Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - Somalia

Christian woman in Darfur arrested for evangelizing
(Source: Compass Direct)

Hawa Abdalla Muhammad Saleh was arrested on May 9 in the Abu Shouk camp for Internally Displaced Persons in Al-Fashir. Authorities have accused her of possessing and distributing Bibles to others in the camp. Sources said she could also be tried for apostasy, which carries the death sentence in Sudan. Abdalla has been transferred to an unknown location in Khartoum, sources said, adding that they fear she could be tortured as she was detained and tortured for six days in 2009.

Please pray for Abdalla's release. Ask the Lord to give her the strength and grace she needs to withstand this current trial.

Pray the Lord will protect and preserve her.

Pray the Lord will use Abdalla's witness and testimony to strengthen the faith of other believers and act as a witness to Muslims.
Monday, June 27, 2011

Refiners Fire

I originally wrote this post on the Refiners Fire in March of 2010.  I know there are a few things that I'm clinging too and not letting go.  So I too am reflecting on these words that I wrote over a year ago.

A month ago my husband came home and told me about a grass fire along the highway 5 minutes from our home. He said the smoke was so bad that he couldn't see anything in front of him while driving through it. In fact, the police had to shut down the highway for a while. The next day, I witnessed the damage that had been done. Acres and acres of land that looked black, dead, injured.

Today, however, that same land looks green, fresh and vibrant. What a testimony to God's healing power.

This is actually what God does in each of our lives. He comes and purifies us. When we accept Him into our lives and place Him in control, He strips our past sins and makes us pure. Malachi talks about the fire "refining them like gold and silver." (Malachi 3:3b). For those who are unaware, precious metals are melted from their original forms to take out their impurities. Just like the grass fire did in that field. The fire took all of the old, dead grass hanging around and purged it.

What "impurities" are you holding on to? Personally, I know I continue to struggle with giving God complete control. I continually hold onto those things I think I need. I have many walls built up that I know need to be blown away. Lately, I've been praying that God help me let go, when what I realize I should be praying for is "God take them, their yours." My heart may feel like that burnt, black field, full of dead sins which I struggle to let go of, but I know that there are fields of lush green waiting for me to embrace.

Are you struggling letting go of your "impurities?" God does not want us to be in this state. He wants us lush with the promise of new life with Him if we only accept it. I pray for myself and you that we would all let go of that which is keeping us from fully submitting to God and keeping us from the new life He has promised each of us.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - as he speaks


I'm very excited to to have my first guest post here at Lost in the Prairies.  Kendall was gracious enough to accept when asked to do a guest post.  She is a regular here in the prairies, always has such sweet authentic words to share with us each week.  I hope you visit Kendall at her blog a spacious place.  Thank you dear friend for sharing with us this week.

as he speaks

studying ezekiel
it is exciting reading
he entered prophet training
at age thirty
and i found myself
wondering what the
agenda might have looked like:
location: kebar river
session one: god will come rolling into view
on his sapphire throne
attended by seraphs riding psychedelic unicycles
(you may read this for yourself in ezekiel 1)
session two: you will stand. up.
that was his initiation into
twenty-two years of prophethood -
an incredible vision
an order to stand
he said to me
son of man, stand upon your feet
and i will speak to you
he was before the throne of god.
as he spoke,
the spirit came into me
and raised me to my feet….
as. he. spoke.
when we get to the session twos
in our lives
the directives from god
that might not make sense
and there is no way on earth
we can handle them
the spirit will raise us
to our feet
as god speaks
Come and share your randomness with us this week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - India

Christian leader attacked by militants in India
(Source: Compass Direct)

Hindu militants recently beat Ramesh Devda, 30, a pastor and evangelist, in Madhya Pradesh state, India. On April 4, Pastor Ramesh was travelling by motorbike with his two sons from Chikklia to Raseda when three militants on motorbikes suddenly blocked his way. The militants, drunk and armed with large bamboo sticks and clubs, beat the pastor in front of 10-year-old Elias and 8-year-old Shimon. They threatened to kill Pastor Ramesh and warned him not to come to the area again. They delivered brutal blows all over his body, including his head. The terrified cries of the young boys alerted people passing by to the situation. When others arrived on scene, the attackers fled. At last report, Pastor Ramesh was in the hospital receiving care for severe injuries, including a fractured skull. He was thankful that his sons were spared from beating, though his older son sustained a leg injury during the attack.

Pastor Ramesh, who serves with the Christian Reformed Fellowship of India in three villages, suspects his attackers were Hindu militants angered by his Sunday worship services. Although he believes the attack was pre-planned, he does not want to report it to the police, as he fears retaliation.

Ask God to heal Pastor Ramesh. 

Pray a spirit of trust in the Lord will guard his heart and mind against fear.

Pray for guidance and safety for his wife and children, who are also active in Christian ministry.

Pray Christians in India will look to the God of truth as their righteous tower of strength (Psalm 31:15).
Monday, June 20, 2011

Twilight Revisted

When I first started blogging a took part in a meme that talked about searching for the sacred in the ordinary.  This is something that I have missed and I may just have to start doing this again.  It brought me such joy to find God in the little things that seem mundane.  

I originally posted the following post in November of 2009.  It is one of favourite because I caught a glimpse of God.

I am tempted to search for the extraordinary. I catch myself longing for the incredible. I fight the urge to notice the spectacular. In doing so, I risk missing the most extraordinary, incredible and spectacular of all... the sacred in the ordinary.

My Moment....

Normally by this time of year we are already covered in a layer of snow and hitting highs of -10 C. However, November has been quite warm. The lowest it has been is -6 C. This Tuesday we were breaking records. It reached 13 C. However, I didn't get to enjoy it as my daughter was off school that day due to a cold. It was the second day she was home and by dinner Tuesday I was feeling a little stir crazy.

I have my life pretty scheduled and am usually on the go or having someone over. Due to 'Coles cold, I was home for two days. Around 4:30 pm I went upstairs and started getting dinner ready and was having a pity party for myself. On the radio they kept talking about the beautiful sunset we were having. After hearing about this for 15 minutes, I finally went to our front window and looked out. It was like the sky was on fire. It was amazing. I ran and got my camera and prayed I could capture the beauty before my eyes. I was reminded that God is with us in all our moods. When we're feeling a little sorry for ourselves, he ignites a fire within us and gets us going, bringing us joy in the simple things, like a sunset.

This was the view outside my door.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Moving


Sorry guys for the lateness of this post and my absence from the blogosphere.  As many of you know we are moving.  When are we moving - in less than two weeks.  If that amazes you, just think what it's doing to me.  

I was planning to have some older posts scheduled and have some guests posts (I do have one so far) so that I wouldn't have to be posting right now.  But life has been busy, I will be posting these later today.  This week has been crazy since the princess' party.  The weather wasn't cooperating and we ended up doing a spa day with 5 girls on the fly.  They loved it.  My friend and I finally sat down with a cup of tea 2 1/2 hours later and breathed.  It was fun though.  One little girl kept saying that it was so "romance."  They all loved having their feet rubbed.  I warned their mothers that this is something they might expect now.  I know I love my feet rubbed so why shouldn't they.

After two weeks of having no van, we finally have one again.  I won't go on about the mess at the shop, but I am excited about having my van.  I didn't think I could function without a vehicle and somehow I did it.  This was the week we needed the van too.  Middleman had 2 appointments this week and I had my last hair appointment.  You know things are changing when your sad and teary that you're leaving you're hairdresser.   Since I'm moving back from where we moved from originally, I hope I can get my old hairdresser back or get someone as good as my Mr. Gerald.  

We have listed with a relator and since listing have already had 2 viewings and have another today.  Just when I thought I could pack...LOL.  The one today means I can go play Rockband with my friend and we know how I love Rockband.  Pray for us that the house sells before we actually move.  This would alleviate some of the stress that we have. 

I will be away from the blog until probably after the July long weekend (for us Canadians, this is the 1st).  I'm not sure when we will be hooked up to the internet and will be relying on my Blackberry to check out the internet.  I'm hoping to be back the first week of July if all goes well.  I will have pictures of the new place, as well as many pictures of the boxes. Maybe I'll even do a vlog and take you on a tour.  

Praying that God is with you and can't wait to catch up in a  few weeks.  Come link up and share your randomness among the boxes this week. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - When did she grow up?

Today is the Princess' birthday.  8 years ago, I was given a precious gift.  Since the day she was born she has brought out the best and sadly, the worst in me.  She pushes me to limits that I never knew I had and that I wish I didn't have.  She is me.  She is the best parts of me.  The Princess is smart, sassy, talkative, comedic, enchanting, shy, outgoing.  She is everything I ever wanted to be and everything I hoped that God would make her.  

I was holding her yesterday reminicing about how small she was and how big she was now.  Where did the time go.  

When she was little she had very little hair, but made up for that in attitude.  She made us laugh and continues to do so.  I was reading her Lily by Nancy Rue last night and when the male bully character was getting out of hand, she informed me if she ever ran into him she'd give him the ol'one/two.  She even showed me how she would do that. 

I remember dropping her off at preschool and wondering when did she grow up. 

She was so proud of herself and refused to allow me to stay.  This was her time and she wanted to be on her own.  She so wanted to grow up and be independent, but she still wanted to cuddle as soon as she was home (she still does).

She has been Ariel, Aurora, Belle and Mulan.  Now she wants to be a paleontologist.  She loves to learn about history and wants to go the museums (I knew she was a chip off the old block). 

Today she is 8.  Today she is closer to leaving her little girl years, full of hugs, dolls, and make believe.  Today she is closer to becoming the young woman that God created her to be.

Happy Birthday Princess.  You are everything I dreamed you would be.

Please link up and share your caffeinated dreams.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - How to clean your house in 20 minutes.


Hello ladies.  I want to thank you all who linked in last week.  Admittedly and apologetically I have yet had a chance to look at them.   I apologize.  I have been busy this last week.  We had birthday weekend (hubby's and mine) and garage sale weekend all rolled into one.  But then we got served a curved ball.  On my way home last week from occupational therapy with Middle Man, my van broke down.  Ok, it didn't really break down but it was beeping at me to power down when safe to do so.  I made it to the dealership without anything seriously happening.  You know it's bad when the guy who first opens your hood shakes his head.  It appears that our radiator needed replacing.  YIKES!  

On Sunday I stayed home with the boys as hubby's car only seats four of us.  I wanted to be a little lazy and at some point was going to catch up on my bloggy life.  Then I realized that I hadn't finished my Babes work and we were meeting Monday.  I was two weeks behind and wanted to be caught up before we met.  I completed it in a few hours.  I was exhausted so admittedly I got lazy again and read.  

Monday I had Babes and received some upsetting news and was totally bummed out.  Selling a house is very stressful.  I'm going to leave it at that!

Tuesday I had tea with Mrs. Muffin aka our former Caffeinated Chieftain, Andrea.  We caught up a bit since she is off for the summer, or at least thought she was.  

Wednesday, I went into the city with hubby and the boys so that middle man could go to speech therapy.  By the way have I mentioned that my I've been fighting a sinus cold and my throat has been progressively getting worse since Sunday.  My friend sent me to the clinic while she watched the boys.  The Doctor literally rolled his eyes at me when I told him I was in because of a sore throat.  He looked at my throat and said it was probably viral and that he would take a swab, but doubted that it was strep throat.  I left with my throat just as sore.  I was sure my adenoids were infected at the very least.

Today (Thursday) has been a day.  I've been in a rut and just wanted to wallow in it for a while.  But life moves anyway.  I packed a few boxes.  Talked with some friends on the phone.  Baked cookies.  Cooked dinner.  Made a strawberry-blueberry crisp (yummy!)  I was just getting the boys to bed and getting ready to start winding down and figure out what to blog about, when hubby checked the messages.  There was a call from a couple who wanted to view the house that evening.  We asked for 30 minutes.  May I say that normally my house is pretty clean, but admittedly, I had been lax and it was messy.  Hubby, the Princess and I rushed and did the best job we could.  It was surprisingly clean (ok, we will not discuss the floors, but they did say they were nice).  I admittedly was frustrated while cleaning and the other two cleaners knew it and heard about it.  I have apologized.  I do not like things out of my control.  Something I was praying about while cleaning.  Good lesson that we are not in control but He is.  

The couple turned out to be of Dutch descent and believers.  They noticed the verse I had put up earlier this week to get me through:
Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? 2 Samuel 7:18b NIV84
So where do I go with this.  Nothing is in my control.  Many things have happened to me this week to remind me that I am not in control.  There have been many blessings though to remind me who is.  Who am I and my family, we are His!

Come and link up this week and share who you are over a nice cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer).

PS  Dr. Update:  I realized I didn't tell you that the doctor called me, nice as could be just before dinner to tell me that the culture came back that I did have strep throat.  Can you imagine that?  So, now I'm on antibiotics. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - Egypt

Muslims violently protest re-opening of church in Egypt
(Source: Compass Direct)

A church in Cairo, Egypt, was recently prevented from re-opening due to pressure from authorities and local Muslims. Three years ago, in November 2008, Egypt's State Security Intelligence service closed down the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Abraam in Ain Shams, a poor section of the city, after a group of protesting Muslims blocked the entrance. On May 19, the day the church was scheduled to re-open, hundreds of Muslims gathered outside to protest. They surrounded the building, preventing anyone from getting into it and trapping priests who were inside. They also threw rocks and threatened to kill the lead priest. Several people were injured, including a Christian bystander who was beaten by Muslims when he tried to record the attack on a cell phone. As a result of the protest, the provisional military authority has backed away from its promise to the church to re-open. At last report, it was unknown if any of the Muslim protestors have been arrested.

Pray for healing for those injured. Pray this congregation will indeed be able to re-open its church.

Pray that, in the face of violence, Egyptian believers will confidently entrust themselves to Christ and preach the gospel without hesitation (2 Timothy 1:7-12).

Pray that authorities will justly protect Christian citizens against opposition from militant Islamists.
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