Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday's - Leroy

This week is my husband's and mine birthday's. We are 367 days apart.

I blogged last summer about our meeting and wedding. Leroy and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary this November, hence why he is my Y2K guy. I know some of you may wonder why there are no pictures of Leroy on my blog. It's not that I don't want any, it's just that he is a very shy guy. He is my complete opposite. He is, as my aunt once called him, my Rock. He keeps me grounded.

After 10 years of marriage, Leroy continues to surprise me. He loves ACDC, Neil Young, TransSiberian Orchestra, but also groups like the King's Singers. I love his ability to appreciate music in all forms. He has increased my music appreciation and I thought I was already well rounded. I love that he plays all forms of music around the children so that they can appreciate music in all its forms. My daughter can be heard singing along to a few of our cds now. (TSO's Beethoven is one of her particular favourites). Thomas has loved Neil Young since he was a baby and Sam just likes anything with a good percussion (I'm praying he won't be a future drummer, but it looks that way).

Spem in Alium is Leroy's favourite song by the King Singers. I'm listening to it as I write. It is traditionally sung by 8 choirs. These men did it between the 6 of them. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and that you reflect on the words - I have never put my hope in any other but you.

Spem in alium nunquam habui praeter in te
Deus Israel
qui irasceris
et propitius eris
et omnia peccata hominum in tribulatione dimittis
Domine Deus
Creator coeli et terrae
respice humilitatem nostram

(English Translation)
I have never put my hope in any other but in you,
O God of Israel
who can show both anger
and graciousness,
and who absolves all the sins of suffering man
Lord God,
Creator of Heaven and Earth
be mindful of our lowliness
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Anne said...

Happy Birthday, my dear Michelle! (and to your DH too!) May God give yo all the desires of your heart. :)

Wonderful music... ethereal and heavenly voices!

God bless,

~Rain``` said...

Have a Happy Birthday you two. May the Lord grant you a fantastic year! said...

Hi! Loved reading your back posts of your marriage and salvation story.

Colleen said...

Love the song. Happy birthday!

Shawntele said...

Happy birthday to you and your sweetie! I truly enjoyed that song, not my usual style of music, but it was amazing. Thank you for being a part of Music Monday each week. :O)

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Happy birthday to you two, hope you have special days!!

What a beautiful song. I was trying to figure out which man was hitting the high notes. They all have amazing voices.

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I hear you on the clothing selection, believe me. I can't believe how frumpy some of the clothes are, but then again, I can't believe how racy some of them are, either. Sigh. I don't want to look like I'm in my 50's, but I don't really want to dress all trendy like Hannah Montana. It's a battle I tell ya... :)

Hope you have a great day!!


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