Friday, January 28, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - 7 Things: The Questions Answered

This week I was tagged by my funny and crazy bloggy friend Kela at Pursuing What is Excellent.  The idea is to write 7 random things that no one knows about you and write them out.  I'm also going to use this chance to answer some the random questions that people asked in the Being Honest  blog.  What a better place to do all this but in Caffeinated Randomness.

1.  I've always dreamed of going abroad.  I' have really always wanted to see the art and architecture that I have only been able to see in books or movies.  I was going to major in Art History, but I took a legal secretarial course instead.  If I win the lottery, I'm going to tour all the major museums of Europe.  Unfortunately, I don't think my family would enjoy it as much as me.  I once was privileged to see the Night Watch by Rembrandt and had to be dragged away after 30 minutes of viewing it from every angle I could.  It was amazing.

2.  Someone asked what I struggle most with as a parent?   What's my greatest strength?   I struggle with the not knowing.  We are currently on a waiting list to have our middle man developmentally assessed.  There may be some hope in the future as our local Autism Services have advised us that they can do a preliminary diagnosis on him as to whether he is or isn't autistic.  The not knowing, how to help him, where to find help, what to do, what's he saying, why won't he potty train, is exhausting and there are many days I want to give up and bang my head on a wall.  There's also the not knowing if I'm raising my daughter the way I should or have I spent enough "quality" time with the baby.  Parenting, not matter what the situation is, is a series of unknowns and a lot of hopes.  I guess that's where my greatest strength would lie in parenting - the knowing where my hope comes from and relying on that hope.

3.  If I was having coffee at Starbucks (Where else would I go?) with my spiritual hero, who would that be and what would we chat about.   Of course it would Liz Curtis Higgs and we would probably be chatting about a whole range of things, from our testimonies, God's grace, which of Jacob's wives we prefer (my vote is for Leah) and all things Scottish. 

4.  For a person raised on the West Coast of Canada, which is Salmon capital, I hate salmon.  I know one shouldn't say they hate it., but really I do.  I can't stand it.  I've had people try to foist it on me from casseroles to sushi and really people I can tell.  I would just prefer eating a shriveled hot dog on the barbecue than eat any salmon (this is actually what I ate while my family dined on fresh barbecued salmon.)

5.  I love anything to do with vampires:  books, movies, tv shows., etc..  I don't know why.  I just always have. You can imagine which team I cheer for in the Twilight Saga.   Maybe it's because they are the unscary monsters.  When they turn and die, they become beautiful and graceful.  They don't come bearing ugliness or some strange metal knife.   It might also be that they are night owls of which I am one as well.
My Vote is for This Team

6. This past Wednesday was Wayne Gretzky's 50th Birthday.  We are big Edmonton Oilers fans around here so it was a bit of a big thing.  However, I have to admit that I am not a fan of Wayne's.  I grew up in the 80s when Edmonton was the big hockey team.  My family did not cheer  for the Oilers.  We thought Wayne was a big wimp that needed to be protected by the enforcers.  We liked watching a good fight.  My grandmother to this day does not like Wayne Gretzky.  I don't even think she wants to admit that he was a great hockey player (something I'll actually do).  So when I say I'm an Oiler fan it's actually only within the last 10 years that I will cheer them on, after that its the Pittsburgh Penguins. 
Happy 50th Wayne!

7.  There is one fear that no matter what, I can't get rid of - my fear of heights.  I hate them.  When we go into the mountains, I have to advert my eyes away from the side of the road so that I don't realize how high we are.  I do not get out of the car in those photo op sites to see the view, as a chain link fence is not enough to keep me safe.  I went to Disneyland 7 years ago with my hubby wanting to go on the roller coaster in California Disney.  I had a mantra - Disney does not want to kill me.  I took one look at the ride and told my husband to go in the line up for single riders.  I couldn't do it.  When we went with our family, my daughter (who was 4 at the time) had to hold my hand in Splash Mountain and tell me it was ok.  I am that afraid.  

Now the nice thing about this 7 Things is that I get to tagg 7 people to particpate. 

@Natalie - Mommy on Fire
@Erin - It's Grace
@Kendal - A Spacious Place (I also want to know how she puts this in prose)

Can't wait to hear about your randomness this week.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

3n30 - Week 4 Check In

I'm sitting here on Thursday afternoon waiting for my daughter to get home from school, so she can tidy the room I organized (goal #3).  I've just finished working out on the treadmill (Goal #2) and after writing this I'm planning on doing my daily reading for the Bible in 90 Days Challenge (Goal #1).  I started the 3 in 30 to work on things that I been wanting to do, but not making them resolutions and thus dragging me down when I don't do them.  I wanted these things to become habits.  They say if you do something for 12 days it becomes a habit.  I don't think I've ever done anything that I planned to do (ok, laundry doesn't count) for more than 12 days.  

Since purchasing the treadmill a year ago, it has mostly sat in my laundry room all alone and unused.  Oh, it was used as a clothes dryer or laundry sorter, but it wasn't used as it was supposed to be used.  Participating in the 3 in 30 has forced me to find a time to work out daily.  Something I have always wanted to do.  I found that walking the treadmill once the little guy goes for a nap, worked great.  I've mostly kept it up.  There were a few times where I didn't do it as we were out, however, I then decided to work out on a Saturday morning as Saturday's around here are pretty lazy.   Just last week I heard that adults are supposed to work out for 30 minutes a day/5 days a week.  That was my original goal and I've done it.  As well, I have a habit.  It has cut down on my phone time, but I've caught up on my reading (ok, audiobook listening).  I've also found that I've managed to lose some weight and have, for the most part, kept it off (don't ask about the cookie dough day).  

I've kept up with my daily reading for the Bible in 90 Days.  I'm still struggling to find a time to fit it in, but I have been keeping up.  I did fall behind last weekend, but caught up quickly.  I now have a Bible on both floors of the house available so that when I catch some time I do some reading.  This has helped.  As well, on a typical Thursday morning the middleman is in preschool, I've been doing catch up or reading ahead (except for today, thanks to a field trip).  I've come to enjoy these quiet Thursday mornings with my Bible. 

As I wrote last week, Nicole's room was organized and I'm still struggling to have her keep it clean.  I'm annoyed by the constant badgering, but from talking to my friends they have the same battle.  

I'm enjoying doing the 3in30.  After thinking about them, I think my goals for February will be:

1. No Yelling for 28 days (more information on that next week);

2.  Scrapbook 1 hour a week - actually have a reason to have all the stuff; and

3.  Organize Kitchen Cupboards - they are a mess.

I can't wait to see how everyone else did this month.  If the goals they started, have become habits. 
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - North Korea

North Korean border guards kill five defectors  (Source: Seoul USA)

Five North Koreans were shot dead and two others wounded by North Korean border guards on the Chinese side of the border when they tried to flee North Korea, a source said January 9. The high-level source in Changbai in the Chinese province of Jilin said the seven individuals left Hyesan, Yanggang Province, and walked across the frozen Apnok (or Yalu) River and reached the Chinese side on December 14. Five of them died instantly under intense gunfire by North Korean border guards who ran after them. The two others were wounded and taken to the North.

North Korean border guards have never before shot at defectors once they reached the Chinese side. Observers say guards must have new instructions for dealing with defectors. Leader Kim Jong Il's son and heir, Kim Jong Un, has apparently ordered border guards to shoot anyone who crosses the border rivers without permission. He also reportedly said he would not tolerate defectors crossing the border. Reportedly, North Korean border guards are now armed with an AK-47 rifles with 40 reserve shells and hand grenades.

While there is no reason to suspect that those who were killed were Christian, certainly everyone who crosses the border illegally will be impacted by this shocking change in security measures. In the upcoming February 2011 VOM newsletter, you will meet Sister Yang, a North Korean defector, and hear of her life of hardship and her encounter with Jesus Christ.

Please pray that believers in North Korea who follow Jesus at great risk and living in hopelessness in this restrictive nation will find hope in Christ.

Pray for all those in authority in this nation; ask the Lord to open their eyes to the wisdom, compassion and the light of the gospel.

Pray Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un will repent of their evil deeds and turn to Jesus for forgiveness.
Monday, January 24, 2011

No Man Left Behind

This Christmas Thomas got a Bucket of Soldiers from his auntie.  I'm constantly finding soldiers in various places around the house.  I'm tempted to toss them.  I'm tempted to vacuum them up.  Then I'm reminded of the line in Toy Story - "A good soldier never leaves a man behind."

One of the Soldiers left in the living room.
There are times when I'm crying out to God about things I'm struggling with.  Crying out for His help.  Crying out for His guidance.  Crying out in my desperation.  There are times when I feel like He's not there.  That I'm on my own:  without help; without guidance.  That I'm literally in the dark without any hope or light.  Then I hear Him say to me - No man left behind!

Jesus spoke these words (in so many words) in the parable of the lost sheep. 
Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders; and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ (Luke 15: 1-6 NIV)
God is looking for us.  He wants to help us.  Even when we don't think He's there, He is.  He may be carrying us (Psalms 68:19 NLT).  He may be leading us (Psalm 23:2 NIV). He may be walking ahead of us breaking the path for us to follow Him through the dense weeds (Isiah 52:12 NIV).  He may be beside us holding our hands as he leads us (Isaiah 41:13 NIV).

God never gives up on us - NO MATTER WHAT.

He searches for us - WHERE EVER WE ARE.

He wants to save us as we are His sheep - WE ARE HIS.  

When we truly believe this and embrace it and trust Him, what peace will overwhelm us.  Everything we have holding onto; everything we're struggling with; everything we're hiding from will seem insignificant to what He can do for us.  

Jesus wants to help you.  He wants to save you. He's searching for you.

A Good Shepard Never Leaves A Man Behind.

I'm linking up with Jen at Finding Heaven for Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness & 3 in 30 Check In


I was going to do a blog today where I answered questions from you, my bloggy sisters, in the spirit of Ephphatha.  However, I'll admit that this week I've been a bit busy with a sick little one and appointments for Thomas.  Today I am combining two blog entries into one, because I can, focusing on my 3 in 30 goals.  I promise that I will do the aforementioned post next week.  If anyone has any questions for me let me know and I will answer them next week. 

Last week during the 3 in 30 check in I wrote about my struggles with keeping up with my reading of the Bible in 90 Days.  I've kept up with the daily reading.  In fact, I'm still one day ahead and hoping to get a few extra days in this weekend.   With winter break coming up in a few weeks (Can you imagine that we not only get Christmas break and spring break, but our school board gives us winter break.) I know that I'll probably get behind as we will be going out a bit more than usual that week.  

I've kept up on my 30 minutes of daily exercise on my treadmill.  Today, I actually almost passed.  It was so cold here all I wanted to do was wrap myself in a blanket with a cup of tea and a few goods books.  I admit that in taking an hour to read the Bible, I've gotten behind on my reading.  But I have discovered audio books which I have plugged into my iPod and listen to on the treadmill.  I'm currently reading Cleopatra's Daughter and have Catching Fire waiting in my overdrive dock.  

I completed my third goal this week.  I organized Nicole's room.  I cleaned and pulled out a large garbage bag of junk!  I do  have one box to go through, but mostly for scrapbooking purposes.  The box is nicely organized on the top shelf of her closet.  I have also placed a door knob cover on her door so that her little brothers stay out and I don't have clean her room before she comes home everyday.  It also saves me from hearing that she didn't get it messy.  I think I've finally outsmarted her.  Now if I could only get her to tidy her room every morning before school without the whining.

I can tell you that Nicole is my biggest cheerleader in the 3 in 30 goals.  I mark Ever Grateful memo board from Day Spring with my goals and I mark down when I've completed a daily goal or the goal altogether.  She has noticed when I haven't marked something and lets me know if I'm behind.  

The verse that has helped me this week is:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13 NKJV

This verse has helped me to keep walking on the treadmill, even when my feet hurt; to sit down and read my bible, even through the divisions of Israel; and kept me focused on the big picture of life.  Without God, I wouldn't be where I am or who I am. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - Eygpt

Blast kills 21 outside church in Alexandria, Egypt (Source: Compass Direct)

At least 21 people were killed and 90 wounded on January 1, when a bomb outside a church in Alexandria, Egypt, exploded as congregants were leaving a New Year's Eve Mass. The explosion ripped through the crowd shortly after midnight, leaving the entranceway to the Church of the Two Saints, a Coptic Orthodox congregation, covered with blood and severed body parts.

Witnesses reported a driver parked a car at the entrance of the church and then ran away seconds before it exploded. Government officials say they found remnants of the bomb, filled with nails and other makeshift shrapnel, at the site; they suspect an unidentified suicide bomber, rather than a car bombing.

>No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the attack comes two months after an Islamic group known as the Islamic State of Iraq issued a threat, stating "All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers are legitimate targets for the muhajedeen [Muslim fighters] wherever they can reach them."

Pray the Lord will give grace and strength to the injured and the loved ones of the dead.

Pray they will keep their eyes on Jesus, persevere in the faith and not grow weary or lose heart.

Pray those in authority will be spurred on to bring about justice and protection for Christians in Egypt.
Monday, January 17, 2011

Being honest....

Since participating in the Bible in 90 Days challenge (you guys are going to hate hearing about this by the end of the 90 days) and through the Babes study of David, I have been challenged with my relationship with God.  There have been some good days and some bad.  There have been days where I've wanted to walk away, but I have persevered.  I have gotten mad at God.  I've questioned God.  I've cried with God,.  I've laughed with God.  I've had some Ah-Ha moments with God.  I have had a rainbow of emotions with Him. 

I couldn't say two years ago that I had this kind of relationship with Him.  I couldn't even say I had this relationship with Him a month ago.  This relationship is growing.   It is a continual learning experience on my side.  I've become more open to Him and willing to humble myself more to His will in my life, as well as handing Him the keys to my life.  This is a big step.  I am a control freak and planner.  I like to have a plan for everything.  By letting Him have control, I'm saying He's the priority.  He's the master.  

I'm sharing one of the first posts I ever wrote at Lost in the Prairies today, where I wrote about the beginning of my being open to God and His plan in my life. 
He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, "Ephphatha!" (which means, "Be opened!" ). Mark 7 v 34

I read this verse this morning during my daily devotion and it has stayed with me since. Be open. Some of my friends would say I'm an open book. I am known as a talker (LOL). I couldn't get away with anything when I was a kid as I was a poor liar. You ask me something and I'll answer it "truthfully." I say truthfully because if someone asks about my past or present, I'll answer honestly but on a need to know basis. For example, I'll tell people my grandparents raised me, but I won't elaborate on the why (future posts). What people don't know is that there is a wall around me that has some cracks, but I've pretty well fortified it so that most people don't see the hurt and pain behind it.

I feel God placed this verse upon me today, not just to be open to others, but to be open to Him. I've even kept Him at a distance. The one who should be the closest, the one who I can be totally honest with because He knows all, is the one I definitely keep at arms reach. God is Abba, the Father who doesn't accuse, doesn't lie, doesn't neglect us, doesn't abandon us. He is always there, always present, always loving. If we allow Him past the wall. I've been slowly tearing down this wall. Some days I take down 2 bricks, some days I add a few more. It is a slow and long process as I learn to trust Him with everything and give Him the controls.

Each one of us needs to keep God closest to us and lay at His feet our hurts, pains, sorrows, and joys. Through prayer and reading His word we can be "Ephphatha!"
In the spritit of being Ephphatha not just to God, but also to all of you, I would like all my bloggy sisters to post a question in their comments for me to answer this Friday for Caffeinated Randomness.  I look forward to sharing some more about me with you.

I'm linking up today with Jen at Finding Heaven with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - You Gotta Have Friends


These last few weeks when I have been able to read your lovely blogs there seems to be a theme where many of you have expressed your pain over freindships lost or the lack thereof.  This has just broken my heart for many of you.  During a recent Babes' session with Beth Moore, she spoke about the circles of relationships we all have.  The two I am going to focus on today are 3 and 1.  

Beth (I hope that I can call her that, she seem like a lady who wouldn't mind), spoke about  Jesus' 3 - Peter, James and John.  They were the 3 that went with him to the Transfiguration and Getheseme.  They were his confidents, his support, his possee.

I have this group of 3 in my life.  Well actually, a group of 4 lovely ladies who I meet with each week - My Babes.  The 5 of us may never have actually gotten together on our own, but God had plans for us.  We met each other originally as neighbours, community coordinators, through play groups and through other acquaintances.  When I first moved into the community 3 years ago, I did not know any of these ladies.  They have now become my Sisters.  


When I think of each of them, I actually think of them in the family dynamic.  Tracy is our older sister with the amazing wardrobe that you just want to raid.  She also has such an amazing love of God and His wisdom and quiet and gentle spirit pour out of her.  Andrea is the next oldest, even though she is younger than me.  She is the the smart one.  She has a love of knowledge and encourages each of us in our studies and our lives.  She is often the first person I think of when I need prayer or support or need to talk to someone.  Pat and I are the mischievous twins.  We are the clowns.  We really are alike in more ways then we probably want to admit.  Extremely competitive (ok, probably more on my part, I have to beat her score on Vegas Stakes), we have each other's back through everything that is thrown at us.  Then there is the little sister, Cheri.  I don't just think of her as that because she's the smallest.  Cheri reminds me of Beth in Little Woman.  You may think she's weak, but there is a strength that permeates through her.  We all want to protect her, but have to allow her to face the world with us standing back and supporting her.

Now don't think this relationship came overnight.  It took time to grow.   It took patience.  It took some breakdowns.  It actually survived a split of our group, as we originally had 7 of us.  It took prayer.  It was made through studying the Father's word, the place all relationships should start.

That leads me to 1.  This is the relationship we have with the Father.  This should be our priority.  If it's not, our other relationships will fall apart.  We need to focus on this relationship  through studying the word and praying,   If we don't take time with the God who created us in His image and give Him all the honour, worship, praise and love that is His rightfully, how can we expect our other relationships to be nurtured and grow?  

If you find yourself in a time where you do not have a close friendship where you have someone who is able to lift you up regularly through the word and prayer, be patient.  God knows just who He wants to place in your family and when the time is right He will bring you your own Babes.
Come share you're Randomness with us today.  I can't wait to see what you have all been up to this week.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 in 30 Check In - My confession.....

Last week seemed like a breeze.  I got my reading done everyday.  I was on the treadmill everyday, but Saturday.  However, we did walk around the mall a few times.  There were some struggles in getting some other things done in my life, like blogging, reading my friends blogs, and doing my Bible study.  However, my friend Donnetta sent me an encouraging e-mail that reminded me that the bloggy world could miss me for a little while and not to stress about it.  Not  exactly in those words, but she reminded me where to place my priorities.

This week has been a struggle.  It started off with a lot of promise, on Sunday I did some extra reading and got myself one day ahead for the Bible in 90 Days challenge.  Even worked out on the treadmill Sunday afternoon as a little pick me up.  However, Monday came.

I should have know it was going south when the dvd for my Bible Babes study wouldn't work.  As a control freak, I was little upset that we would be holding off for a week.  I know, I know - don't sweat the small things.  I'm learning this.  That afternoon I was on the phone for a little over an hour, regarding our middleman.  Most of the conversations were a little defeating.  More about that at a later date.  I didn't get to work out when I normally do.  I missed watching the Made to Crave webcast that I wanted to watch.  (I know I'm whining.)  I did get to write a blog though and had planned to do my reading afterwords, however, I got mesmerized by the computer.  

Tuesday, I managed to get on the treadmill, but didn't get any reading done and it bugged me all day.  However, I just went with the thought that I was actually where everyone else was because I had read a head.  This really was a bad attitude.  I was pretty busy that day as I was Healthy Snack mom at school and then there were further calls for Thomas, which went a lot better than Monday's calls.  

Wednesday I went into Martha Michelle mode.  I was tried of my house looking like a bomb exploded and took advantage of being home all day to get some things done.  I did get time on the treadmill, but again no reading done.  I finally decided by 4 pm while looking at my schedule that I would call a "No Phone Day" for Thursday.  No distractions.  I was going to sit for two hours on Thursday, while Thomas was a preschool and press forward in my reading.  

This morning, I sat in my reading chair, wrapped myself in my prayer shawl that the beautiful Linda at Joy in the Journey sent me for Christmas, pulled up my Bible and read through Leviticus and most of Numbers.  It wasn't as hard I thought it was going to be and wrapped up in my prayer shawl felt like Abba was there leading me on while I read.  

I'm planning on going on the treadmill once nap time happens today.  This happens to be my favourite time to work out.  The baby sleeps, while Thomas watches his movie.  I plug into my iPod and get moving.  No distractions or very few.  Then I get ready and go pick up kids at school.  

An overview of this week has made me realize that I need to think of a schedule to get housework, reading, and working out done during the day.  That may mean that I can't be the social butterfly that I am, but it will also mean that I will start prioritizing my life accordingly - Father, Family,  Friends  and Everyone/thing else.  I truly believe that this is what God has been calling me to do all along.  

I can't wait to see how everyone else has done this week.    
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - Nigeria

Deadly bomb attacks in Nigeria over Christmas weekend

At least 38 people were killed in deadly bomb attacks in northern and central Nigeria over Christmas weekend. On December 24, four explosions went off in two Christian neighborhoods in the city of Jos, Plateau State. More than 28 people were seriously injured in the blasts. Christians were also attacked in Borno state on Christmas Eve when heavily armed militants set a church on fire. The church's pastor and four elders were burnt to death. The Islamists also shot and killed three church members outside the building. Islamists had reportedly been threatening to disrupt the Christian celebrations in Jos. On December 28, members of the Boko Haram Islamist group posted a statement on their website, claiming responsibility for the attacks. Both regions of Nigeria have seen deadly violence between Muslims and Christians in recent years

Ask God to comfort those affected by these attacks. Pray God's peace will reign throughout Nigeria.

Pray Christians will respond with Christ-like love, not retaliation to these attacks.

Pray Nigerian Christians will draw near to God and rely on Him to equip them to stand for Him, even in a climate of violence.
Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you Yada Yada Sisterhood!

As many of you know I am involved in the Bible in 90 Days challenge at Moms Toolbox.  I have kept up on my daily reading.  In fact, I am a day ahead which is now a good thing as we are in the middle of Leviticus.  This is the part of the Bible I usually get stuck in.  Last week as I was reading my Bible, I thought I would share some things about my Bible that started with another sisterhood.

Around October, I decided reread the Yada Yada Sisterhood as I found out that there were new books to the series, as well as a spin off.  As I had not read the books in 2 years, I decided that I should reread the first 4.  I was amazed in the reread with Nony.  How much she knew her Bible and actually prayed through her Bible.  I was drawn to this.  I had never actually thought about doing it.  I have to actually admit that I didn't know you could or should.  Besides using the Psalms as a guide to praise God at the beginning of my prayers, I actually rarely opened my Bible while praying.   I immediately highlighted verses that I felt God was leading me to pray through and purchased coloured tabs to mark the pages for quick reference.

My highlighted verse - Col 3:12
I also started writing in my Bible.  I previously used a NIV Study Bible where I wrote study and sermon notes in the margins.  When I purchased my new Bible - true identity The Bible for Women, I didn't want to do that.  I wanted to try to  keep it clean.  Funny, when if you actually read the Bible, it's a "messy" book.   I have now started to mark up the new Bible. What I've been marking is the truths God's been showing me or translation differences which have lead to clarification of some verses.  

Eph 6:12 - struggle to personal hand to hand battle.  Great insight from Beth Moore!
I also purchased Bible tabs.  I don't know the order of many of the books of the Bible, so the tabs help me to navigate through them.  They are especially useful during Bible studies.  I also have many book marks marking where I'm reading either for reading programs or Bible studies.

I love my tabs!
You may also be asking where I keep my Bible.  I do have a Bible cover.  I previously had a cover that folded out and held a notebook.  However, it was a little bulky on Sundays.  I purchased my new cover when I moved to the prairies.  I wanted one that I could carry like a purse during studies, as you can never have enough purses.  I love the one I found.  It not only holds my Bible nicely, but also has a pocket on either side for my pens, highlighters, keys, wallet, lipstick, etc....   

A little beaten, but well loved.
How do you use your Bible?

I'm linking up today with Jen at Finding Heaven for Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Why We Do It!


Did you hear the news our Andrea at Under Grace Over Coffee is back!  I'm super excited for all of us.  I know that she is actually one of my real life friends - in fact she is one of my Babes, but she is also one of my bloggy friends.  She gives me good advice and teaches me some the "techie" things that still evade me. 

Now I know you're probably wondering if Caffeinated Randomness will be moving back?  The answer is NO. Andrea is still allowing me to host Caffeinated Randomness as she is still working full time at teaching preschool, so she is still unsure of her time.  I have to admit that this makes me happy, as I've loved  hosting you ladies every week.

However, saying all that, I am posting Andrea's original post about Caffeinated Randomness.  I've had a couple of e-mails about people not joining in because if I have had a theme they hadn't written about the theme.  This made me sad as that's not the point of Caffeinated Randomness.  If there is a theme, I hope that you all feel able to post whatever you feel like on Fridays.  Friday's are free.  They're casual.  They're fanciful.  They're random. 

The whole point of Caffeinated Randomness is to have fun! Fridays tend to be a day where I relax and let loose a little bit. I'm looking forward to the weekend and a break in routine. And, for the most part, my day tends to be a bit lighter on the work than the rest of the week, because I am so over it!

And that carries over into my blogging, too. By Friday I just want to have a bit of fun. Besides, by the end of the week my creativity is a little tapped out - and I suspect that is true for most of us!

So the only rule is there are no rules! Post about whatever you want to post about (although, in the interest of my little G-rated world, please keep it clean if you're choosing to play along. Thank you! Oh, was that a rule? Well, it had to be said!). If you want to post about, oh I don't know, your hair *cough* do so! Want to post a fun little blog thing quiz you took? Go for it! Just want to throw some pics up? We'd love to see them! Feeling in a bullet-point mood - why not! And if you feel led to be serious, then by all means, do that too.

If you choose to play along, please link up below via Mr. Linky and leave a link on your post back to me. Feel free to grab the code above, too, if you'd like!
Saying all that, I have to admit that I've finally entered the complete social networking circle.  Not only can you find me on Facebook (see my side button), Blog Frog, but also now on Twitter.  You can find me at LostinPrairies at Twitter.  

Twitter has been something I've been avoiding as I just didn't get the point as I was already on Facebook.  I'm a bit overwhelmed in Twitter as I don't know all the lingo and I keep wanting to hit the "like" button for people's tweets.  Guess at heart I'm a Facebook girl.  You may wonder why if I enjoy Facebook have I entered the "dark" side.  #Bin90.   It is easier to connect with everyone doing Bin90 through Moms Toolbox.  In fact from what I understand there are more than 900 of us.  Isn't that amazing and exciting.  Just to update you, I have in fact kept up with my reading, but I'll post more about that Monday.

I can't wait to hear what you lovely ladies have been doing this week. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday's Voice - Vietnam Update

Update: Pastor beaten, Bible school attacked in Vietnam

A prominent pastor was recently beaten and his home and Bible school demolished by authorities in Ho Chi Minh City's District 2, Vietnam. On December 13, police arrested Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang, just minutes before authorities demolished his home and Bible school. The police beat Pastor Quang with batons so badly that he eventually lost consciousness. He was held in an undisclosed location and released later that day. Pastor Quang, a human rights lawyer and chair of the Legal Committee of the Vietnam Evangelical Fellowship, has been imprisoned several times in recent years.

Pray for healing for Pastor Quang, and praise God that he has been released and reunited with his family.

Pray for comfort and encouragement for all those affected by the loss of the Bible school, including the students who were forced to return to their villages.

Pray for the pastors, leaders and families in Vietnam to remain steadfast in faith, trusting in the Lord to guide them.
Monday, January 3, 2011

A Letter to 2011

2011, thank you for coming.  You couldn't have come at a better time  I've been patiently waiting for you.  Ok, to be honest I wasn't really patient.  I earnestly sought you.  2010 was a year of spiritual and emotional ups and downs.  I was tired of the roller coaster ride by September.  October left me dizzy.  By November hope of your arrival began to appear.  I became frustrated by the wait.  At times, I actually thought that you might never come.

But now you're here.  What do you have in store for me and my family.  Will you have clear stretches of peace like the sunny days of summer with light breezes floating over the prairie grasses?  

Or will you be loud and frightening like a storm suddenly coming in with the ominous clouds that hold the possibility of untold destruction?

No matter what you hold.  I will "persevere" through it. 
I will stand my ground (Eph 6:13).  

I will press on to take hold of that which Christ Jesus took hold of me (Phil 3:12). 

For I know that through perseverance, character is built and that through character, hope is attained.  Hope will never disappoint because God has poured out all HIS love into my heart through the Holy Spirit (Rms 5:4-5) (thank you my friend for that reminder).  

Therefore, 2011 whatever "curves" you throw my way, I will ever look at you with hope and promise.

I'm linking up today with Jen at Finding Heaven with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.  Come join in.

** can you guess which word I will be focusing on this year?"
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