Monday, December 14, 2009

Favourite Christmas Memories

Today Donnetta at My Quiet Corner is hosting a Christmas get together where everyone can post their favourite Christmas memory. So, come along and join us .....

Today I was out Christmas shopping. This is the one act every year that could turn me into Scrooge. However, when I was out I remembered the time I went Christmas shopping when I was young, maybe 5 or 6. My grandmother had given one of my aunts money to allow me to pick out and purchase my own gifts to give to our family. I remember buying my grandmother Calgon. I thought she needed the break! I bought one of my aunts a wobble pen. These gifts were simple but came from love.

The gift that I really comes to my mind, however, is a trophy of Snoopy. His arms were wide open and the brass plate read "I love you this much!" I purchased this for my grandfather. I always remember when I was little the bear hugs he gave us. His arms open wide and always inviting us in. He was always one for hugs, even when we got older. The great things about his hugs is that he hung on for a long time to make sure that you know how much you were loved. I still remember the smell of his aftershave, Old Spice (I think I bought him a bottle the next year.)

This is the one of the things that I miss about my grandfather since he passed away 12 years ago. Since accepting Christ, I have a new father whose arms are open and inviting me in. Who wants to hold one to me with dear life and never let me go. I sometimes want to wiggle out of His hold, like I did with my grandfather. However, no matter what I do, and where I go, His arms are always there welcoming me in.

Now go and join the conversation at My Quiet Corner and share your Christmas Memories.


Anonymous said...

Those are such sweet memories. My grandpa gave the same hugs, too. Grandpa's are great!

Donnetta said...

What a great memory this was! Obviously it had an impact on you to be able to remember exactly what you bought.

Your gift for your grandfather and the reason you bought it was touching!

Thanks for sharing and participating!!

Shawntele said...

There is something about a Grandpa's hug, isn't there? I am thankful to still be able to receive hugs from mine, although not nearly as strong as they used to be, they are much more tender. :)

Susanne said...

Came over from Donnetta's. What a lovely Christmas memory of a very special man in your life. It warmed my heart reading it as I grew up without a Grandfather close by. Thanks for sharing that.

GiBee said...

Every child should have a loving grandpa like that! Wonderful memory!!

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