Friday, June 3, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - How to clean your house in 20 minutes.


Hello ladies.  I want to thank you all who linked in last week.  Admittedly and apologetically I have yet had a chance to look at them.   I apologize.  I have been busy this last week.  We had birthday weekend (hubby's and mine) and garage sale weekend all rolled into one.  But then we got served a curved ball.  On my way home last week from occupational therapy with Middle Man, my van broke down.  Ok, it didn't really break down but it was beeping at me to power down when safe to do so.  I made it to the dealership without anything seriously happening.  You know it's bad when the guy who first opens your hood shakes his head.  It appears that our radiator needed replacing.  YIKES!  

On Sunday I stayed home with the boys as hubby's car only seats four of us.  I wanted to be a little lazy and at some point was going to catch up on my bloggy life.  Then I realized that I hadn't finished my Babes work and we were meeting Monday.  I was two weeks behind and wanted to be caught up before we met.  I completed it in a few hours.  I was exhausted so admittedly I got lazy again and read.  

Monday I had Babes and received some upsetting news and was totally bummed out.  Selling a house is very stressful.  I'm going to leave it at that!

Tuesday I had tea with Mrs. Muffin aka our former Caffeinated Chieftain, Andrea.  We caught up a bit since she is off for the summer, or at least thought she was.  

Wednesday, I went into the city with hubby and the boys so that middle man could go to speech therapy.  By the way have I mentioned that my I've been fighting a sinus cold and my throat has been progressively getting worse since Sunday.  My friend sent me to the clinic while she watched the boys.  The Doctor literally rolled his eyes at me when I told him I was in because of a sore throat.  He looked at my throat and said it was probably viral and that he would take a swab, but doubted that it was strep throat.  I left with my throat just as sore.  I was sure my adenoids were infected at the very least.

Today (Thursday) has been a day.  I've been in a rut and just wanted to wallow in it for a while.  But life moves anyway.  I packed a few boxes.  Talked with some friends on the phone.  Baked cookies.  Cooked dinner.  Made a strawberry-blueberry crisp (yummy!)  I was just getting the boys to bed and getting ready to start winding down and figure out what to blog about, when hubby checked the messages.  There was a call from a couple who wanted to view the house that evening.  We asked for 30 minutes.  May I say that normally my house is pretty clean, but admittedly, I had been lax and it was messy.  Hubby, the Princess and I rushed and did the best job we could.  It was surprisingly clean (ok, we will not discuss the floors, but they did say they were nice).  I admittedly was frustrated while cleaning and the other two cleaners knew it and heard about it.  I have apologized.  I do not like things out of my control.  Something I was praying about while cleaning.  Good lesson that we are not in control but He is.  

The couple turned out to be of Dutch descent and believers.  They noticed the verse I had put up earlier this week to get me through:
Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? 2 Samuel 7:18b NIV84
So where do I go with this.  Nothing is in my control.  Many things have happened to me this week to remind me that I am not in control.  There have been many blessings though to remind me who is.  Who am I and my family, we are His!

Come and link up this week and share who you are over a nice cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer).

PS  Dr. Update:  I realized I didn't tell you that the doctor called me, nice as could be just before dinner to tell me that the culture came back that I did have strep throat.  Can you imagine that?  So, now I'm on antibiotics. 


My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Michelle. Glad the Dr came to his senses. They should know moms don't come in for nothing! Dah! Only jokes. Hope you feel better soon. Its great that after a crazy week you can see God is in the midst of it.
God bless

Kendal said...

what stress. sorry you haven't been well - amplifies the stress, doesn't it? continuing to pray for you as you prepare for a move.

Jen said...

Oh, girl, do I know that selling a house is stressful! But, I also know God is so all over this! When we sold our house, the lady that ended up buying, was actually just going to walk out. Then, her realtor locked her keys in the car and they ended up staying over an hour, talking about the house, life, etc. Who knew?

Courtney said...

Oh my - what a week! You will be in my prayers. So glad you got on antibiotics. They help!! Going to link up now . . .

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling your house is going to sell at the very last minute, just to keep you on your toes. ;) Did you see the verse I sent you yesterday? Exodus 14:14 - look it up!

Aurie said...

So glad that it's not strep - hope you are feeling better soon!!

That was QUITE a week - sorry that you have been struggling this week. Praying that you are feeling on a more even basis.

Andi said...

Those dad gum doctors. They make me crazy. Of course, they feel the same way about having nurses for patients...Sorry you are sick, but antibiotics will help you feel better soon.

Oh, and my nurses cap is firmly in place: liquids, liquids, liquids.

Graceful said...

I've been fighting a cold for more than a week, too -- I know how it is when one leg of the 3-legged stool falls off...the whole operation comes crashing down (at least that's how it is for me when I am sick). I will keep you in my prayers as you sell your house -- it will happen, it will!!

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