Friday, November 4, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - Award Time


This last month I have been previliged to receive two bloggy awards.  I am super excited and honoured.  If you follow often you know that it has been a rough time hear on the prairies and these are nice brighteners to my day.  

I received the :

 from Juanita at Just Breathe, a lovely twitter, bloggy and new real life friend; and

I received the:

from Sherri at Love, Laughter, Friendship and Faith, a lovely blogger and reader of Caffeinated Randomness.

Of course with bloggy awards there are rules and luckily it's the same for both awards.

1. I must disclose seven things about myself.
2. I must pass this award on to 15 other bloggers.

I have decided to doubly award each of my 15 so they can have twice the fun and blessings as I did this last month.

But first, my seven things:

1.  I'm addicted to Dr. Diet Pepper.  I think it's even worse than my Diet Coke addiction during my twenties.  I can go through a case of Dr. Diet Pepper in three days.  I don't even realize how much I'm drinking until I go to reach in the box and realize I have no more.  It makes me sad.  I've even had friends comment on how much I drink.  I have finally had to limit myself with how much I drink and only treat myself occasionally.  Of course when it's on sale then that's a different matter.  

2.  I hate Christmas countdowns before Advent.  It stresses me out - even in March.  I don't care how many days there are.  I don't care when your shopping is done.  I just don't want to hear it.  I get overwhelmed and feel I haven't prepared enough.  I try to get all my decorations up within the first week of December or the first week of Advent.  Then the tree goes up at least one week, if not two, before Christmas.  Shopping is usually done by that day as well.  Why rush Christmas?  Don't you get bored of it before Christmas even shows up?

3.  The thing I love and hate the most about winter is snow.  I love the first few snowfalls.  It makes everything look so clean and peaceful.  It`s how I imagine heaven looks like, except much warmer.  However, when it turns brown and hangs out for 5 months, then it`s time for the snow to go and quickly.

4.  At 17 I was getting off BC Transit and got hit by a BC Tel van.  I don`t know if the BC Crown Corporations had it out for me that day or what.  (Disclaimer:  I did walk in front of the bus 10 ft from a cross walk).

5.  I only started drinking coffee when I worked for lawyers.  Mostly as an excuse to get away from my desk.  I would drink it with a lot of sugar and cream.  I didn`t really get into coffee until after Middleman was born.  I am now a 3 - 4 cup a day drinker and get crabby if I don`t get one first thing in the morning.  

6.  I really got tired of hearing everyone gushing about Relevant on Twitter, that I haven`t been on it for three weeks.  It felt like high school and only the cool girls were going.  It`s not jealousy either.  When all you hear about is one thing and what people will be wearing and who they`ll be rooming with and etc....., it gets tiring and I know I am not the only one who thinks this way.  I had several friends twitter about irrelevant.  I`m sad that I missed it. I hope I don`t offend those who did attend.  I know they had fun and enjoyed themselves, but it got to be like the Christmas countdown situation.  (I haven`t really missed Twitter too much either.)

7.  I like to think of myself as a crafty person.  I enjoy crafting and love the satisfaction of a job well done and finished.  Did you notice that last word  I have many crafts half finished and waiting to be done.  It could be why my craft area looks like it imploded on itself.  There`s no incentive to do my crafts until I get that area tidied up.  I wanted it done by the time that hockey started.  It`s begun and my area looks worse than it did when I first set it up.  Of course, I have had help by Tormentinator who keeps going there and pulling things out and dumping things all over the floor.

I hope you ladies learned a little more about me than you already did.  The ladies that I will be doubly blessing this award season are:

1.  Jedidja at Kostbaar! (trans: Precious)
2.  Katherine at ....Just a Thought
3.  Andi at Andi`s Ramblings
4.  Linda at Joy in the Journey
5.  Kim at Too Darn Happy
6.  Cary at Serenity Farms
7.  Shawntele at Rambling with Grace
8.  Bobbi at Blogging Along
9.  Kendal at a spacious place
10. Jen at Finding Heaven
11.  Brandy at Everlasting Joy
13.  Courtney at A Work in Progress

and because it`s my blog and my awards to give, I return them to :
14. Juanita at Just Breathe

Now these lovely ladies are asked to join in and (a) list 7 things about themselves and (b) share it with 15 other bloggers.

I hope you all have a blessed week. Join in the randomness by linking up with us.


A Renaissance Woman said...

Hello Michelle. My name is Cassandra and I've been quietly visiting for about a month now.

I also blog in a caffeinated state so I wanted to link up and say hello.

Have a great week.

Andi said...

Hi Michelle!

I am an early shopper. My goal is to have all of it done by Thanksgiving. But that is mostly because after Thanksgiving I'm stressing over all of the homemade gifts I've assigned myself to make...

And I'm a noncrafter. So why I feel compelled to torture myself year after year is a mystery...

Except that I'm tight. So I guess it's no big mystery after all.

Jedidja said...

O, Michelle ... thank you.

Andi said...

I finally accepted my award and did a post! Of course, I broke the rules, so you may wish to revoke my award...

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