Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Books, Blogs & Brownies - Healing Stones

Sorry I haven't really written anything this week. I have been busy - baking, cooking, going to studies, etc........ Plus I have to fight now for time on the computer. My three year old is once again playing on the computer and when I try to remove him, I get pushed off.

I was planning on making my Brownie Bottom Cheesecake for this months Books, Blogs and Brownies, but I ended up making 3 different Amish Friendship Loaves and fresh bread. Hopefully, next month I'll be able to make my famous Cheesecake and then post it to my cooking blog Cooking with the Evil Twins.

I really enjoyed this book. I can't wait to read the next one and hope that they continue with the series. I enjoyed both perspectives, but have to agree with Andrea that I was intrigued with Sully's, however, I probably relate more with Demitria's as a woman regarding her relationship with her husband and her children. With Sully, once you find out his inner demons it reminds you that even though we suffer through things that the people around us also suffer.

I really could have cared less about who took the pictures. I mean it did close that part of the story line, but if I never found out I would have assumed through a PI. Demitria's and Rich's dilemma was typical of this situation. When one spouse cheats how the trust and respect is returned. So I guess you can tell by now that Sully's inner demons was the story line I wanted to stay with. I was intrigued as to why he left, what he was hiding, what he was suffering from and why he didn't open up about it.

Is it simply enough to be forgiven? No. We have to let go of the wrong we attributed to. We have to acknowledge our contribution in the wrong and accept it. But once forgiven if we continue to "stone" ourselves we carry the burden and continue to be beaten down by it. Once we accept the forgiveness and truly let it go, we can finally be free of the hurt and pain.

In high school I was a "geek." I was brutally tormented by my peers. For years, I could only think about my revenge - better job, better life, etc..... When I became a Christian my thought process changed. I started to think about meeting these people and seeing what happened to them. What had they done? How had they changed? There are still times I get angry and frustrated when I remember those days and people. But I have to remember that they are not who define me, I am not who defines me. Jesus defines me!


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There is a third book coming out in December - Healing Sands. I've already pre-ordered it! Of course, I have to get through my mountain of books before it gets here...

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