Friday, June 10, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - When did she grow up?

Today is the Princess' birthday.  8 years ago, I was given a precious gift.  Since the day she was born she has brought out the best and sadly, the worst in me.  She pushes me to limits that I never knew I had and that I wish I didn't have.  She is me.  She is the best parts of me.  The Princess is smart, sassy, talkative, comedic, enchanting, shy, outgoing.  She is everything I ever wanted to be and everything I hoped that God would make her.  

I was holding her yesterday reminicing about how small she was and how big she was now.  Where did the time go.  

When she was little she had very little hair, but made up for that in attitude.  She made us laugh and continues to do so.  I was reading her Lily by Nancy Rue last night and when the male bully character was getting out of hand, she informed me if she ever ran into him she'd give him the ol'one/two.  She even showed me how she would do that. 

I remember dropping her off at preschool and wondering when did she grow up. 

She was so proud of herself and refused to allow me to stay.  This was her time and she wanted to be on her own.  She so wanted to grow up and be independent, but she still wanted to cuddle as soon as she was home (she still does).

She has been Ariel, Aurora, Belle and Mulan.  Now she wants to be a paleontologist.  She loves to learn about history and wants to go the museums (I knew she was a chip off the old block). 

Today she is 8.  Today she is closer to leaving her little girl years, full of hugs, dolls, and make believe.  Today she is closer to becoming the young woman that God created her to be.

Happy Birthday Princess.  You are everything I dreamed you would be.

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Aurie said...

What a sweet post :) Happy birthday to your little princes!!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh she is precious! What a beautiful little girl and I can so hear your "mama" heart, Michelle! Happy Birthday to a special little princess and congrats, Mama, to you! I have found that my children's birthdays are special days for me as well...:)


Kendal said...

oh, how sweet. i never listened to the people who told me they would be grown in the blink of an eye....i've blinked. and they are BIG.

Courtney said...

Aw! Happy Birthday to your princess!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until she starts bugging you for an iPhone. ;)

Write My Essay said...

I enjoyed this post; the sweet memories and pictures are wonderful!
" HAPPY BIRTHDAY " to your sweet princess.

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