Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - More than just a sister


Last week I found a picture on Exceptional Family.

 Change the picture around to an older sister and a younger brother and you have our daughter, Nicole.  She is one of the boys biggest advocates.  She takes her role as their big sister very seriously.  She loves her brothers probably as much as we do.  

Nicole was very excited when Thomas came on the scene.  We did not have any sibling rivalry.  She was proud of her brother and very possessive.  He was her toy.  I have pictures of Thomas with Easter stickers on his head thanks to his sister (she was decorating him).  She constantly was trying to pick him up and hugged him and kissed him all the time.  

When we told her about our next pregnancy she was overjoyed.  She wanted another baby.  When we had our miscarriage, she was shaken.  She wanted to know if we would ever get to see the baby.  I told her when we get to heaven the baby would be there with Jesus to welcome us.  

During our pregnancy with Sam, Nicole was overjoyed.  She sang to my stomach and hugged my stomach.  She made big plans for the baby.  At the hospital she ran to Sam and wanted to immediately hold him.  She sang to him.  When we got home she was my assistant (or boss depending on how you see things).  When he cried, she told me what to do.  

Before Thomas' diagnosis, she was our translator.  She still maintains this position.  She knows what he wants when we are unsure of what he is asking for.  When I was at his assessment, the therapists were quite impressed by his ability to play.  I informed them it was because he played so much with his sister.   She had become his first therapist.   Thomas learned how to play on the computer at 2 1/2 through watching her. 

Nicole reads to her brothers and plays with them.  She watches out for them.  Her heart breaks when she hears of injustices to them.  She is very protective of them and doesn't like things happening to them.   She has seen Thomas playing by himself during lunch and has told me she wishes they had the same lunch time so they could play together.

Since we live in a neighbourhood that doesn't have a lot of other children, the kids play with each other.  They actually enjoy it.  They play on the computer together.  They watch the same tv shows.  Thomas now wants to be a paleontologist like his sister does so that he can assist her.  I laughed at that one because she'll be bossing him around for the rest of his life.

Nicole is a compassionate and kind young woman.  She is independent and stands up for injustices.  She is not a follower, nor is she in the popular crowd.  She knows what she likes and how to express herself.  She is exactly the sister both the boys need.  God gave us her first, because he knew that we needed her as part of the team to raise the boys.  She has been an important part of the boys lives and will be here when we are gone.  She will care for the boys when we are no longer able to.  She will do so with love and understanding.  

My dream for my children is a complete inclusive society.  Where people are judged on themselves and not what they bring to the table.  My daughter views the world this way.  She sees others for themselves and not what society deems them to be.  I am so proud of her and the young lady she is becoming.

Come link up and share your random stories of sisterhood this week.


Katharine said...

Michelle, what a beautiful post!(you made me tear up) Blessings on your weekend!

Sunflower Faith said...

I was in tears by the time I had finished the post; What a beautiful story!

Andrea M said...

This is so beautiful (and true!).

PrincessJenn said...

Nicole is obviously Full of Awesome just like her mom.

~Rain``` said...

What a great tribute to your daughter.

Andi said...

This made me tear up as I read it. What a wonderful gift your children EACH have in each other.

Jedidja said...

This touches me.

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