world - and back. What they saw and heard, they are not telling, but it makes for a great random story for a Friday blog. So have a cup of coffee, or some other beverage that’s likely traveled half around the world to get to your cup and tell a story about something that has been lost and found in a curious or unexpected way.
      Come and link up with your randomness today.

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