Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 in 30 Check In - Week 3 - February 2011

Hi everyone.  I am alive.  These last two weeks have been busy and things have been changing here in the Prairies, but more about that tomorrow with Caffeinated Randomness.  

A reminder of my goals :
Goal #1 - No yelling.  I started off really well.  Then this last week I've been yelling again.  Most of the time at the baby to get off the table and get out of the toilet and get out of get my meaning.  Having a toddler sometimes makes it difficult NOT to yell and after I've yelled at him, I've been noticing then I'm yelling at everyone.  This week, however, I plan to get back on track.  I have noticed a change  in the house when I wasn't yelling with the other children and when I do yell.  They seem more scattered and ignore me.  When I wasn't yelling, they were listening and attentive and we could actually have conversations.  This is important to me.  I don't want my children to remember their childhoods living with a banshee.  As well, I don't want to support their yelling at each other. 

Goal #2 - Scrapbook 1 Hour/Week - This has completely failed.  I've partially finished my Executive Homemaking Binder and Thomas's Doctor's Binder.  I have a layout ready for a page for Nic's book.  I know there have been times this last week where I wasted time watching TV on the internet.  I'm realizing that if I want to get serious about this I'm going to have to start actually prioritizing a time to do it.  Similar to my treadmilling time (don't even ask me about that this week).  I did discover Picnik though last week and am starting to realize the benefits of digital scrapbooking. 

Goal #3 - Organize Kitchen Cupboards - I've actually been doing this.  I've finished 5 cupboards so far.  In fact, last week my chore chart from Motivated Mom had clean and organize pantry on the list for Wednesday.  This was the cupboard I was actually scared to start.   I decided to just start and get it over and done with.  It wasn't going to clean itself.  I pulled everything off shelf by shelf and threw out all expired food and 1/2 opened packages.  Now I have a nice organized pantry.  I've actually kept it that way more than a week.  I think that could be a record.  I now just have to face the plastic cupboard, but I do have a plan.  If it doesn't have a lid to match or if the reverse is true (container to lid), then it is going.  

This week I've been in a little fog.  I'm putting it off to the February doldrums.  It's been up and down weather wise.  Just when I think spring is coming, then winter blows in - yet again.  I have actually put off doing a lot of things and have been coasting in life.  I've noticed it.  My family has noticed it.  But today I read in my David study the following quote: 
He wants us to serve Him and honor Him because we want to.  Because it pleases us.  Because we chose to.  (Moore, Beth. "Serve Him With a Willing Spirit." David: Seeking a Heart Like His. Nashville, TN: LifeWay, 2010. Print.)
I need to stop floating.  I need to get out of the fog that is currently invading my home.  I need to reach out to God and start doing.  Start serving Him in my home in everything I do.  Even by picking up the toys in my basement without griping and grumbling and nagging, I'm choosing to serve Him.  Willingly.  Joyfully.  

I know many of us are struggling with our goals.  When I read your struggles I remember my word for the year.  Persevere.  Persevere in all you do.  Persevere even when your little one is wiping his muggy hands on your TV.  Persevere, even when you just want to wallow in self defeatism.  Persevere and remember, it's not about you.  It's all about Him!

PS:  I know many of you are wondering if you can still join 3 in 30.  Of course you can.  Go to AP Freewriting 101 and join in the 3 in 30 fun.


Sisterlisa said...

You have me motivated to organize my pantry in March! I have enjoyed coming by your blog this month via 3 in 30. :)

Jeanine said...

(((Hugs))) for the goals that didn't go as well.

February is always my worst month, so I understand what you're talking about there. I have been in a fog, too, despite the D3, citrus essential oils and other things I've tried. So hang in there!

And I am working on the mama yelling, too. It's better than it was, but like you, sometimes I notice myself yelling when I hadn't intended to do so.

I have found it hard to re-train my son pay attention when I'm talking softly instead of waiting for me to get angry. Does that happen to you, too?

Good going on the organizing!


MommaKristi said...

Floating...a good term for how I've felt in february too. I keep blaming the weather too but it's time to kick the funk...right?

Great goals...I love the reminder board...I need to do something like that for march!!!

Aurie said...

You are making progress!! That's great :) I did the scrapbook goal last month and loved it - but do you think I've done anything this month? Nope.

Lynda said...

I was in the same kind of fog this week. I completely missed a post on a weekly feature, and school didn't start until Tuesday. I did get more sleep, but both of my other goals "forget about it". One more week to get back on track. Blessings!

Jen said...

try to remember what you learnt about shouting and not and keep working at it :)
maybe removing yourself for a minute or so might help you calm and therefore not shout

I use Picnik a lot and I also like photoscape

wtg with your kitchen :)

Janet Rose said...

Awesome job on the kitchen cupboards! The February Fog has crept in here, too, but the last two days have gone better with 70 degree weather has helped with mind and spirit. Keep on going!

Hope Wilbanks said...

Bless your heart! I have to tell you, I fully understand your #1 goal...and I also understand how frustrating it is to want to accomplish that and yet feel like a failure b/c you "slip." Been there done that. Quite a few times! ;) I think when the babies are younger and more dependent on us, it's easy to be uptight, nervous, irritable...all of which lead to the yelling. Just remember to breathe. You're a good Momma, so cut yourself some slack on this one. ;)

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