Friday, December 21, 2012

Caffeinated Christmas - My Grown Up Christmas List


I know this season is about giving, hope, love, compassion, joy, and peace.  It's about the gift that God gave us.  It's about change of attitude.  It's less about us and more about others.  I wish that I could agree with Natalie Cole about what my Christmas list is this year.......

However, I'm feeling a bit selfish today.  I have been struggling lately.  I also have a slipped disk and am in a bit of pain.  Since according to some ancient race that didn't predict their own demise that today is the end of the world, I'm going to share my true grown up Christmas list.  

I admit that I covet this.  I really want a Kindle.  I know I'll hear people say that they really prefer paper books and so do I.  I, however, have over 200 free books on my lap top.  Reading them on my lap top is annoying.  I'm not even asking for the top of the line one, a simple one would be good.  
I have always wanted my own waffle iron.  One of my favourite memories as a child was my grandmother making waffles for dinner.  I loved eating them with Rogers Golden Syrup.  I remember trying to get dessert out of her after we ate them.  Did I tell you we poured the syrup all over them until each waffle was squished from the sugary goodness.  

I either want a new blender or a food processor.  I have been using a recipe for a blender Hollandaise sauce which is extremely yummy and easy to make.    However, there is a great recipe for a spinach peanut butter shake that is actually extremely yummy and healthy.  The possibilities are endless.

This is not what my view is from my back yard.  Nor is my deck anywhere as large as this one.  I would love a nice set of patio furniture so I can sit and relax on my deck with my new Kindle.  (Too much of a hint).   I can picture myself with my cup of coffee relaxing.

I'm a geek at heart.  I have the movies on VHS.  I need to have all of them on DVD.  Especially now that the kids are enjoying the movies as much as I do.  I can picture us all sitting on the couch and running a Star Wars marathon.  Which leads us to....
How can we have a marathon without popcorn?  My popcorn maker is almost gone.  A few more pops and I think it will officially be out of commission.  I love the retro look of this air popper.  I know some people we have purchased a large one, but where would I put it.  This one would fit in my cupboards.  

I'm sure I could go on and on about my "real" grown up Christmas list.  Hope you all have a great Christmas.  I hope you all survive the supposed end of the world.   Come join up with the other java junkies and share your randomness with us this week.


Laurie Collett said...

May all your Christmas wishes come true! My post this week is on how I figure the Mayans were off by at least 1,007 years! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

Katharine said...

My friend, I hope you get everything on your list! And I hope you are feeling better soon! Merry Christmas!

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