Friday, August 17, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Vacation, School & Summer


It's that time of year.  Yes, vacation time for the Slomp family.  We are going on vacation and therefore I will be away from the blog for a few weeks.  I'll lurk about.  Pop in from time to time.  You won't even notice the difference.  I'm not even going to leave you in a lurch if you are wondering what will happen to your favourite Friday meme (OK, maybe my favourite Friday meme).  I am going to post some of my favourite blogs from when I first started blogging.  They may not necessarily be my best posts, but they will be posts that have moved me.  

Now you may be thinking to yourself "Didn't she already go on a vacation?"  Yes I did with my husband in Phoenix and it was lovely.   This is the annual family vacation.  I'm not telling you what we are doing - yet.  We always take the children for two weeks somewhere.  We've taken them to Jasper, Vancouver Island, and Silverwood.  This year it's exciting and it's only in one more sleep.  

You may also be thinking - why aren't her kids in school yet?  Or oh she's waiting to start her homeschool year until September.  It's neither of those things.  We don't homeschool.  The idea stresses me out and school starts here the day after Labour Day.  I know many of you have already started school and for the past 4 years, school has started for us the last week of August.  For some reason, yet unexplained, the school year is starting in September.  When I grew up that was what happened.  You spent Labour Day weekend watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon and then got ready for the first day of school.  I don't know why people would want to start school in August and then end school the last week of June.  I know many of you are done in May, but here the last day is June 28.  Then we get two months off.  I always thought it unfair of the school board to short change us and make our kids start in August.  It just felt wrong.  Now I know we get two weeks off at Christmas and one week in February for "Teacher's Convention" and one week off during Easter.  However, add in all the PD days and I think you owe us some time off when we want it - in the summer! 

For those who know me, I bet you are a bit perplexed right now.  Michelle isn't an outdoor sunshine bathing beauty kind of girl and no I am not.  However, this summer we've done lots.  The two big kids went to camp together.  Nic got to go to horseback riding camp for a week.  They both attended the local library's reading program.  They just spent a week at VBS and had a fun time.   We've had friends come and visit from Saskatchewan.  We went and visited my in laws.  We went and saw some of our Province's attactions - Frank Slide and Dinosaur Provincial Park.  We had some lazy days, some rainy days, and some unbelievable hot days.  It's all been fun, exciting and busy and yes, we are still going on two weeks vacation.  

I hope your summer has treated you well and that you have had as busy summer as I have or that you have had a lazy relaxing summer.  Come and share you summer randomness with us this week.


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