Friday, February 4, 2011

3 in 30 - February Week 1 Check In

I'm writing this on the fly so that I don't miss the link up for 3 in 30.  

I started this week by writing my 30 in 30 Goals on my whiteboard.  I have it placed by my kitchen sink so that I am reminded of them.   This is espcially beneficial for my No Yelling goal.

My bloggy friend Jen at Finding Heaven  participated in a 30 day Challenge and deemed it No Yelling Month at her house for the month of January.  I was inspired to try it in my own home, especially after my daughter "screeched" at her brother to come play with her even though he was 1 foot away from her.  My husband actually thought I would break by 6:42 am Monday morning, since I get up at 6 am.   I have gone all week and have only had to raise my voice a few times so that a certain group of preschool boys could hear me.  I've been reminding my children when they yell that we are not yelling anymore.  I am finding my life more peaceful and the children have appreciated it as well.

I finished some Valentine Days cards for the middle man this week and plan on making some organizational binders this weekend.  I will take pictures of them after I've finished them.  So far I'm quite pleased with this.  I know it's not the scrapbooking I origninally imagined, but it is still very satisfying.  

I have started to organize my kitchen cabinets.  I started by moving my toaster oven where I kept my cookbooks and moving my cookbooks where I kept our medicine.  This meant that I had to organize our medicine cabinet.  I should have taken a before picture, but it would have been embarassing.  The after picture will have to do.  

I'm hoping to attack another cabinet this weekend.  I'll keep you posted.


Cindy Bultema said...

Your cabinet looks great. Job well done! Have a great weekend, friend!
Cindy :)

Bobbi said...

Organizational projects grow...just warning seems you start one place and before you know it you're up to your elbows in another room, etc. HA! Great job...yeah, this whole gentle words thing is HARD! Thankfully, God is patient!

kendal said...

way to go, michelle!

It's Grace said...

Cabinet looks great! I love how you have that lower part for appliances. And that is one nice memo board :)

Hope you're feeling all better now...

Ashley Pichea said...

After hearing about your "no yelling" goal, I have tucked it in the back of my mind and it has reared its head a few times as I started to raise my voice. It actually broke my heart the one time I HAD to yell this week. Thanks for the encouragement!

Linds said...

Great job on organizing! And no yelling is a great goal! Makes such a difference in the attitude of the home!

Sisterlisa said...

Oh no you're showing proof of your goals being met? lol oh what will I ever do? ;) teeheehee One of my goals is to keep my desk cleaned the end of the day anyway. I suppose a photo of that would be a good thing eh?

Lisa (Pix-O-Sphere) said...

Thank you for commenting over at Pix-O-Sphere. Glad the Twitter tips helped. We're most happy to Sponsor the 3 in 30 gals.

Shawntele said...

Love your wipe board - I have had my eye on one just like it for a few months now. We have two huge honking ones in our kitchen and I crave a pretty little one like yours! lol

Good luck with your February goals, I have no doubt you will achieve every one. :O)

bethj said...

Great idea on the no yelling month! I love the Valentine Day scrapbook idea too - fun! Great job on the organization - it really helps us moms so much to have things organized and looking good like that - gives us more peace inside. :)

Dixie said...

I love your whiteboard. Where would one purchase something like that? Thank you!

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