Friday, June 1, 2012

Caffeinated Randomness - Restaurants


Food.  One of the absolute necessities for our whole well being.  I love food.  The size of my clothes can attest to that. 

I love going to restuarants.  I don't have to clean.  I don't have to prep.  I don't have to do anything but sit and look at the menu and decide what I want to eat.  There are very few foods that I don't like.  I can't even tell you what my favourite food is.  I can tell you what I won't eat - salmon and coconuts.  That leaves so much to try.  I've eaten sushi and sashimi (which are different).  I have tried Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Southwestern, French, English, German and, of course, Dutch.  Everywhere I go I love to try something local and new. 

This last week I have been in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have tried some authentic Southwestern at this little cafe in Tortilla Flats.  But what I'm super excited about is that I got to try Chick Fil A, Cracker Barrell and Cooperstown.  I know they aren't very exotic but we don't have any of them in Canada.

I first found out about Chick Fil A on Twitter.  Beth Moore is constantly posting that she's at Chick Fil A.  If it's good enough for Beth than it's good enough for Michelle.  I ordered their original Chicken Sandwich.  It's not fancy, but it is yummy, especially with their Chick Fil A sauce.  However, I have to admit that I love their fries more.  They were the best waffle fries I had ever had.

Cracker Barrell.  What can I say?  It was love at first sight.  Now, I know this may sound funny, but where I am from Cracker Barrell is a brand of cheese, not a restaurant.  My hubby had heard of this restaurant from a co attendee of a conference that he went to a few years ago.  He enjoyed it and wanted to go on his Birthday, which we did.  I had the Sunday Night Chicken Special with mac and cheese and coleslaw.  I love their mac and cheese.  I found a copy cat recipe that I will be trying as soon as I go home so that I can relive the experience.  I'm hopeful this recipe is close to what I had on Sunday.  I'm hoping before we go home to go back and try the hashbrown casserole.  I have heard that it's just as good as the mac and cheese.  Oh yeah, the chicken was amazing as well.

Now Cooperstown.  This isn't a chain restaurant.  It's where rock and jocks meet.  It's a sports bar which is owned by Alice Cooper.  Now before you get excited I have to tell you that No we didn't get to meet Alice.  It would have been exciting.  I would love to know what book of the Bible he is teaching at his Sunday School class and because I'm doing the Good Morning Girls study on the Proverbs 31 Wife, I would like to know his thoughts (bet you didn't know he was a Christian?).  Beside all that, this was the best place to eat.  Hubby and I shared the potatoe skin appie.  One of the best potatoe skins I have had in a long time.  Then I had the cuban sandwich.  It was so yummy and I couldn't put it down, even when I knew I was full.  But then just to top it off I had the funnel cake fries sundae.  Yum O!!!  I ate it all.  I'm surprised I could eat all today, but I made room for lunch. 

The other thing I like about restaurants, especially, those far away is when you get home and try to recreate the recipes.  I have been inspired here and can't wait to see what I can copy cat at home.

What is your favourite restaurant when you're away? 

Come and share your randomness today with the Caffeinated Junkies! (Just thought of this name for us.  How do you like it?)


kendal said...

we love southern food so much (we live in the south....) that when we are away, we pine for it. and always, always stop at bojangles upon exiting the airport!

Sherri Davidson said...

Oh my goodness you are making my mouth water. I love food especially food I don't have to cook as well. However now I'm gluten free (and recently a ton of other foods I'm off) so it makes eating out somewhat a pain. It now is actually easier to make it at home. Just wish someone else would clean up. Lol
I hope your having a wonderful holiday!!!!!

futurehope said...

oooh you are making me hungry!!! Now I want some cracker barrel! :) thanks for hosting the link up this week! :)

Andrea M said...

I need to get out more, obviously! I can't think of a single restaurant that we go to when we are away that is any different than where we eat when we are home. Oh, except there was this one breakfast place Kevin and I went to when we were in Toronto that was awesome. But that was 4 years ago, so I guess I need to go somewhere else now!

Also, love the Caffeinated Junkies!

TimandMichelle Croyle said...

I appreciate your post, especially since I am currently vicariously!


Colin and Jess said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog With Love For Africa! We have a lot of work ahead of us with the home study and dossier over the next 4-6 months, but we know that the beautiful blessings at the end--two sweet babies--will be totally worth it!

On a side note, I have never been to any of the restaurants you listed, but keep hearing about Chic-Fil-A! I live in Wisconsin, and I don't think we have one here, bummer! I am a huge foodie though! You should try Ethiopian food--lots of yummy spices, but not too spicy.


dcb said...

Now i read the blog :) it all sounds awesome and i will want the recipe for the mac and cheese. when my brother lived in Venice, CA i was introduced to fish tacos from Rubios. i was skeptical at first - but they were so good i had to have them again on that trip. i told my husband about them and he thought they sounded gross. when we went to California together a few years later i convinced him to try the fish tacos. - he saw the light - became a convert - etc. We went back to Rubios twice more on that trip. i have since found a recipe for their batter and white sauce. WE should reinvoke our cooking blog and post some of thsi stuff :)!

Debra said...

Michelle, I love Chick Fil A and Cracker Barrell too ;-) Oh, and caffeine!

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