Monday, November 2, 2009

Good things come to those who wait!

This weekend I was speaking to my mother who was waiting for a phone call. My step-dad had left for Afghanistan on Friday at 6 pm and my mom thought that less than 16 hours later he would call her. I think the flight itself was 14 hours. I told her I wasn't surprised she hadn't heard from him and that he would call her when he could. He is in the military and can't just do anything without permission.

I know where I get it from. I'm a very impatient person. I hate not knowing things, hate uncertainty, like to know things in definite terms. To quote the rock band, Queen - " I want it all and I want it NOW!"

The last few months we have been waiting for Thomas to get into speech and hearing assessment. We finally saw the speech therapist two weeks ago who advised that she thought his issues were hearing. As we had not heard from the audiologist, we called them only to find out that he wouldn't get in until at least 4 months from date of referral (the end of December or beginning of January). We couldn't wait that long, so we went to a private clinic last Thursday. We were hoping for definitive answers, but alas we are still waiting. The audiologist told us that this would be a process. The only good answer we received is that there was no blockage and that the pressure in his ears were fine. Now comes a series of test to see if he can't hear certain pitches. UGGGGGGGGGH For a person who hates waiting this is not good.

Through all of this I felt God calling me to do a study about waiting. We wait for a lot of things that are trivial - dinner, books we ordered. But are we truly waiting?

In Luke 2 (v 25 - 38), we read about Simeon and Anna. Two seniors (in fact, we are told that Anna "was very old; she had lived with her husband seven years after her marriage, and then was a widow until she was eighty-four (v 36b-37 NIV)), who lived in expectancy of God's promise. We read that Simeon lived "in prayerful expectancy" (Msg) and Anna never left the temple, but worship day and night. These two individuals were waiting patiently for God's promised Messiah. Simeon had been told that he would live until he say the Messiah and trusted in this promise. I don't think I would have been so patient. I would have been like the little kid in the car - Is he here yet? But Simeon embraced the promised, he prayed daily for the promise and waited........
What are you waiting for?What is your attitude while you are waiting?
Are you like Simeon and Anna or more like me and my mother?
Are you living in "prayerful expectancy" for all of God's promises to you?

Just before our verses, we read that Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple on his 8th day to be.....while you know. At the same time, the Holy Spirit led Simeon to the temple. Simeon immediately saw the child and recognized his Messiah. He immediately took the child in his arms and praised and worshiped him. The Bible says Mary and Joseph were "shocked" at this. Simeon then went and blessed them advising them of Jesus' future relationship with Isreal. I personally continue to be amazed when people bless my children. As a parent there is no greater gift. However, knowing you that you were the parents of the Messiah, what a great responsibility.

What blessings of God surprise you?
While Simeon was blessing them, Anna, a prophetess who never left the temple, but worshiped and prayed continually, came up to them. Giving thanks to God for his promised Messiah. As I previously wrote, Anna was 84. She lived in the temple, which was not like staying at the Hilton. While she was there she prayed and worshiped daily, we are also told she fasted. She gave up comfort, never complaining, even in her old age, but lived in worship. I have a lot to learn from Anna. She waited patiently and while she waited she worshiped. As a result of her faithfulness, she saw the Messiah. The promised Savior of Isreal. God had come through with His promises as Anna was a "good and faithful servant."

Do you pray, worship and fast regularly?
Do you worship and praise God for what He has given you?

I'm still waiting. But now I'm praising. Praising God for the gift of my son. For all the joy he brings to our family. I know that God has a plan for Thomas and that if I let go, His promises for Thomas will come. We, all, need to remember that all of God's gifts and promises will come in His time. While we are waiting we need to worship and praise God for what he has given us, not we are waiting for.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that He may life you up in DUE TIME! (1Peter 5:6-7)


Anonymous said...

This was awesome Michelle! I loved this line: "She waited patiently and while she waited she worshiped."

I need to work on that myself.

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