Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Vacation

Last month, I let you know about the first half of my vacation. As I previous wrote, we had an amazing time in the Rockies. We found new trails and new vistas that we hadn't seen before. The kids also got to touch part of a glacier in the middle of July. They thought that was neat.

The said glacier.

One of the new lakes we saw, during one of our hardest hikes.
Gods Creation in all it's Glory

After the mountains, we drove to coast in 1 day, only to get stuck in traffic at the ferry terminal. We ended up waiting 2 sailings before finally getting on the ferry with some very cranky, hungry children. We finally arrived at my aunt's house where we were staying at 9:30 pm. Which in our time was really 10:30 pm.The next day was my grandmother's 75th party. It went off without a hitch. She was worried and stressed about the party as many of my family members are usually not talking to each other at any given time. However, they were all on their best behaviour.

There were many people she had not expected to see - her ex-sister in law, one of her nieces, and some close family friends that I haven't seen in years. When I saw some of these people, myself, I felt like I was on that old show "This is Your Life." It was a blast. Some of these people, who hadn't seen me in a long time couldn't get over that I had three little ones of my own. They kept saying they felt old. Now that I have a 7 year old, I concur with them.

My grandmother with all 7 of her children. They haven't taken a picture like this in 10 years.

8/9 Grandchildren with their Nana. One of my cousins left early to go to a friends. But we won't discuss that.

Leroy and I purchased a bottle of wine for Nana as her birthday gift. Growing up Leroy loved the Edmonton Oilers. His favourite players were Wayne Gretzy, Mark Messier, Glen Anderson. However, in my house these names were the names of the enemy. My grandmother and Leroy now have a little rivalry going on. So when Leroy and I saw that Wayne Gretzky had his own wine, we both immediately thought of Nana's gift. She thought it was hilarious, however, she still hasn't opened the bottle yet. I think she's waiting to beat Leroy with it.

Nana opening her present.

The only downfall at Nana's birthday party was that my middleman got sick. I don't know if it was from nerves of being overwhelmed, stress of driving or heat stroke, but I ended up in an out fit that was not fit for pictures as I had to borrow clothes from people 3 sizes smaller than myself. Thankfully my sister was staying there and lent me a shirt that was a little better.

We had an amazing time on the Island. It was beautiful everyday we were there. One day we took the kids to a beach and I texted some of my friends while standing in the water. Nicole and Thomas loved the beach. Sam wasn't so sure about the sand. I'm certain next time we go, that he'll be able to run into the waves and love it.

The day we left the Island, we were under a tight time schedule. I also slept in by 5 minutes. We missed the Ferry we planned to take by 3 cars. Of course, I've been told that is because of those 5 minutes. So we again ended up in a ferry terminal waiting. Luckily for us just until the next ferry. We drove through the interior of British Columbia and stopped at the D Dutchman Dairy for some unexplained reason (ok, their chocolate milk is heavenly!). We walked through the barns and discovered that Sam is very frightened of cows. He screamed when one moved their heads to allow Thomas to pet it. We also saw a camel, llama and some chickens.

As I mentioned yesterday, we stopped at a hotel in the middle of two National Parks. It was a beautiful place and I can't wait to go back and maybe stay a bit longer. While we were there, I took one of my favourite pictures of the whole trip. It is of Sam with the background of the mountains. It reminded me of how we look to God. Small and insignificant compared to His greatness.

I hope you all had great vacations and took great pictures. I can't wait to hear from you all.


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome pictures, Michelle. I especially love the last one - you should definitely frame it!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I loved seeing those photos and reading about your family. That last one of Sam reminded me of The Sound of Music!
Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes.

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