Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tea Talk

The lovely Ruth hosts Tea Talk every week at her blog Celebrate Friendship. Brew a cup - hot or cold and join us for some lively conversation and lots of mugs.

I know I haven't joined in on the tea talk in a few weeks. I had full intentions of doing so but life kept getting in the way.

I'm having a nice cup of Almond Roca Rooibois in my princess house mug, which looks like the one below. I received a set of these as a wedding gift from one of my aunts who knew I loved hers. I bring them out when a friend comes over (you know who you are!).

I'm feeling excited as I've been following World Cup Football games lately. Holland just lead their division to the semi-finals which is what we were hoping for and France and Italy are both out. I know this probably means nothing to a lot of you but its still exciting at our house.

On my mind....SUMMER! What a summer this will be. We are going to my best friends house and travelling home to my family for my grandmother's 75 birthday. I have great plans to do lessons with the kids during the afternoons when it's too hot to go outside. I also hope to catch up on my reading. What are you doing this summer?

I'll leave you with this thought that came to me while studying James 1:

Don't just study the word, but act it out!!

Can't wait to talk to you guys again.


Mrs. Santos said...

Hello Michelle, I'm new to tea talk, but it is great to spend time with you. We love the World Cup though we haven't been able to see much of it. God bless you.

Ruth said...

Hi Michelle. Glad you made it this week. It's a delight to have more friends join Tea Talk.

We don't have TV at home so we cannot watch the World Cup as much as we like but whenever we get the chance to be on a restaurant or somewhere with TV, my eyes and heart are glued to it.

I'm re-doing our patio and replaced our old hammock with a new one. I'm planning to have more reading time these hot season. The girls are excited to do the same.

Looks like you have great plans for this summer.

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