Monday, November 21, 2011

Messy Monday - Blessing

Messy Mondays where I share what God has been showing me through the messiness of life.  It is my personal belief that this walk isn't clean and crisp and straight or narrow.  It's wide and twisted and mucky and messy.  It's about the ups and the downs, but through it all God is there with us.  

Webster's defines blessing as:
  1. (a) The act or words of one that blesses (b) approval, encouragement
  2. A thing conducive to happiness or welfare
  3. Grace said at a meal

The blessing I'm talking about today is not the third one.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my children take great pleasure racing through their blessing to see who can say it the quickest.  I should video it and share it with you....but I digress.

We live in a world of gratification and happiness.  We want to be happy and filled with joy.  We look at other people and long for what they have as it appears they've been blessed.  A woman struggling with infertility questions why she can't have children when a 15 year old has an unplanned pregnancy.  "Why not me?" she cries.  A faithful person who tithes and volunteers regularly and always gives over and above when asked, cries "Why me?" when he suddenly finds himself plunged into financial crisis when he loses his job because of the economy. 

I have these same feelings.  What have I done to deserve this?  I struggle with the Why me?  Why us?  Why can't we have 3 "normal" children?  Why do our boys have autism?  Why can't my boys be like other children?  Why is my norm now spent filling out forms, getting funding and attending numerous appointments.  Why?

Laura Story went through these same questions.  Just as her career was on the rise, her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  She wrote a beautiful song about what a blessing could look like, not just what we think they look like.

It's too easy to ignore the true blessings around us.  I live in a country where I have the right to worship God.  I live in a nice house.  I have good medical.  I have access to services I didn't have earlier this year.  As of today I choose to look at my struggles and trials as blessings.  They are forcing me to look at, surrender to; and trust God.  We all long for the big things.  Sometimes we just need to look at the small things and know how blessed we are.


kendal said...

we began a study of james in small group yesterday. "consider it pure joy, my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds." to CHOOSE joy in the midst? i struggle with that. this post is awesome. and, i'm praying for you today....

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

It is so easy to get lost in those "Why me!!" questions {trust me, I have SO been there!!} but I've found that it's a sink hole...and you get deeper and deeper into the muck.

Praying for you!

Katharine said...

I agree with Kendal, I've been struggling with that part of James as well. I think joy can be chosen because God is Joy, and when I choose to acknowledge that He is right there with me in everything, there is joy. Maybe? Still processing... praying for you today!

Andrea said...

I've learned a lot about trusting God and choosing joy these past months. It's hard - you absolutely have to be intentional about it every single day. But, it does get easier as that muscle strengthens.

Amy Sullivan said...

I read your prayer request through Jen. Thinking of you today, friend.

~Rain``` said...

Love your honesty. I've asked the same kind of questions. Praying for wisdom as your raise your boys. Didn't realize both were diagnosed. So hard! (((HUGS)))

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