Friday, January 4, 2013

Caffeinated Randomness - New Years Organization


Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve celebration.  I spent the evening at my in laws with 24 other people (including kids) eating and visiting.  It was hot and oily, partially because we ate Oliebollen.  I know what you are thinking:  What is Olliebollen?  It's a Dutch dish that is like an apple fritter.  They are extremely yummy.  The day after we all went out to the local Chinese Food Buffet and again visited and ate.  Luckily it's the new year and we have goals to work on those extra calories.

I know I posted my goals last week.  I have been following the Lean pretty closely.  I'm already behind on my Bible reading (surprise, surprise) and haven't started on the house yet.  I'm still cleaning from the holiday.  I have been busy though.

It being the New Year, I know many people are focusing on organizing their lives.  I too have been working on some personal organization and family organization.  I was privileged in obtaining Kayse Pratt's ebook, "Getting It Together", this week for free.  It is a step by step book on creating your family's organization binder.  She has included free printables at the end of the book for the reader's use.  I love how she has set up the book.  It's easy to follow and a quick read.  Her printables are cute and clear.  My favourite is her Monthly Meal Plan.  She has it set up just as I set up my draft one.  I always post a calendar style one on the fridge for everyone to see, but love having one available for shopping lists.  

In reading this book, I have been inspired to create my own family organization binder.  I had one previously when I followed Fly Lady.  But gave it up as it just seemed a nuisance.  I want to simplify my binder this time.  I want to keep track of my menu plans, calendars, inspiration, passwords, etc in one easy place.  However, I will not have a section for my cleaning as I have a cleaning list laminated on my wall by laptop.  

I am inspired by so many things from Pinterest.  I love pinning the crafts and recipes (most of which I will never do).  I, for some reason, have only used the cleaning and organization tips, which could explain why my new love is my steam mop.  My cleaning sheet I have is based on this pin from Simply {Kierste} .

I however also incorporated the Time Warped Wife's list, as well, in the weekly column.

I switched around the days that work for me and so far between the merging of the two have kept my house pretty clean and organized.  I think I can safely say that out of a 10, my house is regularly a 7 or 8.  Having a day to focus on a room or areas has kept my sanity and it takes only about an hour to do the job on the room.  

I am going to continue to work on my family organization binder.  If I create any of my own sheets I will gladly share them with you or if I find any other exceptional sheets on Pinterest I will be sure to guide you to them.  

What kind of organization have you been up to lately?  Do you have an organizational binder?  How do you keep your sanity?  Come link up this week with the other Java Junkies and share your randomness.


Play angry Birds said...

Wish you happy new year .Nice article keep posting more article...

Kendal Privette said...

i am completely unorganized and have no idea how i get anything done!

Renaissance Women said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Michelle! Sounds like you enjoyed your holidays. fritters. Sounds like it goes well with coffee, yes? :)

My first thought was 'Organization? We don't need no stinkin' organization!" But remembering how I tripped over the pile of shoes in the middle of my bedroom* this morning I admit that I desperately do need some organization in my life. (*Luckily the basket of unfolded clothes next to the pile broke my fall.) Still haven't figured out the best one for me yet. I'll keep looking...

Cassandra from Renaissance Women

Sherri Davidson said...

Awesome job girlie!! My house is about a 6. LOL something that is also changing for moi in the New Year. I love the all the blank pages in this year. So many possibilities.

Marissa D said...

I have a "master" binder that I keep my daily schedules and stuff in, I include recipes for the week, family favorites and all my bible reading lists. I kept a Christmas binder (and will be again this year) to track gifts, as I shop all year for the holiday. But I've wanted to set up a family binder to have the important stuff all in one place, maybe I'll get around to it this year... And i love pinterest- all the wonderful things others have come up and want to share, it's so helpful, and addicting!

Thanks for hosting again!


Jedidja said...

Thanks! This week I use the printables you let see on this blog. I am you so thankful.

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