Monday, July 20, 2009

MM&M: Cold Night, Gnashing of Teeth & First Kiss

Last week on our show we left the our heroine at the drive in with a some what or not interested Leroy...

That week Christy and I joked around about the drive in. She phoned Shawn and asked if Leroy was interested. He was not playing our "junior high games" and gave us Leroy's number . So I phoned him while he was a work and left a message so that he would have to phone me.

That evening, I paced the phone waiting to see if he would call. Finally the phone rang. It was him. I jumped for the phone and answered very nonchalantly. However, my uncle decided to try to embarrass me and kept yelling "Leroy, is that Leroy?" Once I made it into the basement, we made a date to go to the movies. I immediately went through my wardrobe and planned out what I was going to wear. I picked out my little grey suit (I miss that suit, of course I think only one thigh could wear it now).

On the day of our date, I went to my bank on my lunch hour to pull out some cash (always have a back up). Who should I happen to run into, but Leroy!!! Was I glad I wore my suit.

That night we met up to go to the movies (the "Spy Who Shagged Me" by the way!). After the movies we went for coffee at Starbucks (oh Starbucks, coffee, mochas, lattes.........ok I have to wake up now). Did I mention that Leroy is the exact opposite of me. While I'm talkative, he's quiet and shy. So the conversation that night went like this.......
Me: "So do you have brothers and sisters?"
Leroy: "Yes"
M: "How many?
L: "7.......4 brothers and 3 sisters."
M: "You're the youngest?"
L: "Yes"
Ok, I know you get my drift. It was probably nerves for both us. Where I tend to talk a lot when nervous, Leroy tends to do the exact opposite.

Anyway.....the next few weeks we continued to double date with Christy and Shawn every couple of nights and on weekends.

A few weeks into our dating, my grandmother was came out to visit and see how I was doing since my break up. I hadn't told her about Leroy yet. So on the day she arrived we watched a few movies at Christy and Shawn's as I was in no hurry to get home. However, Christy's parents showed up a day early for their visit and we were evicted. Somehow, I wrangled a evening at Leroy's apartment. So we stayed up until 3 am watching movies and talking.

The next day, I spent visiting with my grandmother. I mentioned that I was "kinda " seeing a new guy. She didn't seem very "supportive" of my decision.

As I felt like Leroy and I were just hanging out with Christy and Shawn for our dates, I decided if he didn't want to go out without them that I would no longer pursue him. I phoned him up and invited him to a Pipe Band Concert (I know, they were free tickets from my boss). Leroy stated that he couldn't go out as he was on call. I was just about ready to ditch the conversation when he stated that maybe we could get some movies and hang out at his place. YIPEEEEEEE!

So we again stayed up and watched movies. In fact, I didn't leave his place as it was 4 am. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, with the window opened and was offered no blanket. Something I still bug him about to this day. Of course, he states that I could have got a blanket from the closet or closed the window! The next day we went to the mall, and finally held hands. That night we again rented movies and stayed up late.

When he finally dropped me off at my house the next day, I decided to introduce him to the family. At some point I left Leroy alone with my grandmother, of which he states there was "gnashing of the teeth".

When I walked Leroy back to his car, we finally had OUR FIRST KISS!!!

Will our Hero leave now or will he finally call her. Will our heroine meet his family? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

And I thought Kevin was a slow operator. ;)

Jill said...

Can't wait to read more next week!

Anonymous said...

LOL at Andrea's comment. :)

Oh, the grandmothers. This makes two stories this week where Grandma intervened. So funny. :)

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