Friday, July 6, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Just Say No to Remakes


Remakes or Redos.  You know them.  How many times do we have to see a remake of Superman or Spiderman or the Incredible Hulk?   My husband personally wants to know the answer to this in regards to Pride and Prejudice (eventhough the BBC miniseries with Colin Firth is the best in my opinion).  How many different versions of CSI or Law and Order or NCIS do we really need?  Then you have the copy cat shows that originated in England and are remade in the states - The Office, Antique Roadshow, the X Factor.  Does no one have an original thought in their body or is imagination dead?

If you watch classic movies you know what I mean.  Have you seen the original version of The Women?  It is a classic and an amazing movie.  There are no men in it.  EVER!!!!  They are mentioned or alluded to.  It is about lies and affairs and how women interact with each other.  It is an amazing movie and one of my favourites to watch on TMC.  I was excited to see the new version with Meg Ryan and Debra Messing.  I finally caught it on W network and had to shut it off.  It was bad and didn't have the intent of the orginal.   I should have known.  If I ever hear of Gone with the Wind being remade, I think I will start an Occupy Hollywood for the grievous remakes they have made.

I also have a problem with this when tv shows from 20 years ago are made into movies.  21 Jump Street comes to mind.  No I will admit I have not seen the movie.  I lived the tv show.   I watched it from the pilot to completion.  I know about Johnny Depp and then Richard Greico.  I personally favoured Peter Deluise.  I was in a group talking about the movie and said I couldn't watch the movie because of the tv show.  One of the women didn't know it was a tv show.  She didn't even know that Johnny Depp was in it.  WHAT are you kidding me?  Again another sign I'm getting older.

It's the same with music.  With very few exceptions do I like the remake rather than the original (Whitny's version of "I will always love you" is much better than Dolly's).  I know imitation is a form of flattery and I know many symphonies play Beetoven or Mozart.  However, when all you hear on the radio is some redo or remix of a song made popular 20 years ago and the younger generation doesn't know what you mean or even know the original, that's when I have a problem.

My daughter is learning this.  The song "Blackbird" by the Beatles is one of her favourite songs.  However, she has only heard the version by the King Singers.  Today she heard Sarah Maclachlan's version for "I am Sam".  She sang along but at the end said the King Singers version was better.  I wonder what she would think of the original.  I'll have to play it for her tomorrow.

Which version do you think is better?  

What do you think of remakes?  What is a movie you think would be a travesty to remake?  What movie or tv show would you watch if it was remade?  Come link up with the randomness this week.


Sunflower Faith said...

Lol, love your "Just Say No to Remakes".

I really think there should be a PSA for this and a 12 step intervention program.

Granted, there maybe a FEW times that a remake is worth it, but other than that...It's hard not to think...really, can anyone not make something that isn't a remake and actually original for a change?

It's flooring to hear that many of the classics are being remade and yet...some are almost cult followings because of the fact that if its cheesy, its not really that bad, its what makes it a classic and if its not broken...why fix it and may end up breaking it...

Yes...let's all say together, "Just Say No to Remakes" and this has been a public service announcement...LOL

Andrea M said...

She didn't know Johnny Depp was in 21 Jump Street?!! We need to stage an intervention for her!

Katharine said...

I like Sarah's rendition(apologies to your daughter)but then, I love all kids of variety! Thanks so much for helping me spread the e-book word today!I really appreciate it! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Jocelyn said...

A couple other bad remakes are Dukes of Hazard and Starsky and Hutch. Neither pay attention to the spirit of the original show. Starsky and Hutch was never a comedy but they made it that way in the movie. Dukes of Hazard was so bad, John Schneider spoke out against it. That's my two bits.

Misty Leask said...

I honestly had never heard this song before, but I LOVED the King's Singers version! It was beautiful! I myself do not like remakes typically either. I LOVE Gone with the Wind and I would join you in Hollywood with our sings! I also LOVE Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice ;)

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