Friday, December 4, 2009

Cafienated Randomness - Christmas Ornaments

First of all - Thank you Caffeinated Chieftain, for bringing back Caffeinated Randomness. I will have something to do on Friday's again. It was hard to think of something of my own to talk about on Fridays. I have many ideas floating around my head that seem to get lost or mushed together when I try to blog.

Andrea has been tormenting me on her blog, on Facebook and in face about Christmas and the fact that it is on its way. I've been avoiding it. Trying to put it to the back of my mind. Thus, I haven't been on the computer much, because it seems wherever I go people are reminding me it is coming. It's not that I don't like Christmas, it just seems that I'm always a bit stressed about the commercial side of it. I have to remember that its not about what but WHO!

Today Andrea wants us to talk about our craziest or favourite ornaments. Before I do that I have to tell you about the trees I grew up with. They were not "Martha" trees. There was no organization and no colour concept. They were decorated with love and kindness. The decorations that we decorated were either ones we had made or ones that had been given as Christmas presents. Some of my favourite Christmas memories are of making popcorn strings that went around our large living room, let alone the tree and making decorations in Brownies to put on the tree.

Leroy's and I first Christmas together, I talked him into getting a tree and letting me decorate it for him using decorations I had been given over the years and few he ended up purchasing. We had friends over after I decorated it. I was so excited as I finally had my own tree and loved it. When our friends came over (by the way they had a blue and silver "Martha" tree), I was informed that I had an "interesting" tree. I loved our tree and this small comment took away some the enjoyment of my tree.

Christmas 2007 Tree (We decorate the same way every year)

My great grandmother was always making crafts to give to the family. I am the happy owner of numerous beaded dolls and Christmas decorations. However, the ones that I really loved were the ones she made out of Styrofoam egg cartons. I grew up putting these decorations on our tree every year. They were sparkly and they didn't break unless you sat on them. The Christmas before she died, she made me a box of egg carton decorations for my own. I treasure these decorations and love to see my kids putting them up. The picture does not do them justice. I hope that my children will see the love that she placed in these simple decorations.

Now go to Andrea's blog and blog about your favourite Christmas Ornament.


Anonymous said...

I hate that when people say my tree is "interesting"! I never know what they mean!

Those ornaments your grandma makes are amazing. You're going to have to get her to teach your kiddos how to make them!

crittyjoy said...

Those ornaments are beautiful. What a neat craft and wonderful memory.

Our tree is decorated the same every year too....except the ribbon changes :)

Shawntele said...

Our tree is a mish of mash decorations without a hint of Martha; we love it! Your great grandmother's ornament is beautiful. :O)

Karen said...

Wow - what amazing work your grandmother did with an egg carton! And what wonderful memories to tell your children about!

Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...
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