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Caffeinated Randomness - 7 Things: The Questions Answered

This week I was tagged by my funny and crazy bloggy friend Kela at Pursuing What is Excellent.  The idea is to write 7 random things that no one knows about you and write them out.  I'm also going to use this chance to answer some the random questions that people asked in the Being Honest  blog.  What a better place to do all this but in Caffeinated Randomness.

1.  I've always dreamed of going abroad.  I' have really always wanted to see the art and architecture that I have only been able to see in books or movies.  I was going to major in Art History, but I took a legal secretarial course instead.  If I win the lottery, I'm going to tour all the major museums of Europe.  Unfortunately, I don't think my family would enjoy it as much as me.  I once was privileged to see the Night Watch by Rembrandt and had to be dragged away after 30 minutes of viewing it from every angle I could.  It was amazing.

2.  Someone asked what I struggle most with as a parent?   What's my greatest strength?   I struggle with the not knowing.  We are currently on a waiting list to have our middle man developmentally assessed.  There may be some hope in the future as our local Autism Services have advised us that they can do a preliminary diagnosis on him as to whether he is or isn't autistic.  The not knowing, how to help him, where to find help, what to do, what's he saying, why won't he potty train, is exhausting and there are many days I want to give up and bang my head on a wall.  There's also the not knowing if I'm raising my daughter the way I should or have I spent enough "quality" time with the baby.  Parenting, not matter what the situation is, is a series of unknowns and a lot of hopes.  I guess that's where my greatest strength would lie in parenting - the knowing where my hope comes from and relying on that hope.

3.  If I was having coffee at Starbucks (Where else would I go?) with my spiritual hero, who would that be and what would we chat about.   Of course it would Liz Curtis Higgs and we would probably be chatting about a whole range of things, from our testimonies, God's grace, which of Jacob's wives we prefer (my vote is for Leah) and all things Scottish. 

4.  For a person raised on the West Coast of Canada, which is Salmon capital, I hate salmon.  I know one shouldn't say they hate it., but really I do.  I can't stand it.  I've had people try to foist it on me from casseroles to sushi and really people I can tell.  I would just prefer eating a shriveled hot dog on the barbecue than eat any salmon (this is actually what I ate while my family dined on fresh barbecued salmon.)

5.  I love anything to do with vampires:  books, movies, tv shows., etc..  I don't know why.  I just always have. You can imagine which team I cheer for in the Twilight Saga.   Maybe it's because they are the unscary monsters.  When they turn and die, they become beautiful and graceful.  They don't come bearing ugliness or some strange metal knife.   It might also be that they are night owls of which I am one as well.
My Vote is for This Team

6. This past Wednesday was Wayne Gretzky's 50th Birthday.  We are big Edmonton Oilers fans around here so it was a bit of a big thing.  However, I have to admit that I am not a fan of Wayne's.  I grew up in the 80s when Edmonton was the big hockey team.  My family did not cheer  for the Oilers.  We thought Wayne was a big wimp that needed to be protected by the enforcers.  We liked watching a good fight.  My grandmother to this day does not like Wayne Gretzky.  I don't even think she wants to admit that he was a great hockey player (something I'll actually do).  So when I say I'm an Oiler fan it's actually only within the last 10 years that I will cheer them on, after that its the Pittsburgh Penguins. 
Happy 50th Wayne!

7.  There is one fear that no matter what, I can't get rid of - my fear of heights.  I hate them.  When we go into the mountains, I have to advert my eyes away from the side of the road so that I don't realize how high we are.  I do not get out of the car in those photo op sites to see the view, as a chain link fence is not enough to keep me safe.  I went to Disneyland 7 years ago with my hubby wanting to go on the roller coaster in California Disney.  I had a mantra - Disney does not want to kill me.  I took one look at the ride and told my husband to go in the line up for single riders.  I couldn't do it.  When we went with our family, my daughter (who was 4 at the time) had to hold my hand in Splash Mountain and tell me it was ok.  I am that afraid.  

Now the nice thing about this 7 Things is that I get to tagg 7 people to particpate. 

@Natalie - Mommy on Fire
@Erin - It's Grace
@Kendal - A Spacious Place (I also want to know how she puts this in prose)

Can't wait to hear about your randomness this week.


kendal said...

okay...this will be fun - but it's not the post i'm linking up today as i already had one written. cand the challenge to put it in poetry form? bring it on!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Game on, girl! I'll publish it next week! :) Thanks for including me!

I'm SO with you - I almost majored in Art History as well but didn't when I realized that jobs in Indianapolis were not plentiful and I didn't want to leave my boyfriend. SUCH a good reason, no?

I'm praying for your son and all of you. I"m sorry - my mama heart hurts for you because NO MATTER WHAT they are our babies and he is so fearfully and wonderfully made just how he is.

Have a peaceful weekend, Michelle. :)

Bobbi said...

Just gave you a bloggy award...please don't feel obligated but DO feel complimented!!

Jen said...

I'm so excited to now have my CR planned out for next week. I've seen Night Watch when I was in Holland. Amazing painting! And, I, too, hate salmon. I don't know if I prefer Rachel or Leah, but it was definitely Edward until Jacob got all those muscles. :)

It's Grace said...

This was such fun to read, Michelle!! I bet Andrea would go with you to see the museums. It seems like something she'd do.

I love Scottish stuff, too! Have you ever seen the BBC series "Monarch of the Glen"? I loved that show!!

I crunched my nose up at the thought of salmon casserole. Hee hee, and "I can tell, people" loved it!

Kela got me, too, and I was going to tag you, too.

Praying for your sweet baby, and your heart. The not knowing is so hard. I pray that God will give you special "hugs" just at the right time. He has a plan for all of us, and that includes each of our babes.

Blessings, friend,

Kela said...

VERY interesting! Now I absolutely know what NOT to feed you if you were ever to dine at my house. I don't think I can find ANY fresh seafood where I live anyway! Growing up on the Gulf Coast spoiled me. Now we're WAYYY inland!

You have different things going on in your family parenting wise, but girlfriend, the title "parent" comes with so many struggles and worries. I'm praying with you in this.

If I could sit down over coffee w/my spiritual hero, it would def. be Priscilla Shirer. She's the "girlfriend" type that will so lovingly give honest insight and discipleship.

@Erin. hehehe!!! I'll be reading yours soon.

Aurie said...

Great post - I love learning more about the people who I follow :) Thanks for sharing....and I am soooo with you on the salmon thing. ugh.

stephanie said...

Hey girl! Let me say that I know the issues with the Autism Spectrum ALLLLL to well! My son has Aspergers, which is what sparked me to get into the counseling field in the first place, because I felt so lost, and wanted other parents not to have to feel that way! PLEASE feel free to ask me questions any time, as I am a fellow traveler on the Autism Journey! Blessings! And it will all turn out okay, kids with ASD's are pretty amazingly awesome!!!!

Oh, and I know I have some past posts about autism, check out the one called "under tables" it is one of my favs!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. We can avoid the salmon together. Did I ever tell you about the time my dad and his friend made some disgusting salmon thing covered in oysters? It makes me ill just thinking about it!

And I for sure would go to the museums with you!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. You're doing a wonderful job, Mom!

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Team Edward rocks. There. I said it.

Joy said...

It is so great getting to know you a little better! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Joy said...

It is so great getting to know you a little better! Thanks for stopping by and visiting!

alihsee said...

Aaaah, the vampires! I must say... I do have a thing for that series!! :)

Have a lovely caffeinated weekend!

ibeeeg said...

Hi. I came over to your blog via your visit to mine on my 3 in 30 post. Anyway, I just wanted to say...hang in there with the unknowing in regards to your son. I know the feeling; it is hard feeling to tow. A diagnoses, of any sort, can prove to be helpful. Take courage that every day you do your best, and you will continue to do so while you hunt down answers, and search out what is best for you boy. It is hard, but it some ways...get better. I know...been going at this for 7 years now with my son who is on the spectrum (PDD-NOS). I pray that you find a bit of matter what.

kendal said...

okayyyyyy. my 7 are posted!

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