Friday, July 13, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - The Prairies Really Become Country!


For those that don't know, I live in a small town near Calgary, Alberta.  Calgary is the oil and cowboy capital of Canada.  I'm not joking.  We have the largest outdoor show on earth every year here called "The Calgary Stampede."  Have you heard of it?  It's pretty international.  In fact, this year is the centennial.  We get inundated by tourists from around the world to check out our cowboy festival.  The funny thing is the only time Calgary really is the Cowboy capital of Canada is during Stampede.  

During this time everyone dresses up like a cowboy.   People take off their office clothes and put on their blue jeans and plaid shirts.  They line up to get free pancakes and sausages (otherwise known as the Stampede Breakfast).  Everyone goes and cheers the bull riders, barrel riders and chuck races (NASCAR with horses).  My personal favourite is the mutton bustin'.  Think small children on bucking lambs.  Literally.  It's so cute.

Calgary's version of NASCAR

 Last year their Royal Hignesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge even took part in our festival.  

The part that I always think is funny is that everyone all of the sudden becomes a country music fan.  Where most of people listen to hip hop or rock, they all of the sudden become an instant Keith Urban fan.  The country bars become packed and the place to go, where otherwise they would be pretty quiet.  Today while trying to avoid the Stampede (crowds and my family do not go together) I read Jon Acuff's blog - Stuff Christians Like.  One of the posts was "The easiest way to write a country song".  It made me laugh.  I watched the video by his friend, Andy Gullahorn, of which I will share with you.

It's sooooo true.  If you listen to country music, especially 90s country, this is exactly how they are written.  I've been listening to country on and off since I was kid and know that I don't need to dress up like a cowboy to do so.  In fact, most people I know who like country don't look like a John Wayne wannabe either, unless it's Stampede time.

Do you listen to Country music?  Is their a country festival in your "neck of the woods?"  Come and join in the Country randomness this week.


Sharita Knobloch said...

First of all, it's on my bucket list to go to Calgary Stampede.

Secondly, it's been forever since I've been to a rodeo of any sort. Not a ton of legit ones here in Georgia. (But there were plenty in my home state of Kansas! Cue slight homesickness buzz.)

Thirdly, I was RAISED on country music. I still listen now, although Christian is my #1 choice. The Judds, Reba, Randy Travis and Ricky Van Shelton always take me back... :-)

Shelley said...

Oh it's so nice to meet another Canadian blogger - although I'm British - lol but I have lived in Canada nearly 20 years now - we lived our West just outside Edmonton for 5 years but we are now back East in Niagara Falls - so yes I know all about the Stampede - although we never did go. Country music ... unfortunately never was a big fan - lol
Enjoyed my visit here today!
Blessing on you Canadian friend,

Sunflower Faith said...

Lol..yes...I listen to country music and your part of the world sounds like mind...It's really funny to see the yearly cowboys (and girls) come out and about and then rest of the year, return to whatever one would call it. LOL

Like you, I was into country before country was cool, but I still love my sneakers, high heels and sandals more than my cowboy boots (which I do own a pair or two...buhahahaha)

Sherri Davidson said...

I love that video!!!!
I will admit I am a die hard country fan. I love the Calgary Stampede although I haven't gone since I was a child. My uncle used to race in it and now his son does.
I am country and country still is not overly cool here but I am country anyway.
I hope you have a great weekend friend.

Katharine said...

Hey! I'm late to the party this week!I've been to the Stampede when I was a was awesome!

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