Friday, June 18, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness - The Princess Party

Last Thursday, I hosted the Princess' Birthday Party. She invited 8 little friends to celebrate along with her. I was a little stressed about planning this party. I had BIG plans! I think I am an over achiever. Instead of thinking simple, I go BIG!!! Then I have to have friends and family reign me in. Thankfully, the Caffeinated Chieftain and my other Bible Babes were available to help me out this time.

I spent Tuesday making fondant flowers with my Bible Babe, Cherie. I made the flowers and she rolled the little balls for the centers. We had fun. It was my first time working with fondant and now I want to do more with it. The possibilities are endless...there I go again.

Wednesday, I baked the cake and 24 cupcakes (for her class). I used my girlfriend's chocolate cake recipe which is amazing. Now it will be one of my usual recipes. While the kids were bathing that night, I started to ice the cake and then decorate it. I used green icing for the grass and piped it on with a star tip. Doesn't the cake look too good to eat?

While decorating the cake my daughter said "We have chocolate cake for the dirt, green icing for the grass and white candy flowers."

After the kids went to bed, I then went to my lovely friend Cheryl's house. Cheryl did the decorating for the Ladies Tea which I MCd. I had asked her if I could borrow some of the material to decorate for Nicole's party and she was more then generous.

The next morning our lovely, Caffeinated Chieftain came over and helped me decorate. Ok, the first 45 minutes we drank coffee and "planned" what we were going to do (that's our story and we're sticking to it!). Then we started decorating with all the material I was lent.

After decorating, Sam woke from his nap and we realized quickly that the decorations were not baby friendly. Luckily, my Bible Babe Pat was taking the boys for the party or we would have had drastic consequences.

The piece de resistance was the mannequin that Cheryl lent me. The girls went wild upon seeing it. Cheryl is so talented. The dress is just pinned on material. Isn't she lovely?

After all my stressing and all my worrying, the party went off without a hitch. I had three crafts planned, but Andrea is all her wisdom talked me into two. It didn't take much talking into. I, however, did forget to plan games and decided quickly to play musical chairs and Princess and the Pea. However, the girls decided instead of playing Princess and the Pea, Hide and Seek was a lot better.

Here's the Princess just before blowing out her cake.

Hope you all enjoyed the Princess Party as much as we did. Andrea and I are both available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. Now go and tell our Caffeinated Chieftain what your Randomness is today.


Faith said...

You actually know Andrea in real life oh, I am so jealous. Your birthday party looks just delightful! I am sure your daughter was totally thrilled. I just finished icing my daughter's cake - it's gonna' taste great but it's not going to look at ALL as nice as yours! Ha - the dirt for cake, how cute.
Love your choice for the book club, I am doing a photography class online so I can't commit to contributing regularly but I'll definitely pop in!

Anonymous said...

Do we know anybody who has bar mitzvahs? ;)

Linda said...

FABULOUS cake!! You are talented!!

alicia said...

LOOOOVVVeee that Cake! You are very talented!
Gonna have to show that one to my friend who does my cakes!

Erin said...

No, I didn't see this one. Great job on that cake. You have one lucky princess!

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