Thursday, November 24, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - The Ghost of Anniversary Past


 As I am writing this it is Thanksgiving Day for many of my American friends.  It is also almost the start of Advent.  My husband and daughter are watching "Scrooge" with Alistair Sims (only the best version of it).  Tomorrow is my husband's and my 11th Anniversary.  This past week we have been remembering past anniversaries.  There has been much laughing, as well as much grumbling.  You see, our anniversaries are cursed.  We have never really had any anniversary plan come to complete fruition.  In honour of our anniversary and in honour of the start of Advent I will do my version of the 12 Days of Christmas in the "11 Anniversaries." 

On our 1st Anniversary my true love and I drove home from his nephews wedding through a snow storm with his parents, got lost in Montana and stayed at some cheap scary hotel with pink bathroom fixtures.

On our 2nd Anniversary my true love was sick.

On our 3rd Anniversary my true love and I got stuck in a snow storm with our little girl on our way to Jasper and stayed at a hotel in Nordegg.

On our 7th Anniversary my true love and I decided to forgo any celebrations as we were just about to travel to Disneyland with the kids.

On our 10th Anniversary my true love and I had planned to go away for the week, unfortunately we could find no one to watch our children so we ended up going out for dinner.  He, however, arranged for a driver to drive us so it was redeemed.

On our 11th Anniversary my true love and I plan to go to dinner at one of our favourite restaurant that we haven't been to in 5 years.  I am very excited.  Our Sister in Law has volunteered to babysit.  On Monday, we also plan to go to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert (Yes, Virginia he is still alive.)  Praying that we are able to make it.
Ok, so I missed some of the years, but those were probably something happened and we decided just to let our anniversary pass by silently.  Our anniversaries have been a roller coaster.  Some fun, some interesting and some just plain depressing.  It's like life.  But the joy and blessing is that we are together on this ride; that we are committed to our relationship and our family.  Happy Anniversary Honey!

 Now some bloggy business.  Next week I will be starting up the Caffeinated Christmas.  Every week I will have a theme and if you would like you are invited to join in.  I had fun doing this last year and hope you will enjoy it.  The themes this year will be. 
December 2 - All I want for Christmas is...
December 9 - Seasons Greetings (Christmas Cards)
December 16 -Visions of Sugar Plums and other Christmas Baking
December 23 - The Night Before Christmas and other stories
I hope you will join in with the Caffeinated Christmas.  However, please feel free to post whatever Christmas Randomness you want to share next week.  

Come link up and join in the random fun.


kendal said...

so, would you recommend that young couples get married in the summer? hope your day is awesome!

Andrea said...

Well no one can say your anniversaries haven't been memorable! I, on the other hand, cannot differentiate one anniversary from the next. Not that I am complaining. Kevin and I are just kinda boring. :P

The Whatever Girlz said...

How fun!

I have to agree, Alistair Sims is THE best Scrooge. No competition. Ever. :)

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