Friday, August 20, 2010

Caffienated Randomness: Weekly Questions.....

A few weeks ago, our Caffeinated Chieftain copied an idea from the lovely Lauren. I was still away. In fact, I was a a glorious hotel in between two National Parks in British Columbia taking pictures of the view.

I was excited about reading her answers, however, I was a little jealous because I sooooo wanted to blog that day and had no access or time to blog. So, I decided that this week I would answer the questions.

I love my husband and children.

People would say that I'm loud and obnoxious or do I just say that?

I don't understand God's plan in my life right now, but I know He has my back!

When I wake up in the morning I have to have my morning coffee to get through the rest of the day.

Life is full of beauty. I'm amazed by it everyday.

My past is full of things I'd rather forget.

I get annoyed when I sit on the fence about a decision that has to be made. I dislike when anybody does that.

Parties are noisy, busy, and a lot of work but worth it.

I wish I had more time. It seems to run away from me.

Tomorrow I am planning on serving pancakes to my family as I do every Saturday morning.

I have low tolerance for family members who think they need to announce who they are when they phone you and you have call waiting.

I'm totally terrified of heights.

I wonder why it seems like I take one step forward and two steps back in my life.

Never in my life have I been overseas. Something I hope to do in the next few years with my husband.

High School was difficult both educationally and socially. Don't ask me how I did in math.

When I'm nervous I get louder, if you can imagine that.

One time at a family gathering I pulled my sister's pants down to below her belly button to show the family her new tattoo. It was "Pookie" from Garfield.

Take my advice: Laugh at something everyday. It will lighten your mood.

Making my bed is something I try to do everyday.

I'm almost always smiling and laughing.

I'm addicted to carbohydrates. I have to have my grains. (Ok, anything baked.)

I want someone to come and do my laundry daily.

Now go and share your randomness with the Chieftain.


Linda said...

I just had to copy you today...but I put in my own answers! What a fun thing! Be blessed!!

Jen said...

I did this list, too, last week...I think. Anyway, it's fun to read other peoples and is good for the self -- I surprised myself with how I answered one or two of them.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had someone to do my laundry every day, too. I wonder if they make a roomba for that...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place you were in! Gorgeous!

Life is full of beauty. So very true. I love spotting it every day.

I am not a fan of heights either! I climbed to the top of a lighthouse with my Mum one time and when we got up there....was the realization it was my own personal h word.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Kela said... long as the laundry was folded and put away too..and all socks matched!

I agree with a little laughter everyday!

Amy Sullivan said...

My first time here-

Fun reading this and getting to know you a little bit! Amazing pic.

Natalie said...

Oh, my...First of all, may I just say that the photo of where you were is amazing? I want to sit and drink coffee and read my Bible and just be with God RIGHT THERE. :)

I enjoyed reading your list! I'm with you on the laundry...It's like running on the treadmill - you feel like you are going nowhere because as soon as you finish, it's time to start it all over again!!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend, Michelle!

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