Friday, February 24, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Mornings May be Peaceful, but They're Not Beautiful


I know I have mentioned this before but I am not a morning person.  I prefer the night.  Maybe that's why I love vampire stories, I get the being awake in the dark.  However saying all this it's much harder to stay up later since having kids.  I am often struggling to stay up to watch some of my favourite shows because I've been busy throughout the day.  I like the night because it's quiet.  There is no whining, no yelling, no grabbing, and no messes.  It's quiet and serene.  I know it doesn't sound very motherly, but sometimes it's just nice to soak in the peace.  

However, I have now discovered a new time that is quiet and peaceful and uninterrupted for at least 1 hour and it's dark.  It's 6 am.  Sometimes I miss it because my bed is so warm and comfy and cozy and I stayed up way too late the night before.  I never really knew this time.  I was introduced to this time of peace through Hellomornings last year.  I participated early last year.  It was actually easier than I thought for the first bit.  I found that I got my study work done and had time with God alone.  I was able to watch the sunrise over the prairies from my favourite chair, that was until the kids figured out my plan and then I hid in my old laundry/craft room.  The door closed and locked.  

After our move it was hard to get back into the routine.  I was sporadic in my Hellomornings, but I did finish.  In the fall I decided to go gung ho and try to lead a group.  I ended up bombing out.  I struggled, not just with getting up but with personal issues.  I think I also tried to take on too much, as I was involved in Good Morning Girls.  I certainly struggled.  I decided this January not to do Hellomornings, but just keep going with my Good Morning Girls group, whom I have grown to love and depend on.  We have been through a lot together and bonded even though we barely know each other.  

I try to wake up at 6 am.  I go to the kitchen and I make my coffee. I sit at my desk in the kitchen and pull out my bible and notebook.  Turn on my lap top and then log into YouVersion.  I do my study.  Make another cup of coffee.  Pray.  Read a bit.  Sometimes I pin.  Sometimes I make the kids a special breakfast or fold some laundry.  I have found now that if I don't do my study at this time, that it won't get done during the day, even if I try to make time for it.  I still get to see the sunrise.  Sometimes I see amazing sunrises that look like a tunnel of light.  Sometimes I just sit and hug my mug.  

As the title of this blog states, mornings are peaceful, not beautiful.  There are some beautiful things about them that I have come to appreciate.  However, I'm not beautiful at that time.  I'm a little scary. Here's the proof (WARNING:  The following picture may scare and invoke nightmares in small children and bloggers)

Me at 6 am
The only thing beautiful at 6 am is my coffee mug.  Isn't it pretty with it's pink mug cover.  It even has a lid so I don't spill anything. 

So now I'm going to challenge you and do my first giveaway.  I have a $10.00 Starbucks gift card to giveaway to one lucky person.  If you post a picture of yourself at 6 am and comment and link it up then you will get 5 entries. For random links, you get 3 entries.  For commenting, you get only 1 entry.  I will randomly choose a winner based on the entries (the old fashioned way via the names in a hat).  Your chances of getting the gift card increase for being brave enough to share your "morning beautiful"  I can't wait to see everyone.  This giveaway is open until Sunday, February 26 at 11:59 PM.  And I will post the name of the winner on Monday, February 27.  Good luck!

Come and join the fun no matter what!


kendal said...

you crack me up! i don't have time to get a pic all taken and linked up but would love to win a starbuck's card:)

Susie said...

I love you at 6 am. :-)

Jen Ferguson said...

It's after 6am! I can't go back. Oh man. What if I do it for my SDG post? Then can I have 5 entries?

Love how you brought a smile to my face this morning!

Shanda said...

Haha..too bad I read this after I got dressed!!! Actually, I think everyone is blessed because of that!
I added your button to my blog hop page.

Tracy U said...

Hee hee hee - Michelle - you rock! And you are beautiful - even at 6am!

Katharine said...

Oh man, I was up at 6:00, but I hadn't read this yet... Can I do it tommorrow or Monday? I disagree with are beautiful... and brave.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Oh, my first time here and this is what greets me at 5 am! You are so brave! Can't imagine what I look like and I'm not about to post my picture!!! I just got over the shame of posting my mess of a craft room! Nice, extremely nice to meet a person who's not afraid of showing her real authentic self! I'm going to click on your links to see your prayer helps. I don't have a problem waking up at 3 or 4am and praying! It's 5am and I'm done praying, the house is still quiet and dark, and I'm visiting inspirational blogs. Great life! Patsy from

Andrea said...

LOVE!!! But I don't think my camera can handle the pressure of trying to fit me in its lense that early in the morning. ;)

Mrs. Miller said...

Oh no... a 6am picture? Luckily, I'm very competitive, so tomorrow morning, you will be seeing a picture.

Sherri said...

A 6 am picture are you sure? I am very very much a night owl. In fact it is now 12:45 and I am still very much awake. Could be interesting. My eyes could still be shut when I take that picture. LOL

Jedidja said...

I like you, this is such a cute picture! Good idea to get up so early and to start the day with God Not a good idea for an early picture of myself to post. you do not know how I look, so early ... I think I can not find my camera.

Anash said...

thanks for a great giveaway! I don't have the guts to post a picture of me at 6am!
My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Amy Sullivan said...

Saw your request through Jen...thinking of you, friend.

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

I love the title: Peaceful not beautiful...and you are so brave to post yourself.

I can relate to the morning quest -- or perhaps for a quest for quietness.

Found you via Jen at Finding Heaven.

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