Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Voice - Vietnam

Vietnamese family flees village

Hmong Christian Sung Cua Po fled into the forest with his family on March 19 after being given an expulsion order. The family has suffered severe abuse from villagers and local Vietnamese officials in recent months. For example, in mid-February, Sung Cua's father pressured him to make offerings to family ancestors. Sung Cua held fast to his allegiance to Christ and refused to give in. Later that month, community members backed by police confiscated 40 sacks of paddy rice, which was the family's one-year supply. Police were also authorized to demolish the family's home if deemed necessary. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray that God will protect and provide for Sung Cua and his family at this time.

Pray that their example of steadfast faith will draw others to Jesus Christ.

Pray that authorities will no longer harass Christians in Vietnam.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love that your share these Michelle. It reminds me to pray, and to be thankful for the freedoms we have.

Layton Family Joy said...

cute blog - would love for you to start the bible study on Monday!


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