Thursday, April 29, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness - Pictures

Have you ever wonder what you were thinking when you took that picture. Last week I signed up for Cozi. Besides being a great calendar system for your family and shopping list reminder, I also noticed they had a screen save application. This application sets up the photos that you have saved on your computer in nice and various frames and settings.

I really enjoy sitting and looking at the pictures and see how my children have changed over the last three years. However, sometimes, when looking at these frames, I wonder to my self....WHAT WAS I THINKING? There are those pictures that you wonder why didn't I delete that before I even downloaded it.

How about this one...
This is a picture of my couch and my afghan that my mother crocheted me. I have no idea what I was aiming for or if what I was aiming for moved too quickly for me to get them in the picture. Why didn't I delete it?

Sometimes my daughter gets a hold of the camera and goes wild. This is a picture of a "purple" baby Moses sleeping in her Disney Princess bed.

Did you know that I have another son and a grand daughter. In fact, I have at least 3 grand daughters. My daughter loves her "children". She has baby Annabelle, June and Kate. My other "son" I received when I was 10. His name is Stanley and she loves to play with him. She is always seen with one of her "children" and in fact loves to dress them (thank you for Grandmothers that are willing to knit and sew outfits for each new "child" she gets) and she loves taking pictures of them "playing"! So many of our pictures involve these "children".

This is Stanley and June sitting together on our couch. Aren't they cute. You can tell that they came from the same Cabbage Patch.

Some of the pictures that keep coming up are ones I down loaded for the Blog or Blog awards that I have been so graciously awarded. So sometimes we get some great shots of the kids with pictures of food for my food blog thrown in.

I trust that we all have pictures like this. Thankfully we live in a digital age where we don't have to pay for having them printed out anymore, unless we just get those 300 pictures printed out that are on our memory disk, but I won't bore you with that story!

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Tea Talk - The Blind Side

I'm having my third cup of Maxwell House coffee. I prefer more organic beans, but it was on sale this week so that is what got purchased. I've also added some Hazelnut Creamer to it so it is tasting so delicious and sweet on such a cold glum rainy day.

My cup is the cup my hubby purchased for me on Valentines Day. It is a simple white mug with the Starbucks logo. Now you have to understand that being Canadian my hubby is loyal to Tim Hortons. However, I prefer Starbucks. He always bugs me on not being loyal to the Canadian favourite.
I'm feeling very grateful for what I have, because on my mind is the movie the "Blind Side". I cried for the first 45 minutes. I was very emotional at the thought of what one man went through at such a young age and how God raised him to be a man of courage and virtue. What an amazing story of God's blessing in His time.

I'll leave you with the verse that is on the door way to the school in the movie.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26b NIV)
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Voice - India

Christian man dies, three injured after attack in India

A 25-year-old Christian man was killed and three other believers were severely injured following an attack by militant Hindus on a prayer meeting in Saliya, Betul district, Madhya Pradesh on April 17. Between 15 and 30 assailants disrupted the meeting attended by more than 400 Christians and began to destroy Bibles and other property. They then accused the believers of forcible conversion and attacked them with sticks and iron rods. The Christians fled the scene, running outside into the darkness of the night. Amit Gilbert, a Master of Divinity student, fell into an open well, hit his head on the well's outer wall and drowned. One of the injured Christians sustained a fractured spine and remained in serious condition at last report. (Sources: Global Council of Indian Christians, Union of Catholic Asian News)

Pray for those mourning the loss of Amit.

Pray that the three injured Christians will fully recover.

Pray that Christians in Madhya Pradesh will exemplify the love of God through consistent love and prayer for those who persecute them (Matthew 5:43-48).
Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Monday - Welcome Home!!!

"I made sure every door stayed locked, every window blocked and still you knocked" Words that have stayed with me since I first heard this song. They still resonate within me, because even after 10 years, sadly they still apply to my relationship with God. I tend to hold Him at arms length and not where He should be, in me.

This last month my Bible Babes and I have been working on Kelly Minter's No Other Gods. We've each had to name our idols or as I like to refer to them as "our little "g" gods." At the same time, I've been reading Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore. I've had to do some pretty tough reflection about my life and my relationships. It's hit me hard. I finally reconciled myself that my little "g" gods are my closest friendships and that they may be turning into an addiction. Just then, God decided to "slap" me.

I was "innocently" doing my bible study work last week and then I read this:

So if you're serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides. Don't shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that's where the action is. See things from his perspective.

Your old life is dead. Your new life, which is your real life—even though invisible to spectators—is with Christ in God. He is your life. When Christ (your real life, remember) shows up again on this earth, you'll show up, too—the real you, the glorious you. Meanwhile, be content with obscurity, like Christ.

And that means killing off everything connected with that way of death: sexual promiscuity, impurity, lust, doing whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it, and grabbing whatever attracts your fancy. That's a life shaped by things and feelings instead of by God. It's because of this kind of thing that God is about to explode in anger. It wasn't long ago that you were doing all that stuff and not knowing any better. But you know better now, so make sure it's all gone for good: bad temper, irritability, meanness, profanity, dirty talk. (Colossians 3:1-8)

Have I really been acting like it? NO! Have I been doing what feels good whenever I want? YES! Do I know better? YES! Am I going to start making changes? YES!

Talked about getting slapped. I love God. He is so amazing. He knows what to to tell us and when to tells us. He knows when we're ready to really hear the hard stuff. I'm no longer a "toddler" Christian. I'm now growing up and having to chew on the meat and potatoes.

I welcome Christ into my life today, just like I did 10 years ago. Welcome Home! All Your Own!

Take, me, make me
All You want me to be
That's all I'm asking, all I'm asking

Welcome to this heart of mine
I've buried under prideful vines
Grown to hide the mess I've made
Inside of me
Come decorate, Lord
Open up the creaking door
And walk upon the dusty floor
Scrape away the guilty stains
Until no sin or shame remain
Spread Your love upon the walls
And occupy the empty halls
Until the man I am has faded
No more doors are barricaded

Come inside this heart of mine
It's not my own
Make it home
Come and take this heart and make it
All Your own
Welcome home

Take a seat, pull up a chair
Forgive me for the disrepair
And the souvenirs from floor to ceiling
Gathered on my search for meaning
Every closet's filled with clutter
Messes yet to be discovered
I'm overwhelmed, I understand
I can't make this place all that You can

repeat chorus

I took the space that You placed in me
Redecorated in shades of greed
And I made sure every door stayed locked
Every window blocked, and still You knocked

repeat chorus

Take me, make me
All You want me to be
That's all I'm asking, all I'm asking

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Caffienated Randomness: I'm a Member of a Cult!?!

For something completely random, unpredictable and shameless promotion.....

1. a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies.
2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, esp. as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.
3.the object of such devotion.
4.a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
5.Sociology. a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.
6.a religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.
7.the members of such a religion or sect.
8.any system for treating human sickness that originated by a person usually claiming to have sole insight into the nature of disease, and that employs methods regarded as unorthodox or unscientific.
I'm a member of a cult according to a few of my friend's moms. I bet now your just about to turn back to your dashboard or back one page button and "run" like mad. But wait, let me explain.

In December, my husband and I were goofing around on the computer. We started talking about Amway. Yes, I said it Amway. For those who don't know the two gentlemen who started Amway were members of the same denomination my husband grew up in and also, are Dutch. My husband jokingly said that I should sign up since it was Dutch and only good things come from the Dutch. We joked about my getting "rich" selling Amway.

I didn't know that this joke would actually become a reality. I started looking at the business and getting more information about Amway. I had heard of Amway. Who hadn't? I knew it had a bad name from the 80s and 90s. I remember as a child going to an Amway party (I even have the pictures to prove it!). The more I looked at the business and how much it had changed the more it impressed me. The amount of products that were available was amazing. I knew that I could sell most of it as most of their products are consumable.

The final straw on the camel's back was when I mocked signed up on line . There was a box that stated that most IBOs (Independent Business Owners) make on average $181.00 Can/ a month. This is the question that I had asked so many other business owners as to their multi-level marketing company. What was the average that a consultant made? I usually got the run around about that if you worked hard you could make at least $500 a month. But I wanted numbers.

I finally requested that an IBO contact me to sign up. I was impressed when my sponsor drove 2 hours just to talk to me about Amway and really didn't have any idea if I would actually sign up or not. I DID!

Admittedly, I haven't really sold a lot. I have three small children who demand my attention during the day and I'm exhausted by the evening. However, I have purchased many of the products for my home and am loving them. I can't stop talking about the All Fabric Bleach, that has taken everything from grease stains from my white shirts to 3 day old dried ketchup out of my daughter's pants, and the dish soap. Who would have thought dish soap could make me giddy. As I learn more about the products and company (they've been around for 50 years, somethings gotta be good), I continually become more impressed and excited about my decision.

Now back to my friends' moms. I know that during the 80s Amway was a dirty word. But, now there are some very stringent rules surrounding whom I allowed to talk to and how. I'm sure there are plenty of pushy people now, but I've met these same pushy people selling Arbonne, Mary Kay (don't get me started on that one), and etc...

In regards to the allegations regarding the conventions. ALL multi -level marketing companies have conventions where everyone gets excited about people who've done well, at new products and well just generally being apart of something they all believe in and enjoy doing. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Now for the shameless promotion....anyone who wants to check out my webstore go to either:

depending on which country you're in.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tea Talk - Pepsi Afternoon

I'm having....1/2 glass of cold Pepsi. I gave pop up for Lent and now try to only have 1 glass of pop a day. Since it's 24 C here today, I may treat myself to two.

My my favourite Princess House crystal beverage glass. It holds 1 whole can of pop and then some. It's similar to the following picture, however, I must have the old style because mine is not tulip shaped, but straight. I love the new look and may have order some when the kids get older and I'm not worried about them breaking glasses.

I'm feeling....happy, I just had a few friends over this morning as we planned the Big Cook for next week. Now, I have to get the laundry out on the line before 2:30 pm or they won't dry by dinner.

On my mind....that we take so much for granted that God gives us and that He definitely can get our attention when He wants to. While preparing for my bible study this week, I was definitely slapped around by Him, in a good way. It was truly a wake up call on His behalf.

I'm going to leave you with the quote that He placed upon me this week.

So if you're serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides. Don't shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that's where the action is. See things from his perspective. (Colossians 3:1-2 Msg).

P.S. My bible did italicize the act!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Voice - Pakistan

Young Christian woman abducted in Pakistan

A 19-year-old Pakistani Christian woman, Sonia Mohan, was reportedly abducted on April 1 by a Muslim man and his friends in Nishtar Colony, Lahore. Sonia's family fears the Muslim man, Ali Raza, will force her to convert to Islam and marry him. Sonia's brother, Johnson Parvaiz, stated, "Ali Raza came to our home and told Sonia that I had asked for her, and she went out of the house with him. They had parked a vehicle outside and left, and afterwards we never heard from her." After two days, Johnson was able to reach his sister on her cell phone but she told him not to call her, that she was very happy and that they should not try to find her. "It was obvious from her voice that she had been forced to say that," Johnson said. Police have delayed registering a case on behalf of Sonia's family because, in what appears to be an attempt to delay police action, Ali's family has filed a complaint that he was abducted by the same accomplices who allegedly helped him kidnap Sonia. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray that Sonia will be released from her captors and returned to her family.

Pray that she will look to Christ for courage and strength.

Pray that authorities will act swiftly and justly in this case.
Monday, April 19, 2010

Music Monday - Gather at the River

Over the last week there has been tension among two friends I know. Things have been said and things have been done that really shouldn't have. Lines have been crossed and fortifications built.

Friendships are good and from God. He wants us in community with each other. He calls us to be good neighbours to each other. We often refer to it as the Golden Rule.
...that you love your neighbor as well as you do yourself (Luke 10:27b Msg)
The last few days I've been thinking about this. What ramifications it brings to my life? Do I really treat everyone the way I expect to be treated? How do I treat others? I don't always treat people the way I would expect to be treated. I can gossip with the best of them. I can judge others, making myself feel better about myself. Is this really what God calls ME to do? NO!!!! Who am I to judge and who I am I to list someone's wrongs when the plank is still in my eye.

This week I pray that we can all receive forgiveness from the one who gives it. Lets seek out reconciliation with those who we have hurt. Lets do as God calls us to.

But he's already made it plain how to live, what to do, what God is looking for in men and women. It's quite simple: Do what is fair and just to your neighbor, be compassionate and loyal in your love, And don't take yourself too seriously— take God seriously. (Micah 6:8 Msg)

Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
We don't agree, we don't know why
But Jesus prayed that we'd be one
So for the sake of god's own son
Can we put away our differences
Lay down our pride
I think it's time we start turning the tide

Shall we gather at the river of forgiveness
Come together at the waters of love
Flowing like a fountain from the mercy giver
Shall we gather at the river

We have all made enemies of
The ones we're called by Christ to love
But there's redemption at the riverside
The water's deep, the water's wide
It can wash away our bitterness
The current is strong
I think we've been out in the desert too long

(repeat chorus)

We can wade into the middle
Where the healing waters flow
It only takes a little
To heal a wounded soul
It will only bring us closer
Than we've ever been before
This is just what Jesus was praying for

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Voice - Vietnam

Vietnamese family flees village

Hmong Christian Sung Cua Po fled into the forest with his family on March 19 after being given an expulsion order. The family has suffered severe abuse from villagers and local Vietnamese officials in recent months. For example, in mid-February, Sung Cua's father pressured him to make offerings to family ancestors. Sung Cua held fast to his allegiance to Christ and refused to give in. Later that month, community members backed by police confiscated 40 sacks of paddy rice, which was the family's one-year supply. Police were also authorized to demolish the family's home if deemed necessary. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray that God will protect and provide for Sung Cua and his family at this time.

Pray that their example of steadfast faith will draw others to Jesus Christ.

Pray that authorities will no longer harass Christians in Vietnam.
Monday, April 12, 2010

Music Monday - Second Chances

Last Thursday I was up early with the kids and had already washed my floors (I only did this as Andrea was coming over for coffee). While I waited in the basement for the floors to dry, I turned on the TV and started watching Joyce Meyer.

I really enjoy watching her speak. For those who are not familiar with her, she's a common sense, straight talking Christian. I don't often get a chance to watch her, as I'm usually getting my daughter ready for school and getting breakfast on the table. On that particular episode, Joyce was talking about a few different topics. But the one that really took my breath away is that we don't celebrate our changes. She said that we usually feel pretty down when we mess up or when we realize we aren't where we think we should be in our walk. However, she continued to state that we should celebrate the fact that we changed! That we are no longer who we used to be. The Former Bad Girl in me kept yelling AMEN!!! She backed up her argument with the Isrealites. Every time they did something bad and then turned back to God they celebrated and put up monuments to remember it.

I kept thinking throughout the day that I often get down on myself when I slip in my walk with God or if I don't pray or submit to Him. When I fall into old habits and patterns. But you see, now I know they're bad. Now I know who to lean on. Now I know who loves me no matter what! I didn't know that 10 years ago.

I'm changed! I'm a child of God! I'm co-heir with Christ. GOD LOVES ME! Thank you God for second, third and one thousandth chances.

Lets celebrate all our "second chances" today and everyday!

Singer 1: You're feelin' pretty blue
You didn't do what God requested!
Singer 2: Yeah, I'd be mopin' too, if I was gonna be digested!
Singer 3: This ain't a pretty picture, no
I said, it ain't a pretty sight, no.
Singer 2: You ran from God this morning and you're ...
All: Whale chow tonight!

But hold up!
Hang on!
Singer 2: Not so fast! Your life ain't over yet!
Singer 3: See, we're here to tell you all about ...
Singer 2: the forgiveness that...
All: you... can... get!

Singer 1: You see God's a god of mercy,
Singer 2: God's a god of love.
All: And right now, He's gonna lend a helping hand from up above!

Choir: Praise the Lord!
He's the God of second chances!
You'll be floored how His love your life enhances!
You can be restored from your darkest circumstances!
Our God is a God of second chances!

Singer 1: Ain't it good to know a God who gives a second chance.
Khalil: Why, that's enough to get a smile from Mr. Grumpy-Pants!
Singer 1: So, if you say you're sorry for all the stuff you do
Singer 2: We know that He'll be ready with a second chance for you!

Choir: Praise the Lord!
He's the God of second chances!
You'll be floored how His love your life enhances!
You can be restored from your darkest circumstances!
Our God is a God of second chances!
Choir: Our God is a god ...

If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!
If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!

If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!

If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!

God gives a second chance!

Second chances!
Second chances!
Praise the Lord!
He's the God of second chances!
You'll be floored when you're restored from your darkest circumstances.
Our God is a God of second chances!
Second chances!
Second chances!
Praise the Lord!
He is the God of second chances!
You'll be floored when you're restored from your darkest circumstances.
Our God is a God of second chances!

If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!

If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!

If you believe
God's love is true
Then you should know
What you should do!

Second chances!
Second chances!
Praise the Lord!
He's the God of second chances!
You'll be floored when you're restored from your darkest circumstances.
Our God is a god of second chances!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tea Talk- Waiting.....

Right now I'm Having:

This is a lovely tea with a cinnamon spice tone to it. It is very comforting and very addictive. Its similar to drinking spice cake without the crumbs or the calories.

My Mug is from Cows. I used to collect anything that was a cow. When I first moved out on my own my kitchen was cowified. During my honeymoon, my hubby and I went to the Cow store in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I purchased the mug with a Cow sitting among a field of sunflowers and the quote "Common Cow taking time to Stop and Smell the flowers."

I'm waiting right now for my hubby to get home as we are going to my in-laws for Easter and to see our niece get married. So, I guess you could say I'm bored. I'm pretty much packed, but I know once he gets home, I'll be busy because of those last minute things that need to be done.

My Bible Babes and I are currently working on the study "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter. Its a great study on our idols that we worship and how they claim control over our lives. This week we were to name the idols that take priority over our time with God. I have to admit that my friends are my small "g" gods. I dislike quietness and boredom. I'm a get up and go kind of girl and I have to be doing something always. I rarely am sitting - something I notice by the end of the day when the dogs are barking. So this week I'm going to leave a quote that has been profound to me from Kelly Minter this week.

There will always be a million nagging tugs on our time and attention, and somewhere in the middle of all the tugging it is essential we build a fortress wherein only God, His words, and our heart exist together for a time. It rarely happens accidentally.

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