Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hot Topics

Have you watched the View lately? Are you as tired as I am with hearing Rosie, on a daily basis, complaining about Bush and the War in Iraq? I know I am. WE GET THE POINT ROSIE YOU DON'T LIKE BUSH AND HATE THE WAR!. Every time I watch the View there is a 15 minute tirade on this one subject alone. I'm surprised they have time to interview anybody on that show. A Hot Topic to me is - millions dieing in Africa of AIDS or what about the situation with poor in North America or something new in the daily news. I agree I'm not a big Fan of Bush. I disagreed with going into Iraq. But do I need to hear about it on a daily basis.

I know most of you will say then don't watch the View. Yes, I have stopped. I've been watching more CNN/CTV News World. No, I don't watch the CBC news (can't stand one sided point of view).

Let me know what you're hot topics are. I'm interested.


Just a Prairie Boy said...

Hot Topics
A Canadian Government unsure what it should be: liberal or conservative;
A Canadian Government that won't step up to its responsibility to its Aboriginal people;
An Alberta Government unsure on how to deal with the province's growth.

On the CBC I will take it over CNN any day. If you stand one one leg and squint while watching Mansbridge you create a funky filter that makes the world sound safe and sane.

Violet said...

Good post.

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