Friday, June 24, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - as he speaks


I'm very excited to to have my first guest post here at Lost in the Prairies.  Kendall was gracious enough to accept when asked to do a guest post.  She is a regular here in the prairies, always has such sweet authentic words to share with us each week.  I hope you visit Kendall at her blog a spacious place.  Thank you dear friend for sharing with us this week.

as he speaks

studying ezekiel
it is exciting reading
he entered prophet training
at age thirty
and i found myself
wondering what the
agenda might have looked like:
location: kebar river
session one: god will come rolling into view
on his sapphire throne
attended by seraphs riding psychedelic unicycles
(you may read this for yourself in ezekiel 1)
session two: you will stand. up.
that was his initiation into
twenty-two years of prophethood -
an incredible vision
an order to stand
he said to me
son of man, stand upon your feet
and i will speak to you
he was before the throne of god.
as he spoke,
the spirit came into me
and raised me to my feet….
as. he. spoke.
when we get to the session twos
in our lives
the directives from god
that might not make sense
and there is no way on earth
we can handle them
the spirit will raise us
to our feet
as god speaks
Come and share your randomness with us this week.


Laura said...

I feel the rhythm in this random! And so glad that the Spirit does this work. Very well said, Kendall. Thanks for introducing us, Michelle!

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