Friday, June 29, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - 38 and Still Kicking


One month ago today I was floating around a pool.  I was in charge of a cabana for a short time.  I didn't have a care in the world.  Why because it was my birthday and we were on holiday without any of the kids.  I have to say so far my 38th birthday was my favourite.  No one screamed at me.  I didn't have to do any laundry or cook dinner (I made Leroy clean up from lunch without any guilt).  It was a great day.

Now you may wonder why I didn't change my age on my profile until now.  Not that I was trying to deceive you.  I just forgot.  It wasn't a top priority thing to do.  I actually don't have a problem turning 38.  I have more of a problem with getting grey than with getting older.  When I turned 30 I had a good cry, not because I had totally wasted my 20s.  I cried because Friends ended the week before.  What would I watch every Thursday night?  Thank you Grey's Anatomy for correcting this problem.

There is one thing I haven't gotten used to as I have gotten older.   When I was younger I was always the youngest person in the office or among my friends.  I now find myself becoming the oldest.  I actually got excited when I was the youngest person at a lunch put on my the senior ladies study at my church (I told them I was going to crash more of their luncheons if they made that good of food each time).  Not everyone I talk to gets my humourful references.  I referenced Fat Albert yesterday and only one of the girls got it.   I am one of the oldest moms in the hall when picking up the kids from school.  I used to think maybe I had my kids late in life (I was 29 when Nicole was born), but I've come to the conclusion that everyone else rushed having kids too early in theirs.  I will be in my mid 50s when Sam turns 20 and at the perfect age to enjoy traveling and keeping up with the grand kids.  I won't be in my 40s and be a grandmother (hopefully I didn't just tempt fate).  

I'm looking forward to turning 40.  I spent my 20s doing nothing.  My 30s having and raising my kids.  My 40s are exciting possibilities.  I could travel more, write a book, take up a new hobby, etc.  God has great plans for my 40s and I can't wait to see what is in store.

Me relaxing in a cabana!

What did you do for your birthday?  What does your favourite birthday look like?  What are you looking forward to this year?

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Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Hey girl - sorry I haven't been by in awhile. Glad that all is well and that you are embracing the 40s. My hubby turns 40 this year and he is actually looking forward to it!

Sharita Knobloch said...

Happy belated birthday :-)

That's one thing that is super lamesauce about growing up-- birthdays aren't nearly as big of a deal as they used to be. My birthday is in November, and since my hubby is a drill sgt/infantry soldier, I have to prepare myself for no big hoopla since he usually has to work.

But I still usually treat myself-- perhaps with a frozen yogurt (yes, even in November!)

Lindsey said...

My birthday is in August, and all I ever want to do for my birthday is go out to eat and pick whatever I want off the menu :) I love food! Happy Birthday!

Lindsey @ Road to 31

Katharine said...

That Cabana looks heavenly! I will be 55 when my youngest turns 20, you are in good company, and the water in the 40's and 50's is fine!

Sherri Davidson said...

I turn 41 in just over two weeks. I plan on doing not much. Lol. Hubby as usual is working so it will be pretty chill. Although I must say right now life is pretty awesome being in Vegas. Lol

Donnetta said...

For the record, I know about "Fat Albert", and I also know what you mean when you talk about referencing things from "back in our day" and the return is just a room full of blank stares. tee hee hee

Happy Belated BDay! Your relaxing in the cabana looks wonderful!

Andrea M said...

Sigh - I'm sadly not the youngest anymore either. I'm not sure I like that. I did enjoy being told over and over again at the hospital that I looked too young to have four kids! Best hospital stay EVER! :P My biggest thing with getting older is my hands - all of the sudden my hands are belying my age. I can colour my hair, use anti-aging stuff on my youthful looking face, but nothing is helping my poor, work worn hands. And I don't even work. Figure that one out!

~Rain``` said...

Happy Birthday! You look relaxed. Have a great year!

Yay for "older moms". Though, the cool thing is that people probably think you are younger b/c you have litte kids!

Esther Joy said...

Hi! I'm a first time visitor to your blog, but not to your country. I'm a former Canadian who went to Bible college on the prairies of Alberta way back when, when the rules were REALLY REALLY strict! So, that probably gives away my age...

Sunflower Faith said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I feel bad I missed last week's post and your birthday!!
Praying you had a really great birthday...

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