Monday, January 3, 2011

A Letter to 2011

2011, thank you for coming.  You couldn't have come at a better time  I've been patiently waiting for you.  Ok, to be honest I wasn't really patient.  I earnestly sought you.  2010 was a year of spiritual and emotional ups and downs.  I was tired of the roller coaster ride by September.  October left me dizzy.  By November hope of your arrival began to appear.  I became frustrated by the wait.  At times, I actually thought that you might never come.

But now you're here.  What do you have in store for me and my family.  Will you have clear stretches of peace like the sunny days of summer with light breezes floating over the prairie grasses?  

Or will you be loud and frightening like a storm suddenly coming in with the ominous clouds that hold the possibility of untold destruction?

No matter what you hold.  I will "persevere" through it. 
I will stand my ground (Eph 6:13).  

I will press on to take hold of that which Christ Jesus took hold of me (Phil 3:12). 

For I know that through perseverance, character is built and that through character, hope is attained.  Hope will never disappoint because God has poured out all HIS love into my heart through the Holy Spirit (Rms 5:4-5) (thank you my friend for that reminder).  

Therefore, 2011 whatever "curves" you throw my way, I will ever look at you with hope and promise.

I'm linking up today with Jen at Finding Heaven with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.  Come join in.

** can you guess which word I will be focusing on this year?"


It's Grace said...

Michelle, I truly hope that 2011 brings forth blessings far beyond what you could ever have imagined. Ephesians 3:20.


Amy Sullivan said...

I love the idea of a letter to 2011. What an original way to ready yourself for the new year.

No matter what you hold. I will "persevere" through it. I will stand my ground (Eph 6:13). What a powerful verse.

Andi said...

Great post. Loved the pics

kendal said...

blessings, michelle. i'm guessing perseverance is your word?

Jen said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love the scriptures -- you are armed, girl, for whatever comes your way. I'm praying for peace and the gentle prairie grasses, but if a storm comes, you know you have plenty of sisters that are armed with the Word, too.

Donnetta said...

Rom. 5:4-5 was part of my own quiet time this morning. Perhaps God is trying to convey something to my own heart?!!? hhhmmmm...

Here's to 2011 WITH GOD for both of us!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you wrote it down!:P Praying for a fantastic year for you, friend. *hug*

Courtney said...

I'm new to your blog, but love it. What a great way to look at the coming year. Thanks for the perspective!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is amazing. I so understand about being ready for this year after a 2010 of ups and downs. Love the letter....and you are already armed with His Word...I think this year will be one of perseverance for you!

Tiffini said...

Hope and promise He is Michelle...I'm sure He will weave for you a tapestry of contentment! Happy 2011!

Kim said...

Press on to take hold of that hope and promise...and grab some joy as you do.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Michelle, the Romans verse is one that was recently brought to my attention as I was standing in a conflict that difficult to be keep rooted. I love it.

The answer? Probably both peaceful pastures and rolling storm clouds, I'm guessing. I think it's the state of our heart that we must pray for the peace then regardless of what's happening around us, we will persevere.

Beautiful. So real. Love it!

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