Friday, February 17, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - I Haven't Met a Cup I Didn't Like


Does this resemble you?  I know it does me.  I am non functional without my first cup of coffee.  I go crazy and have no patience.  When the kids are at me in the mornings and I haven't had my first cup, I usually say to them that they need to calm down until I get my coffee.  That first sip is like a drug.  I feel it's warming calmness cursing through me.  I can breathe.  I feel like I can face any giant that is thrown my way.  When I don't get that cup of coffee watch out.

Last summer we went camping.  Since I am the only one who drinks coffee in our family, I decided to try instant coffee on the trip that way I wouldn't waste a lot of coffee. We were only going for a two night trip.  I could handle this.  By the way, I also decided that I would wait until we got home on Sunday to shower as well.  I could rough it for the short time.  Saturday morning I made a cup of the instant coffee and tried to stomach it.  I did my best but the stuff was awful.  It was not potable.  I spent Saturday in the camp site.  I usually read a lot while we camp.  Sunday morning I tried to make a cup of coffee.  I felt disgusting and dirty.  The coffee was undrinkable.  I was cranky and miserable.  I made sure everyone knew it too.  I was not a "beautiful" person that morning.  My husband handed me some money and a towel and said to go get coffee at the campsite's coffee shop and a shower.  I listened to him and felt so much better and more peaceful.  Everyone was safe again and the whole world was happy, or at least I was.

If you think coffee and I have had a long love affair, you would actually be wrong.  I didn't start drinking coffee until  grade 12 when I was introduced to mochas.  I would make hot chocolate and add a bit of coffee to taste.  It was yummy.  After that coffee slowly "wormed" it's way into my life.  When I started working with lawyers it became quickly apparent that I needed something.  I started drinking coffee more.  Actually it was more of a cafe au lait style coffee with two teaspoons of sugar.  I don't think I could drink it today as it would be disgusting, but back then it was all I could handle.  I drank my coffee like that for years.  In fact I had my favourite mug, it was a plastic Elmo mug.  It was so cute.  I still have that mug, the kids love to use it.  

This is just like my Elmo mug!
When I started attending church I started drinking coffee even more.  Of course they didn't have cream so I had to drink it with two spoonfuls of powdered coffee creamer.  This was beginning of my regular coffee drinking life, but I could still live without it.  Ask my Evil Twin who while we were garage saling informed me that I needed to get her coffee ASAP or we couldn't continue.  When I became pregnant with Thomas I found I needed to drink a cup of coffee a day and after I had him I needed to drink at least two a day, not that I am blaming him.  I also found that I loved lattes, especially pumpkin spice ones.  

Since becoming a coffee drinker I have also learned to be weary of those who don't drink coffee.  Not that I dislike them, but some non-coffee drinkers do look down on us who need the quick shot.  I was involved in a playgroup, where the facilitator didn't drink coffee and didn't know how to make it.  I to this day don't know how she can get through the day with her son without it.  Coffee is my crutch.  My go to.  It makes me calm and relaxed.  I suppose the way I'm talking about coffee would be like someone who smokes.  I will admit that I'm probably addicted.  Luckily my addiction is legal.

When my coffee machine broke early this fall, I had to buy a new one right away.  What would I do with out my beloved coffee?  This Christmas my sister and grandmother gave me my new beloved - a Keruig.  It was the first thing unpacked once we got home.  It has made it that much easier to get coffee.  

My New Toy!

What's your vice?  How do you drink your cup of joe? 

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Amy Sullivan said...

Your title cracks me up.

Just recently, I went to my sisters for the weekend. She had no coffe...eeek, and I felt guilty spending time away from our short visit running out for some. Yep, totally addicted.

Oh, black with a little sugar.

Jen Ferguson said...

Oh, I don't really like coffee. I like my chai lattes. But in a pinch, I'll drink some coffee with a lot of cream and sugar!

Jen Ferguson said...
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Ashley Pichea said...

We recently purchased a Keurig and LOVE it, but I still make a pot of "good" coffee on the days when I know I'll need more than just ONE cup to get through the morning. :)

Mrs. Miller said...

I really like the way you write and enjoy reading about your vice. I must confess, I love the idea of coffee more than actual coffee. I have gone through phases where coffee is my go-to, but inevitably, I end up gittery, tense and with a migraine. Also, I'm afraid of being addicted to coffee when the time comes that my hubby and I want to start a family. I'm a Lipton's green tea drinker -- the Superfruits when possible. My mom claims there is no way I am her daughter because she requires coffee like others require air. :-D

Susie said...

I think our relationship is now in jeopardy as I am NOT a coffee drinker! Please don't cancel your trip to so cal! :-)

Sherri said...

LOL I love this. I do really like coffee but this year my hubby bought a tassimo and I hate to admit it but I really don't like it. I would prefer a Keuring cause then I could make my flavor of coffee I prefer.
I also love pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint white chocolate ones!!

BTW I actually really enjoy a coffee percolator when I am camping. It only makes a couple cups of coffee and it is NOT instant cause that stuff is harse. :)

Andi said...

I drink my coffee black. No cream. No sugar. Occasionally I add a package of hot cocoa mix if I'm feeling wild and crazy...

Oh, and ummm...I drink two cups in the morning and at least one cup in the afternoon...So that's three to four cups per day.

Aritha said...

Coffee? I can't without it.

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