Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Favourite Things

Filled With Praise

After this week's "worship" of Micheal Jackson (please don't get me started), I think I will make a list of my favorite Heroes in no particular order:
  1. LIz Curtis Higgs for teaching me that bad girl could be reformed;
  2. Ruth Graham Bell for modeling her faith and showing that you don't have to be a perfect mom, just a perfect model for Christ's love (read "Rebel with a Cause" specifically the ice cream story);
  3. Jesus....need I say more;
  4. my best friend Debbie (and evil twin) for showing me that having a disability doesn't mean that you aren't useful for God's purposes;
  5. my friend and mentor, Natalie Owen, who continually teaches me that it's OK to show your emotions;
  6. my friend, Andrea, who continues to encourage me in my walk (though she doesn't even know she does that) and has "challenged" me to write this blog; and
  7. my grandmother and mother in law, who both raised more than 9 and 8 children respectively, and continue nuturing the next generations with love.
Thanks again Amy for this idea. I love sharing my favourite things.


3 Blessings said...

Great list! I always enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. I definitely agree with you on #3. My kid's are always saying, Jesus is our super hero.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

You just made me cry. Stop that! :P

This is a great idea, to list your heroes. I need to think about who mine are, too!

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