Friday, July 27, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - The Star Wars Edition


That's right.  If you didn't know it by now I am a Star Wars freak.  I don't get dressed up or go to conventions but I love me some Star Wars!  I first saw Star Wars when I was 4 years old at the Royal Theater in Victoria, BC.   I sat on my uncle's lap.  He covered my eyes in the opening battle scenes but I pushed some fingers open so that I could see the whole show.  It was love at first viewing.  I then had to have Star Wars blankets.  Star Wars figurines.  You name it, if it was Star Wars I wanted it.  But alas I was a girl and girls shouldn't have to many Star Wars toys.  That's the reason I was given for not getting a millennium falcon or a coveted light saber.

I wanted to be Han Solo that Halloween.  Even then I knew he was the coolest person in the series.  But no!  I was a girl and I had to be Princess Leia.  Luckily I didn't have any hair so my hair wasn't put in the cinnamon buns on the side of my head, but I had to wear the a mask.  If you remember the masks of the late 70s/early 80s, you will remember how uncomfortable they were.  I'm still a bit angry about not being Han Solo.  I had the short hair.  

I never grew out of my Star Wars fanatiscism.  Every year when it was on tv, I got to stay up late and watch it.  While everyone was waiting for Return of the Jedi to come out, our local theatre had a double feature of Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.  When Return of the Jedi came out we were camping and near our campground was a drive in theatre.  I talked my grandparents, parents and aunt into taking us kids to the movie.  After seeing it, I was upset it was over.  I was sure that there would be no continuation and the rumours of a prequel were just that rumours.  

My first foray into the Columbia Movie Club had me buying all three of the original movies on VHS.  I still have them.  They became my comfort movies.  When I was sad, upset, stressed or couldn't sleep I would put these movies in and I still do.

Then in my mid twenties, George Lucas, redid the original movies and re-released them.  I saw every one of them in the theater with my friends.  I was amazed by the additions, but I was more amazed at seeing the movies again on the big screen and not my console TV.  Nothing beats the big screen.  I fell in love with Han Solo again. 

Jump forward a year later.  GEORGE LUCAS WAS MAKING THE FIRST THREE EPISODES!  Yes I know it seems like I'm yelling because I was at the time and jumping up and down like a little girl at a Beiber concert.  I'm certain there were tears and everything else.  I wanted to sleep outside of the threatre waiting for opening night, but alas I didn't do it as I moved from a small town in BC to a large city in Alberta.  

I know what everyone says about the new movies.  There are some things I agree on, but the one thing George Lucas did not goof on was casting Ewan MacGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi.  I have to say of the three, Revenge of the Sith is my favourite.  The end battle scences between Palpatine and Yoda and Obi Wan and Annakin are amazing and poignant.  

You may wonder why I'm writing about Star Wars now.  It's because this week my daughter finally wanted to watch it with mommy.  Thomas already watched it with me, but Nicole has never shown any interest in them.  This made my heart sad.  I wanted to share my experiences with her.  Finally I have been able to.  She loved the movies.  But she does have some questionable tastes.  In Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo is going down the carbon chamber, I asked her if she thought he was cute.  I did.  She said no.  I asked her who she thought was cute.  Her answer......R2D2.  That's right, she likes the droid.  She wants to dress up like R2D2 for Halloween now.   She has played Lego Star Wars with her friend and wants to get Star Wars Kinect, which I am all for.   We are waiting to borrow the new episodes from my mom as I have never bought them.  I'm going to have to think about that soon though as all my movies are on VHS and once the machine is gone I'll need to dvd/blue ray them.  Star Wars in HD.......better get crackin on that.  

I've left you with a Star Wars treat this week.  It's a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call me Baby using clips from Star Wars.  I hope you enjoy it. 

What is your comfort movie?  What is the movie of your childhood that you want to share with your children?   Come link up with the rest of the java junkies this week.


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