Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Few of My Favourite Things: The Heat!!!!

Filled With Praise

We have been hit by a heatwave. Today it felt like the mid 30s (celcius) due to the humidity. Who knew that in the middle of the prairies there would be any moisture around here? I have been trying to go out during the day to anyone and anywhere where there is AC. I actually enjoyed my dental appointment today because it was air conditioned.

However, if this was February I probably would be whining about the cold. This winter we were as low as -45 C with the windchill. But I have to admit, I would rather the cold than the heat. At least in the winter you can snuggle in a blanket, grab a cup of coffee and a good book and feel warm. So today I'm going to praise what I like about the cold:
  1. I can wear my mittens my grandmother knit me. They are blue and don't go with anything I own, but they were knit with love and keep my hands warm;
  2. I have an excuse not to go outside. Nobody else is out. I am a home body and don't really like the sun (it hurts my eyes);
  3. Hot chocolate! Need I say more. By the way if you add a bit of flavoured coffee creamer it is sooooooo yummy!
  4. Christmas. Only comes when it is cold.
  5. I get to wear my nice sweaters and long sleeve shirts (which is pretty much the majority of my wardrobe right now);
  6. Finally, sleeping in on the weekend is so much nicer because you don't feel guilty about wasting the nice day outside.


ellie said...

lol! All good cozy favorites, Michelle.....I got a kick out of your post! (and I needed an extra smile today!)

3 Blessings said...

oh...creamer in hot chocolate...I never thought of that. I am all about fall and winter because I get to break out the sweaters and the hot chocolate!

Thanks for joining in and thanks for your prayers for Cade.

Anonymous said...

We've just been conditioned to like the cold. Either that, or it froze a few too many of our brain cells for us to know any better! ;)

Yay for sweater weather!!

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