Sunday, September 30, 2012

Messy Mondays - Worship

A few weeks ago our church was host to Temple Veil a worship band from Tampa, Florida.  The band consists of two men.  One playing acoustic guitar and the other singing, playing piano or violin.  This was not what I expected when I first heard that we were having a band come in.  I had visions of a BAND.  Full on guitars, drums, keyboards, vocals, background vocals, etc..  I was prepared to cover middleman's ears for when the kids were in the service.  This didn't happen. 

 At the beginning of our service they went up on stage and started playing.  They lead our congregation in a beautiful way.  Leading us in song, not just singing and having us follow along.   They slowed down songs that normally we sing on point, but the way they did it was purposeful not showy.   The whole service was peaceful, spiritual and reverant.  They ended by playing a beautiful acoustic version of Inside Out on the fly when asked by our Pastor.  There were no words on the screen.  Those who knew the song sang along.  Those who didn't, listened and were moved.  Well some of them.....

I was flying on a spirtual high by the time they ended.  Then I heard it.  The complaining.  The judging.  The talk about our traditions and their lack of knowledge of it.  Immediately I was flying high and within a second, I was bombing fast.  Did they not just attend the same service I did?   Did they not hear what I heard or experience what I felt?  Probably not, because what I felt is exactly what I allowed God let me feel.  I had opened myself up like a empty pot and let Him fill me.  But just as quickly I let others tip the pot over.   You see, I failed to keep looking up.  I looked out.  

Worship isn't about what others do or do not do.  Worship is about glorifying God in everything we do.  Whether that be singing amazing songs, leading spirit filled worship, leading glorifying studies, doing laundry, cooking dinner, raising kids, etc...  Worship is both in the glorifying and the mundane.  Worship isn't about us, it's about Him.  It's about us looking up and doing what we are doing for His glory.  It's not about a feeling or tradition.  It's not about religion.  It's about us giving Him all that we can give Him and really that's only a fraction of what He's worth and given us.  


A Renaissance Woman said...

Beautiful and thoughtful. We need to keep looking up and not out. I will remember this.

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