Monday, July 13, 2009

MM&M: We now return to our show....

When we last left our heroine, Michelle, she was at her new co-worker's home when a mysterious stranger named Leroy showed up............

OK you now know that I watch too many soap operas, but to Christy's boyfriend came up with this "Leroy" character and introduced us. A total set up? You decide.

We spent the afternoon watching videos (believe it our not "Something About Mary") and then went out to the movies ("Never Been Kissed"). I was sure I freaked them all out. I informed them that I had had my belly button pierced; that I wanted to get a tatoo; and voted for the NDP provincially and federally (socialist party for my American friends). For people from the conservative belt of Canada, I think I was a little on the scary side, besides being my pushy outgoing self. I must not have freaked them out for long, as I was invited to Shawn's Birthday Party the next Friday.

That week, Christy spent the week telling me a little about Leroy everyday at work. At the party, I spent the first of the party arguing with one the guys Shawn and Leroy went to Devry and then finding out more about Leroy. He had been working for five years at the same job; did not have girlfriend; his birthday was two days before mine; and had just bought a house. Coincidence or God speaking? That evening, when the guys went to get ice, I asked them to pick up straws for Christy's and my slushy drinks. When they came back, Leroy said that he had bought the straws, even after the others said to forget it. It was love at first "straw".

The next night, we went to the drive-in (sounds like a movie from the 50s). Because we all owned small vehicles, Christy and Shawn went in their vehicle and I went with Leroy in his. I tried all my usual flirty tricks on Leroy (licorice on the lap, etc........don't ask). I was still not sure if he was interested in me as all his signs showed he was not. And anyway, wasn't it too soon after my break up? Didn't I need some time to reflect about me and what I wanted in the future. What would my counselor say? What would my family say??????????

Turn in next week for the continuing saga of "The Days of My Past Life".


3 Blessings said...

Too funny with all of the soap opera drama. I am looking forward to next weeks episode :P

"Rachel" said...

You cracked me up with the soap opera stuff.

I can't wait for your next post! Thanks for participating!!! :)

Andrea said...

Haha!! Love it! I can't wait for Monday.

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