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Thank you Yada Yada Sisterhood!

As many of you know I am involved in the Bible in 90 Days challenge at Moms Toolbox.  I have kept up on my daily reading.  In fact, I am a day ahead which is now a good thing as we are in the middle of Leviticus.  This is the part of the Bible I usually get stuck in.  Last week as I was reading my Bible, I thought I would share some things about my Bible that started with another sisterhood.

Around October, I decided reread the Yada Yada Sisterhood as I found out that there were new books to the series, as well as a spin off.  As I had not read the books in 2 years, I decided that I should reread the first 4.  I was amazed in the reread with Nony.  How much she knew her Bible and actually prayed through her Bible.  I was drawn to this.  I had never actually thought about doing it.  I have to actually admit that I didn't know you could or should.  Besides using the Psalms as a guide to praise God at the beginning of my prayers, I actually rarely opened my Bible while praying.   I immediately highlighted verses that I felt God was leading me to pray through and purchased coloured tabs to mark the pages for quick reference.

My highlighted verse - Col 3:12
I also started writing in my Bible.  I previously used a NIV Study Bible where I wrote study and sermon notes in the margins.  When I purchased my new Bible - true identity The Bible for Women, I didn't want to do that.  I wanted to try to  keep it clean.  Funny, when if you actually read the Bible, it's a "messy" book.   I have now started to mark up the new Bible. What I've been marking is the truths God's been showing me or translation differences which have lead to clarification of some verses.  

Eph 6:12 - struggle to personal hand to hand battle.  Great insight from Beth Moore!
I also purchased Bible tabs.  I don't know the order of many of the books of the Bible, so the tabs help me to navigate through them.  They are especially useful during Bible studies.  I also have many book marks marking where I'm reading either for reading programs or Bible studies.

I love my tabs!
You may also be asking where I keep my Bible.  I do have a Bible cover.  I previously had a cover that folded out and held a notebook.  However, it was a little bulky on Sundays.  I purchased my new cover when I moved to the prairies.  I wanted one that I could carry like a purse during studies, as you can never have enough purses.  I love the one I found.  It not only holds my Bible nicely, but also has a pocket on either side for my pens, highlighters, keys, wallet, lipstick, etc....   

A little beaten, but well loved.
How do you use your Bible?

I'm linking up today with Jen at Finding Heaven for Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. 


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic study helps - I am so glad you shared them! I highlight, scribble, circle, underline, draw arrows, etc. to my heart's content, but the sticky tabs for key verses? Genius!

kendal said...

i write in it. i book mark it. i have to admit that sometimes i smell it. it smells like peace.

Emii said...

Wow, I love your header, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when you said you didn't want to write in your new Bible because I always feel that way when I get a new Bible! I try to keep it clean and lovely... you are so right it is messy...thanks for the perspective!! I got a new devotional last week and I love it's pristine pages but I am so going to write in that thing tomorrow instead of using my notebook. I need to take the plunge!

I have a well worn Bible that has been highlighted, written in, circles and exclamation points...and notes shoved everywhere. I have several other Bibles but this one is my favorite. It's like an old friend. :o)

Linda said...

They say that a Bible that is all wore out belongs to someone that ISN'T.....makes sense! Love you.

Andi said...

I write all over my Bible, and I delight when I am reading a passage that I had previously jotted thoughts down on. I see people with ipads in church with their Bibles. I don't understand that, as I love the feel of my Bible pages and to see all of my notes and highlights and even the little bookmarks my kids made me. I even love the coffee stain from a Beth Moore study as it reminds me of a time I was really deep in the word. I also have a cute cover with a purse like strap. I still have to carry a purse as it doesn't have enough room for the rest of my life in it!

It's Grace said...

I really liked the one Yada Yada book I read, I'll have to go back and read more.

I write in my Bible, highlight, have book marks, cards from friends, church bulletins and tabs. After keeping it so neat and tidy I started to "get it". This is my resource guide-my book of Life. I needed to be comfortable and make it mine.

Have a great day, girl!

Donnetta said...

First let me say a big WHOO HOO for being a day ahead in your reading! Keep going girl!!

Interesting as I am reading through a book about the power of God in our lives, and this morning in my reading she also talked about marking up/personalizing our Bibles, of which I already do and have done for quite some time.

I don't have a cover for mine. Maybe I need to consider getting one as it is starting to look a bit worn and I would like to keep it intact as long as possible. I like that you can keep highlighters and pens right with yours!

Jen said...

I really appreciated you calling the Bible a messy book -- I think it speaks to me because I feel that I am a bit in the middle of a mess right now. It makes me feel a bit more welcomed into it.

Jenny Forgey said...

I used to write all over my Bible. I don't do it as much anymore because I do most of my note-taking in my journal. It's fun to look back, though, because I can see where I've been and what He's brought me through when I look through the old notes. The Bible I currently use I bought on a mission trip when I was twenty years old, more than 13 years ago. It has worn edges and ripped pages. I love it. One last comment: a friend on that same mission trip told me she sometimes naps with her head on her Word. She said she thinks it helps her to let His Word sink into her very being. It was her way of soaking it up. Kendall's "smelling" comment reminded me of that. It's a picture I've carried with me since she told me - may I drink His Word in enough to literally rest in it.

Amy Sullivan said...

I love the idea of tabs. I am a mad underliner, but then I have so many underlines that they don't really stand out.

I read your comment over at Jen's, and I've been thinking about you since.

Tiffini said...

Yeah!! I'm a Bible writer also! So happy that you are enjoying all of this. This post was so fall more and more in love with Him...through His word.

Mama Abby said...

This is great...the 90 day! that would be wonderful to do! go Michelle!

You are going to reap so much that is beyond what you can imagine...

And I love how you are creating a 'messy' Bible;) what a great image!

I always have a ton of things stuck in my Bibles and am given so many different ones b/c of being in ESV has been my's not as marked as I want it to be, but we're working on it;)

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Well, now, didn't you just give me some good food for thought here today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bible bag and think it would be perfecto for me! I have a Life Application study Bible and that thing is a honker - it's huge. I think this would help and room for pens and highlighters? Ah...

I need new tabs but I'm with you - I love them.

OH - and the sticky tabs for key verses? BRILLIANT. Must start that one - I'll add sticky tabs to my highlighters and pencils in my new bag...HA!

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