Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunshine Smiling at Me!

This Sunday, during a horribly drizzly grey weekend, I woke up to two beautiful things, my blog change over (Thank you Louise) and my first compliment and Sunny award from Karinann.

At Christmas I won a free header and favicon during Louise's Christmas Giveaway. I've waited very patiently for them both, as Louise got sick and then busy. I know I've gushed about Louise before, but if you're looking for a makeover, free tutorials or even digital scrapbooks, you should check her out. She is different from other designers because she creates her own designs and graphics, as well as being very reasonable for all that she does. She is a very generous and lovely soul, who God has placed in my life because He knows I'm technically challenged.

Karinann is one of the lovely women I have met through Music Monday's. She always has such beautiful and uplifting musical choices and she always has positive comments. I enjoy getting to learn a little bit more about her every week.

Now, as with all Blog Awards, there are some rules.

1. Put the logo on your blog and/or within your post.
2. Pass the award on to twelve bloggers.
3. Link to the nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and the link to the person from whom you received this award

Here are lovely women I'm going to share my "Sunshine" with. They are people who have inspired me, continue to inspire me or who I'm excited to get to know (this is in no particular order).

1. Louise, Well That's Just Terrific
2. Amber, Striving for 31
3. Kelly Jo, Dinner Table Musings
4. Ruth, Celebrate Friendships
5. Cindy, She Sparkles
6. Denise, Victory Road
7. Andrea, Under Grace Over Coffee
8. Kela, Pursuing What is Excellent
9. Cheri, Praying Wife's Club
10. Marcia, Blessed Mom's Simple Home
11. Anne, Like Shower's on New Grass
12. Donnetta, My Quiet Corner

I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.


Amber said...

Thanks so much for the award!! You are precious. :) I'm not sure why your pre-order wouldn't go through. Try clicking the preorder link in the left sidebar. I just tried it an it worked. It should take you to log in at paypal and then you should be able to make your payment. Let me know if it doesn't work. :) Thanks for your encouragement! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I feel like singing You Are My Sunshine! Thank you, Michelle. You are sweet and I am so glad to call you my friend!

Kela said...

Isn't this a hoot!!!??? I had too many cool friends to choose from. It was hard!!!

I'm so honored Michelle!! Thank you for this! Good thing is...I get to pick 12 more! :) LOL

Denise said...

thank you michelle. you are too sweet.
your new look is refreshing. i LOVE it!

Anne said...

Thanks very much Michelle! You just made my day! God bless you and lots of hugs from the Philippines! :)

Adori Graphics said...

Awwww thanks so much! You know, i've been blessed with so mnay wonderful online friendships now - isn't this great?! I'm just about to email you about something else :)

Cherie said...

Michelle!! Thank you so much for our award. This is the first time we have been given one! It's so exciting.. What an honor for me to know God is using our blog to speak into your marriage! God is good..

Now, to figure out just 10 blogs.. Oh boy!!


Ruth said...

Thank you very much, Michelle, for this sweet award. You add more sunshine to my already beautiful day!!!!


kellyjo@chef.net said...

I am so tickled by the sunshine award. And honored that you chose me! Today I'll try to post it on my page. But I'll need so time before I can pass it on. Honestly, I don't have too many blogs that I follow...still new to the online community! Don't have many personal friends who blog. I found (in)courage, then loved Andrea's blog, and then found yours through her linky party. So I guess I'd have to give you two girls the award right back! I am deeply enjoying crossing paths with gals who love the Lord. It's encouraging and fun to grow new friendships. You're the best!

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