Thursday, February 9, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Crazy Bus Has Nothing on My Week


Since I last posted in Caffeinated Randomness, life has been moving at a fast past.  Last Friday I woke up realizing that the coding for both Photobucket and LinkyTools was off.  I had slept in and didn't have enough time to fix it before dropping Nic off at school.  So after I dropped Nicole off, I quickly went in and fixed all the coding and editing.  Good thing I did, my hubby noticed that I missed #3 of Random Things I needed to list.  I had grandeous plans to catch up on my Bible Study and reading.  Instead, I cleaned up a bit and then went and played Kinex Adventures with Thomas.  River Rafting was a work out.  It was fun and something I need to do with the kids more often.  After lunch, instead of doing what I should have been doing I watched Star Wars with Thomas.  I was so excited as I have been waiting to watch it with one of the kids.  I am a big Star Wars freak and watched it when I was 4 for the first time.  I can't wait to watch more of them with him.  Friday night I made a quick dinner and then I watched Coureageous.  It made me think that what I did during the day was way more important than cleaning.

Saturday, I decided to spend the day with Nicole and go for lunch and thirft store shopping.  By unanimous vote we went for sushi.  It was so yummy.  I got to teach Nicole about the value of a dollar and how to spend her money wisely.  She bought a purse and wallet and loves to carry them around with her every where now.  I was going to read all the links for Caffeinated Randomness on Saturday night, instead, I started feeling ill.  I ended up in bed early and suffered all night.  Turns out I had a slight case of food poisining.  Sushi tried to kill me.  I was ill Sunday as well.  I counldn't do anything but lay on the couch and watch tv.  I had no energy and couldn't focus on anything.  

Monday I was still ill, but had to get things done.  I ended up having a meeting with Thomas' Occupational Therapist for an hour.  She gave me some good tips on our potty issues.  I'm hoping these work as he will be going to school full time in two weeks.  I want him to fit in with the other kids and not be ostracized.  I then got to skype into Andrea's baby shower.  It was great to see everyone, even though they couldn't hear me at all.  That evening the naseau came back and I took it easy.

Tuesday, I got to visit a friend from Saskatoon who was in town getting ready to fly out for a vacation in Pheonix, Arizona.  It was a good visit but too quick.  I rushed back to get Nicole and go do some grocery shopping.  Came home and made dinner.  By the end I was tired.  It didn't help too that Sam spilt juice on the floor and decided to play with playdough on the carpet.  I will admit that I was at my wits end and almost lost it on the little guy.  I got everything cleaned up and put him to bed.   

The craziness continued on Hump-Day as well.  I viewed a centre based program for Sam which has left me questioning what is best for him.  Then to waste a little time between appointments, ok I had a lunch date planned, I went to Ikea.  I love to wonder Ikea looking for ideas.  I also found some cute little candles that smell like green apples.  I can't wait to start burning them around the house and prepping the house for spring.  I just need to finish the pumpkin spice candle.  I think I will burn it tomorrow and see if I can burn it out.  My lunch date was with a friend that I haven't visited with in a while.  Her life is just as busy as mine as she is trying to finish her education degree.  She made us a delicious cream of broccoli soup.  I rushed home from lunch to pick the kids up at school and then had to drop two of them off at home to my sister in law as it was Student Led Conferences for Kindergarten.  That was interesting.  I basically followed around Thomas (believe me it was following as he was running from station to station) and he showed me what they have been working on.  I am very proud of my middleman as he knows so much about planets and loves music class. 

My Wednesday ended with me attending a workshop for speech therapy for Sam.  I was the only parent waiting for an ASD diagnosis and with a diagnosis.  I think I may have scared some of the parents.  There was a couple there where the husband kept making jokes about this being their Valentines Date.  It was a great evening.  I wasn't expecting to learn a lot, but I did.  I even got to goal set.  My goal is to get Sam from mimicry of words to comprehension of the words.  I am going to look into the PEC system to see if this will work for us. 

I thought I would finally get a break on Thursday as my respite worker was coming in the morning.  My quick hideout to write the blog ended up being hijacked by Skype.  My aunt called and we had a nice visit, without interruptions.  I then started to make the meals promised to my friends aunt.  I made 3 meals in 1/2 an hour.  I had the Literacy for Life people visit as they will be assisting me in creating a program for the boys.  I'm excited to see how this goes.

So now I am writing the blog at 9 pm.  I'm exhausted and tired.  I'm surprised that I survived this week or did I survive?  I am weary.  I am exhausted.  I am frustrated.  I am overwhelmed.  Some people may see this week and see the highs and lows.  They may focus on the positive I did.  I however am seeing what I didn't do.  I rarely prayed this week, although I got my study done daily.  I praised God in song, but didn't talk to Him.  I ignored Him.  I rushed by Him, just like I did my kids and husband this week.  I feel like I gave everyone little bits of me and forgot to ask for the pieces back.  I need to refocus and think about how to make my life fuller and content.  I need to stop stretching myself thin.  I am not taffy.  I am bending, but bending to the point of almost cracking.  Tomorrow I am catching up.  I will be catching up on housework that has desperately been lacking, but also on my reading.  I am going to set some time aside to read my Bible and pray.  I need to fill myself up with fuel.  I need to take all my angst and give it God and let Him figure out the next steps.  I have been too busy doing that I have forgotten to let go and rest in the one who fills.  I think as moms we all do this.  We think we need to move, move, move, where really God is calling us to sit down (with a cup of coffee) and talk to Him.

I focused on physical friends this week, but forgot about the most important friend.  A lesson I have learned the hard way.

Has there been a time where you have been going and hit the wall running?  Have you been spending time with God and working on your relationship with Him?

Come link in this week with all your craziness this week.


Andrea said...

I was tired before reading your post, but your week just made me exhausted! Time to put your feet up and recharge! :)

Sherri said...

Holy cow girl. That makes my tired just reading your post. Hopefully you are feeling back to yourself in no time.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Sounds like you could use some extra prayer support, Michelle! Here is praying that you will have that sweet time with our Heavenly Father and be energized to face a better week. God Bless!

Katharine said...

You are right, I think what He wants is to have coffee and that long talk! Hope you have a restful weekend!

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