Friday, April 15, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - A Week of Random

This week I am going to be totally random and just "spew" what ever comes to mind:

  • On Saturday we bought the little princess a new bike with NO training wheels.  This has meant that my hubby has had to teach her how to ride her bike.   It was a little touch and go at first, but within 3 days she was riding comfortably.  However, she doesn't know how to stop and she doesn't know how to get on by herself.   I think within a week she'll be off and riding on her own.  I can't believe how big she is and I'm starting to look at her and the young woman she is becoming.  

  • Middle man also got a new bike this week, thanks to Mrs. Muffin at Under Grace Over Coffee.  He was very excited about it until there were some technical issues regarding the training wheels.  It took me 25 minutes to get those things set so that (1) they were not falling off and the bike thereby falling on him and (2) that they allowed the back wheel to hit the ground and thereby not becoming a stationary bike.  I was very proud of myself once I got things settled.  Middleman doesn't have the patience to wait though and was off and running instead of biking. 
  • This week we were privileged to listen and watch the debates of our national leaders as Canadians are hitting the polls on May 2.  I was laughing and yelling at the radio while cooking dinner.  I had already decided that I would be voting for the Conservative party, but the comments of the other parties' leaders confirmed my vote.  Some of their ideas were support the long gun registry because it makes women safe and that all Canadians want universal daycare.  I'm so glad that as a woman and mother, they know exactly what I want.  NOT!   If my taxes are paying for daycare, yet I stay home, how is that fair.  Do I get to access this universal day care?  Would I even want to?  My friend was telling me that licensed day homes in Alberta are now banning napping in play pens because they are unsafe.  So, since Sam is still sleeping in a playpen, does that mean that I'm endangering his life?  Good grief what will they think of next?  Padded cabinets so that kids don't hit their heads on them.  Just saying.....

  • On another election tangent, for my American friends, you would never guess that they moved the french speaking debate because of a hockey game (Canada is bi-lingual).  That is how much we like our game.  No one will watch the debate if the play offs are on.  I wonder if anyone would dare to schedule a football game or baseball game the same day as the Presidential debates in 2012.  Something to ponder.  Do you think they would postpone the debate or the games?  
  • So last night we were hit by a skunk.  I don't know if we actually were hit by a skunk or if someone hit it by our house, but at 9:30 pm as I was washing the floor there was the most disgusting smell coming into my house.  I made the mistake of opening the back door to see what it was and was overpowered by the "beautiful" aroma that can only come from a skunk.  I was a little worried that it was locked in our backyard and how would we get it out.  This morning, thankfully, the smell was gone and there was no sign of the skunk.  I called one of the Babes, Pat, and she too was victim to the skunk.

  • This week the Tormentinator has found another battleground - the opening and closing of cupboards, drawers and the fridge.  We have a few drawers and one cupboard I don't mind him in, but the rest are off limits.  He loves the challenge and waits to pounce, as usual, until Mommy leaves the kitchen.  He seems to think of the kitchen as his playzone.  We have a family room filled with toys and both of the kids bedrooms have toys galore, but no he wants to play in the kitchen.  Maybe I'll have a budding chef in the future.  I can already see my retirement in the kitchen while I'm writing this.

Join in the total randomness fun and link up today with some great caffeinated ladies.  

PS:  I will be hosting Caffeinated Randomness on Good Friday.  I have an Easter treat for all of us. 


Kendal said...

my guess is that there would never be a debate during a big baseball or football game! good point. and skunks? whew.

Aurie said...

MY goodness - that was quite random and all fun!! And yes, for the Americam side, we would probably move the debate for baseball. Football, probably not :)

Jen said...

Yuck on the skunks, but so proud of your little girl! Whoo-hoo!

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