Friday, April 29, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness - What I'm Being Inundated With


This last week we have been convalescing from the Stomach Flu Epidemic of Easter 2011.  Tormentinator came down with it just before the weekend.  Middleman fell on Saturday and Nic finally succumbed on Sunday.  She didn't even get to enjoy her Easter Basket until Tuesday.  Both my hubby and felt a little unwell, but did not succumb.  As a result, I have done a lot of laundry and watched a lot of tv.  What have I actually been watching?  You would be surprised and not because I choose - politics, hockey and the Royal Wedding plans.  One of these seems to have taken over every channel we have at some time during the day.  

Canada is in the middle of a Federal Election.  Of course this has precedent on the news and other Canadian channels.  With each party's "lovely" commercials being heard every 10 minutes, you can't miss it.  Plus it has been two years since our last election.  I support the party that is now running our country in a minority parliament (do not ask me to explain this process to you, I struggle sometimes to explain it to myself).   That being said, every time I watch the news media it shocks me how slanted they are to the parties.  They don't even hide their contempt for the party now in power or our Prime Minister.  Some things the other leaders have done during this election would be called into question if the Prime Minister did the same thing.  It probably doesn't help his case that he takes very few questions from the media.  He is probably safer to do that though.   I'm hoping they win a majority this time. 

For those of you who don't follow hockey, we are now past the first rounds in the Stanley Cup series.  My team did not make the play offs, but I have had fun tormenting my sister.  My sister still cheers on the home team (Vancouver Canucks).  This team has a history of "choking" in the play offs, even though they have been one of the top teams during the regular season and should do way better than they do.  (Personal opinion!).  My sister considers me a "traitor" for not cheering on the team we grew up with.  But I do cheer the team my husband grew up with, even though they were the hated team in our home and my family still cringes at the mention of them.  This last week the team that should have advanced early, as they started the series with a 3 game lead, slowly "choked" as usual.  So I had to rub in her pain.  Unfortunately, they won game 7 to advance.  This has lead to me now making comments to her about how they can't get past the next series.  Did I tell you the communication of these conversations have been through Facebook?  As I am writing this I am thinking of all the "crow" I will be eating if they actually pull it off and win the whole thing.  However, history is on my side.

The Royal Wedding.  Need I say more.  I am intrigued.  I use to be a big royal follower.  I knew who was married to who.  What title they had.  What part of the family tree they were on.  How far they were away from the throne.  I remember watching Diana get married when I was 5.  I didn't know why they put her wedding on tv, but I remember the big dress.  I want to watch the wedding, but the time!   It is being played here at 3 am.  I don't think I have it in me to stay up that late.  The Tormentinator has been getting up pretty early lately, so maybe I'll catch it anyway. 

Here's hoping that next week TV will be better.  

Grab a coffee and come link up with the randomness this week.


Aurie said...

I just can't get into the royal wedding, but my Twitter feed shows that I might be only one not watchng!!

Have a fantastic day!

Kendal said...

oh, so sorry you have had sick children. and the tv....i wouldn't want to watch any of those three! (baseball fan here)hope everything gets better!

Jen said...

I DVRd the wedding last night for the kids and I to watch after school today. What else would 5 & 6 year-old girls want to do but watch a prince and princess?

Lisa said...

I'm sorry your kids have been so sick! I'm not a hockey-watcher, but I am a crazy football (NFL, not soccer) fan! And we didn't watch any of the wedding either.

Andi said...

I didn't watch or DVR it, but I read a blog where a lady planned to have a tea party with crumpets. They were dvring it and all agreeing to wait and watch it later in the morning after all kids were off to school. I thought that sounded like loads of fun, although I have been sick of hearing about it! I had to work today, and I caught lots of glimpses of the coverage from patient rooms.

Esther Joy said...

I stumbled onto your blog and link today. Being Canadian born, I was glad to catch up a little on Canadian politics. We don't hear much about it here; I thought I'd have to give my Canadian siblings a call to find out what was going on! We have been seeing a lot of the royal wedding, though.

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