Friday, January 7, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Why We Do It!


Did you hear the news our Andrea at Under Grace Over Coffee is back!  I'm super excited for all of us.  I know that she is actually one of my real life friends - in fact she is one of my Babes, but she is also one of my bloggy friends.  She gives me good advice and teaches me some the "techie" things that still evade me. 

Now I know you're probably wondering if Caffeinated Randomness will be moving back?  The answer is NO. Andrea is still allowing me to host Caffeinated Randomness as she is still working full time at teaching preschool, so she is still unsure of her time.  I have to admit that this makes me happy, as I've loved  hosting you ladies every week.

However, saying all that, I am posting Andrea's original post about Caffeinated Randomness.  I've had a couple of e-mails about people not joining in because if I have had a theme they hadn't written about the theme.  This made me sad as that's not the point of Caffeinated Randomness.  If there is a theme, I hope that you all feel able to post whatever you feel like on Fridays.  Friday's are free.  They're casual.  They're fanciful.  They're random. 

The whole point of Caffeinated Randomness is to have fun! Fridays tend to be a day where I relax and let loose a little bit. I'm looking forward to the weekend and a break in routine. And, for the most part, my day tends to be a bit lighter on the work than the rest of the week, because I am so over it!

And that carries over into my blogging, too. By Friday I just want to have a bit of fun. Besides, by the end of the week my creativity is a little tapped out - and I suspect that is true for most of us!

So the only rule is there are no rules! Post about whatever you want to post about (although, in the interest of my little G-rated world, please keep it clean if you're choosing to play along. Thank you! Oh, was that a rule? Well, it had to be said!). If you want to post about, oh I don't know, your hair *cough* do so! Want to post a fun little blog thing quiz you took? Go for it! Just want to throw some pics up? We'd love to see them! Feeling in a bullet-point mood - why not! And if you feel led to be serious, then by all means, do that too.

If you choose to play along, please link up below via Mr. Linky and leave a link on your post back to me. Feel free to grab the code above, too, if you'd like!
Saying all that, I have to admit that I've finally entered the complete social networking circle.  Not only can you find me on Facebook (see my side button), Blog Frog, but also now on Twitter.  You can find me at LostinPrairies at Twitter.  

Twitter has been something I've been avoiding as I just didn't get the point as I was already on Facebook.  I'm a bit overwhelmed in Twitter as I don't know all the lingo and I keep wanting to hit the "like" button for people's tweets.  Guess at heart I'm a Facebook girl.  You may wonder why if I enjoy Facebook have I entered the "dark" side.  #Bin90.   It is easier to connect with everyone doing Bin90 through Moms Toolbox.  In fact from what I understand there are more than 900 of us.  Isn't that amazing and exciting.  Just to update you, I have in fact kept up with my reading, but I'll post more about that Monday.

I can't wait to hear what you lovely ladies have been doing this week. 


Jen said...

Just so you don't feel alone, I don't really get Twitter either. I'm a FB girl, too!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Thanks for the update, Michelle! I started Twittering recently but am not a huge user. I didn't get it for a long time then I went to Relevant and realized that much of the bonus is relational. A lot of women already knew each other from Twitter!

Oh well - we can't do it all, you know!

Anonymous said...

I only Twitter to keep you company. :P

becky@cup.of.joe said...

How I have missed caffeinated randomness! I didn't realize you did this Michelle! Thanks Andrea for linking me here. Love your blog!! xoxox

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